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karmakangaskhan t1_j6f8rpq wrote

Just saw Missing last night. Nothing really cinematic going on but the plot was pretty good and engaging and the movie is created in a creative way. I don't know anything about Plane but it sounds more like a mindless action movie with CGI vs Missing which is more plot based and less visually appealing.


combatmed1 t1_j6f9sgl wrote

We watched Plane a week ago, and found it to be the standard shoot 'em up, unlikely hero, action flick. It was good, not amazing, but good. All in all, it was entertaining, and a decent movie to see in a theater.


catcodex t1_j6fljmo wrote

Go see Missing, it's good fun. Not in a super deep way, but clever enough and doesn't outstay its welcome too much. And as odd as it may sound I think it's more fun to see something like that (close ups of laptops screens etc) on the big screen.


jamesneysmith t1_j6flvng wrote

I would think plane is more cinematic so may benefit the most from the theatrical experience


WeDriftEternal t1_j6foq64 wrote

Missing is more interesting. Plane is very generic dumbed down action movie, kinda a worse version of Olympus has Fallen... it feels like it could have been a direct to video type movie, its just nothing special.

Missing is engaging and creative, its not a must-see in the theater movie, but its entertaining for 2 hours. Anyone interested in true-crime would be into it as well.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j6fsko4 wrote

My cutoff for bother to go to the theaters is a Metacritic score of 70 or more so Missing’s 66 and Plane’s 62 means skip to me.


samfishman06 t1_j6f960f wrote

I’ve seen both and I thought Missing was better from a plot stand point. Plane is a standard action movie and nothing too surprising. Both were good though.