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Personally, I like the earthquake in the 2012 film by Rolland Emmerich and the earthquakes in the film San Andreas. I know there were many such scenes. but what do you think are the best? the most epic, spectacular, I also want the scale to be some, but not necessarily. the most important thing is that the scene should be worthy.



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Muldertak t1_j6fti2a wrote

Threads (1984).


extra_specticles t1_j6he5w5 wrote

Insane movie. I watched it when it came out and scared the shit out of me. I can still see/hear the final scene of the girl giving birth in the apocalyptic aftermath.


Ants416 t1_j6ftn3q wrote

The day after tomorrow


charliebdub t1_j6fu90z wrote

Rogue one when they test out the Death Star


darkdoppelganger t1_j6gk89i wrote

The first wave of alien attacks in Independence Day


Moffee t1_j6g0bdg wrote

I'm always in awe at 2012.

The sheer scale of destruction is unbelievable and watching it unfurl with shitty dialogue is almost hilarious - it's so much fun to watch. An extended sequence behind a couple of grannies driving not realising end of world scale destruction, with all the screams of hundreds of thousands is insane. A plane flying through the cracks of the world with subway trains emerging from tunnels only to descend into a firey abyss - all the passengers are animated within it running with absolute futile.

Got a nothing but respect for the animators on that one. The attention to detail is maddeningly impressive.


Nord4Ever t1_j6ih8et wrote

Anything Michael Bay


Specialist_Yard_9401 t1_j6go9qc wrote

The Wandering Earth 2, Now go to the cinema and you can enjoy it.


Edm_vanhalen1981 t1_j6ftkcr wrote

In the movie Earthquake from 1974, there is a pretty good destruction of LA.


red94daman t1_j6fu9n8 wrote

When the UFO finally came in Kung Pow!


Creative-Cash3759 t1_j6fwwnq wrote

try Pandora (korean) it was pretty good and based on real events.


ze11ez t1_j6g2783 wrote

When the big snake thing goes into buildings in the movie avengers age of ultron.


jamesneysmith t1_j6g603b wrote

Geostorm has some big fun destruction.


Iogwfh t1_j6g6s44 wrote

Blues Brothers car chase just because it was pure anarchy and completely superfluous😂.


damienkarras1973 t1_j6g7dao wrote

decided to try and watch the korean TIDAL WAVE

oh man the dubbed version was silly as hell and the movie just went on and on and on and on with no tidal wav

until the very last few minutes

really thought it was gonna be a cool disaster flick

nope it wasn't

Dantes PEAK on the other hand that paraclastic cloud looked so BAD ASS

2012 had some amaazing disaster effects and fantastic scenes but the movie itself was full of cringes including DR Crybaby

but for just a disaster aspect it was dam cool really dug the scene when they take off from the airport and flying thru the earthquake and buildings are falling apaprt and peeps inside the building are falling to their dooms

Twister is a cult classic

VOLCANO as laughable as it was was sill a hell of an enjoyable film

a volcano in LA ? yes please


Chen_Geller t1_j6hkog3 wrote

Definitely the destruction of Mordor at the end of The Return of the King.