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zgrizz t1_j662sl5 wrote

Watch it because it's a great movie. Not because someone with agenda is trying to sway you.

Logan's Run is pretty good too for an interesting take on a post-apocalyptic world.


Bizprof51 t1_j663g9j wrote

Soylent Green star was Edward G Robinson. Heston just played Heston.


monkelus t1_j663wvm wrote

It's not written before cigarette and alcohol companies started lying though, being long term shafted by short-term corporate gain isn't a new thing


Gummy_yumyum t1_j663y1m wrote

It’s campy fun, but absolutely not a must watch.


mikeyfreshh t1_j665555 wrote

>Watch it because it's a great movie. Not because someone with agenda is trying to sway you.

Climate change, income inequality, and consumerism are all themes of the movie. Pointing that out in a recommendation isn't pushing an agenda. It's just saying what the movie is about


Firm_Wrap8645 OP t1_j6667cg wrote

Well maybe

Are you familiar with firstly

A company that turns your Body into compost heaps in 40 days

And secondly the new EU novel food approval

Which allows bugs and worms (more in the Pipeline) to be processed to protein Powder

Wonder what the wafers will taste like?

The poors will be downgraded in the food Chain to be Bug eating compost heaps While the Silicon Valley Pharaos seek AI and Cryo immortality.

Thats whats ahead, how else will we manage 10 bln people without fertilizers from Russia/China and droughts, floods and forest fires.

We are just disposables


SingleSpy t1_j66da4u wrote

I saw Soylent Green for the first time last year and was surprised how good it was! I recommend it. Also, Logan’s Run is a cool movie - though I started losing interest when Peter Ustinov appeared. Not because of him; he’s a great actor, but because I was ready for the movie to end. That last act was unnecessary, imo.


ZorroMeansFox t1_j66j949 wrote

This is a fantastic and, at times, very emotional Science Fiction Noir.

What I often point to as notable is that it features the second best photomontage sequence in American movies, its wonderfully edited and scored pre-Title sequence which shorthands the fast, tragic ecological ruin of the World.

Here it is:


stabadan t1_j66jtn5 wrote

I would watch Heston mow his lawn in a robe. Soylent Green is a classic


Ok-Detail-9853 t1_j66kqkb wrote

Also watch Omega Man and Planet of the Apes for the Charlton Heston dystopian trifecta


riffraffbri t1_j66pd4r wrote

I saw it in the movies back in the 70s. I remember it was more about the population explosion than about global warming. We didn't know about climate change back then.


ethanwnelson t1_j66uuny wrote

No no no, you misunderstand. Movies don’t have themes or subtext. Maybe you’re watching movies wrong? You’re supposed to stare at the screen for 2 hours with your mouth agape, drooling. You’re not supposed to think, nerd!


iheartsimracing t1_j670dbn wrote

I first saw this film a few years ago in my Ecology grad course! I am conflicted about Soylent Green. The film has so many awful flaws, but the world building and message building are haunting and come through loud and clear.


iheartsimracing t1_j672o2l wrote

I do not know if the following story is true. My ecology grad professor said that back in the 1970's when the film was initially released that in some theaters across the country the screen was attacked by the audience with drinks, food, knives to tear apart, due to the shock of the ending. :(


GrandpaHardcore t1_j674zth wrote

For another movie with the same sort of vibe...

The Andromeda Strain from 1971.


jockc t1_j67gsb6 wrote

Overpopulation was prominently featured but also the weather was shown as always very hot, no rain, almost no real crops or produce...even what the rich had was poor quality


fotofreak56 t1_j67hffe wrote

Wow! Thanks for posting. Brings back many great memories. This is a classic!


UK_Selfridge t1_j67l76f wrote

Great quote from Futurama:

"What does Soylent Cola taste like?"

"It varies from person to person"


tophphan-deviantart t1_j67qqrq wrote

I liked this film when I watched it. I feel like maybe it's slightly dated (you've probably seen this idea/story in other films) but I think it deserves to be seen/discussed


psycadelicunicorn t1_j688t7k wrote

I havent watched the film yet, but I do drink Soylent! (Not the stuff from the movie just FYI)


jamdist t1_j68966t wrote

I love the comments on this thread… half of people think it’s a goofy camp-fest with a hammy lead actor and a silly twist ending that everyone knows before they watch it. The other half thinks it’s thoughtfully made dystopian noir with a powerful environmental message that has only become more salient since it was made.

Both are right.


iheartsimracing t1_j68lqkh wrote

Oh man, totally forgot about the awesome opening credits expousing so much about the world-building in a few minutes.


HK11D1 t1_j68m20g wrote

They made Soylent into a brand name food company because of this movie lmfao


ZorroMeansFox t1_j6b5lbs wrote

The best is the very eerie, psychologically-charged photomontage film that's shown to the undercover reporter (played by Warren Beatty) when he's being evaluated as a potential assassin (or stooge) at The Parallax Corp. in The Parallax View.