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MartinScorsese t1_j6oqq0h wrote

Infinity Pool.

> I heard that Women Talking was a good movie.

Personally, I hated it. Preachy, boring, and it looks terrible.


KMoosetoe t1_j6oqt3x wrote

Thank you for supporting Canadian filmmakers


chadisdangerous t1_j6ora6o wrote

They're both great movies but the question should be what kind of thing you're in the mood for. They're insanely different experiences and everyone who answers is just going to say which one they prefer, which doesn't tell you much.

Like, would you rather spend this time watching a hard-R psychedelic body horror movie about evil rich people on vacation or an ensemble drama about mennonite women in a barn discussing what future they want after having been abused by the men in their colony?

Women Talking is the better film if you ask me but what a weird comparison


bovely_argle-bargle OP t1_j6ota6h wrote

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post, you’ve got some really sound advice, and yeah you’re right it is a huge difference in movie genre comparisons. Didn’t think much of trying to watch Women Talk until I saw the trailer for it and how someone made the comparison of how it’s similar to >!12 Angry Men!< so that really caught my attention.