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zorokash t1_j6a54kx wrote

I love you Phillip Morris,

Jim Carrey plays a marvellous character and I just can never expect what his character will do next, but he does everything for the love of his life played by the beautiful Ewan McGregor.

One of my favourite love stories of all Time.


hestianvirgin t1_j6a9w2f wrote

An Affair To Remember hit me in the feels. It has a great final line.


__jallen__ t1_j6abbon wrote

True Romance. Clarence and Alabama ftw


jorkberlin72 t1_j6avmvp wrote

„The apartment“ - Shirley Mclain & Jack Lemmon


MarkBrandanoquitz OP t1_j6bhxts wrote

Yes! I included the cooking scene last year with the tennis racket as the pasta strainer. Brilliant.


GlockGuy- t1_j6a5q22 wrote

Braveheart and Gladiator


whatifniki23 t1_j6buuku wrote

When he pulls out that dried flower years later… I cry every time.


theg721 t1_j6a65cd wrote

The Peter Gabriel boombox scene in Say Anything


tntblowsinurface t1_j6a6yzp wrote

Can I be a leech and ask for good sci-fi romance?


heywhadayamean t1_j6ac4dg wrote

Does the soderbergh version of Solaris count? Or Arrival? Not romance stories but I might say they are love stories.


tntblowsinurface t1_j6af1m8 wrote

I thought Arrival was great. Are you talking about the Solaris with Cillian Murphy?


heywhadayamean t1_j6b4dac wrote

I think you’re thinking of Sunshine with Cillian Murphy (which I love).

Solaris was a remake of a Russian sci fi film staring George Clooney and Natascha McElhone. It’s a movie that’s not for everyone—it’s slow and kinda cerebral for a sci fi film. I really liked it but I’m a slut for Soderbergh films.


cbbuntz t1_j6cdy89 wrote

I just mentioned Her in another thread. Blade Runner is the obvious choice. Star Trek TNG "Inner light" episode is one of my personal favorites, but it's not strictly romance.


kleptophobiac t1_j6adpnw wrote

Never wanted two people to be happy together more than in Secretary.


gtaguy75 t1_j6akh70 wrote

The place beyond the pines. Ryan gosling, and the woman.


eskamizzle t1_j6bb16i wrote

The guy directed crouching tiger hidden dragon and brokeback mountain.

Bolth stories cant be in love, but so hard in love.


spytez t1_j6bbc8i wrote

Tylor Durden and Marla Singer in Fightclub.


MarkBrandanoquitz OP t1_j6bjhbb wrote

An incredible love story. He does everything for her. I used the scene where they split up the support groups in last year's. Too good.


Necessary_Ad861 t1_j6aa81o wrote

Leaving Las Vegas

I know its highly unconventional as movie love story standards go. But there was something really beautiful about these two scarred, damaged people finding each other.

edit: and I'll honorable mention The Painted Veil. Also unconventional, also a really moving


MarkBrandanoquitz OP t1_j6bi4is wrote

I love highlighting the unconventional in these compilations. Makes for some fun surprises. Thanks for the recommendation!


OldManPoe t1_j6alxds wrote

Somewhere in Time (U.S.)

A Moment to Remember (Korea)

Daisy (Korea)

Sad Movie (Korea)

Be With You (Japan)

The Before Trilogy (U.S.)


Seahearn4 t1_j6bsl3a wrote

Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore in Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, and Blended is the funniest romantic pairing. And the song on the plane in Wedding Singer is an all-timer romantic-comedy moment.


Kightsbridge t1_j6a9nb1 wrote

I can't help you with what exact scene. But I think you need to include Jake and Amy from Brooklyn 99


ifinallyreallyreddit t1_j6agiat wrote

The love triangle in Days of Heaven

Ronald Colman and Greer Garson in Random Harvest

Oh yeah, you might as well get The Empire Strikes Back in there.


Furthur_slimeking t1_j6am9pi wrote

Mickey and Mallory Knox (Natural Born Killers) are pretty compelling. Massively dysfunctional, but it's definitely love, and the way the film presents it is really interesting.


Bcatfan08 t1_j6aof00 wrote

Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter.


Seahearn4 t1_j6bsd2p wrote

It's an unconventional and bittersweet ending, but I always stump for Now, Voyager. Bette Davis and Paul Henreid are great together.


BettyStringsYouAlong t1_j6bzjno wrote

Annette Bennington and Michael Douglas in An American President. So much chemistry!


mohantharani t1_j6c02nz wrote

City lights.

In the mood for love.


SkeptikalOne t1_j6cekgb wrote

There is something about the movie,P.S. I Love You, that gets me crying every time I watch it.


rahl1 t1_j6cxmxx wrote

Somewhere in Time


Samstown_4077 t1_j6d1i6b wrote

Some old classics:

Roman Holiday



Just love them.


mikelogan1975 t1_j6etrvq wrote

Bram Stoker's Dracula

When Gary Oldman , as Dracula, says to Mina, played by Winona Ryder,

"I have crossed oceans of time to find you."

That shit hit hard.