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It used to be that newspapers wouldn’t allow advertisements for NC-17 papers, and newspapers were how everybody found out what movies were showing at what theaters and what times.

Big deal.

Mainstream movie theaters used to ban NC-17 movies. But theaters are dead/dying.

A typical HBO show is strong NC-17 material. And that’s fully mainstream.

So what’s the point of worrying about MPAA ratings at all, let alone NC-17 ones?



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roto_disc t1_j6o8w8h wrote

There's still a stigma. And many theaters won't screen NC-17 movies.

You're basically damning your picture to make five bucks box office if you get that rating.

>But theaters are dead/dying.

Say that to Avatar 2's 2 billion BO.


Huevos___Rancheros t1_j6o90t7 wrote

>But theatres are dead/dying

No they absolutely are not and I’m tired of hearing this shit


1feralengineer t1_j6obqvj wrote

>But theatres are dead/dying

This is a regional thing.

I have lived in places where you had to wait in line for hours to buy very expensive tickets and sit in cramped disgusting conditions and watch a film on a small screen barely visible because the bulb in the projector was dying

I have lived in places where the theater was pristine, the screens were enormous, luxury seating, tickets were cheap, and you were the only person in the place.


True_to_you t1_j6p4vip wrote

It's so weird to see people and their terrible theater experiences. I haven't had a terrible experiences in many years. The last time I can remember is people starting a fight before passion of the Christ. I remember rolling my eyes at hearing a baby cry before the force awakens, but it fell asleep as the movie started.


Possible-Extent-3842 t1_j6pcnub wrote

Yeah, I've been going to theaters for years before the pandemic, sometimes as much as once a week, and I can count on one hand the bad experiences.

Got a baby and it's stupid parents kicked out of Mad Max once. Poor thing was crying it's head off. With how loud that movie is, it's borderline child abuse.


Huevos___Rancheros t1_j6om3hj wrote

>I have lived in places where the theater was pristine, the screens were enormous, luxury seating, tickets were cheap, and you were the only person in the place.

Whe are these places?


castor--troy t1_j6ozkny wrote

High tourist areas have very nice theatres with poor attendance.


Greedy-Creme-995 t1_j6o8uoj wrote

I’m not sure. I saw infinity pool which is R and was shocked with how much they showed. NC-17 must be full on porn.


TheCosmicFailure t1_j6ohd4z wrote

Brandon Cronenberg came out and said there wasn't much of a difference in the NC-17 Cut. I'm guessing the orgy scene was more lewd. I also heard there was a close up of a penis ejaculating.


ignatiusjreillyreak t1_j6o9tp5 wrote

Vaginas, dicks and buttholes.

Shoot, I actually just read on imdb trivia that Infinity Pool was nc-17 but re-edited and won an "R" on appeal.


Comic_Book_Reader t1_j6p2hzs wrote

I said it in a previous discussion a couple days ago, but the cuts were definitely microscopic. Martin Scorsese literally removed 5/12 of a seconds from Goodfellas for an R. That much.

Infinity Pool's NC-17 was for "some graphic violence and sexual content". The R? "Graphic violence, disturbing material, strong sexual content, graphic nudity, drug use, and some language."

Further supporting this: The rating in Norway is an 18, the equivalent of an NC-17. And it's been rated as such for having "several strong depictions of drug abuse, sex, violence, and murder", with some of the murder depictions being "so close and grotesque" it rewards it an 18.


TakeOffYourMask OP t1_j6p2y32 wrote

What 5/12?


Comic_Book_Reader t1_j6p3bz7 wrote

He removed 10 frames total, a second has 24, so 5/12.

For dumbasses, he removed right inbetween ⅓ and ¼ of a second.


DrRexMorman t1_j6ohv59 wrote

There’s only a drawback for people who want a theatrical release.


NapoleonBoneparty t1_j6oigzz wrote

I'm crazy on this issue.

I want to see a total removal of all film ratings at this point. Or at the very least have just two. One that's suitable for all ages. And one that's for teenagers and up.


AlanMorlock t1_j6p84bn wrote

It's still a barrier to distribution and theaters remain a major source of revenue and publicity. Streaming deals can often be based on theatrical numbers as well.


Possible-Extent-3842 t1_j6pd29o wrote

It's not the content, it's the stigma of the rating.

Also, while HBO is definitely NC17 in nature, people are more comfortable watching that kind of content in the privacy of their own homes. Not many folks want to see maximum dong in public with a bunch of strangers.