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I'm looking to move to NH this summer after finishing my masters program and landing a remote job. I'm a MA native and am 25M. NH seems to be a great fit for me in terms of nature, politics, weather, and taxes.

I love the outdoors and want to live somewhere with a lot of space. At the same time, I will need a strong internet connection and would prefer to live in a new building with central heating and other amenities.

Any suggestions for towns/areas I should consider?

Anything in general I might be overlooking before making the move?



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tinyoddjob t1_j6r0j5v wrote

Wish the mod would ban these types of posts


Detritus_AMCW t1_j6sic5t wrote

The Vermont sub had a lot of similar questions so r/newtovermont was created.


Azr431 t1_j6z2ooq wrote

r/newtonewhampshire exists but it needs help from the 1 mod here to direct folks to it


Chappy_Sinclair_ t1_j6rbq3a wrote

Manchester has some new stuff going up.

Good luck finding a job that is remote today that will not flip to hybrid in Boston or full time in Boston/Burlington, etc. in the next year. You're going to want to be close to 93 or 95.


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Chappy_Sinclair_ t1_j6rt85v wrote

It's a tricky one. Even if you do find one that is fully remote all it takes is one person in your manager -> CEO chain to make an "asses in seats" edict and it's game over.

Those types love reading work-think articles in HBR and make bold moves to make their mark on the firm.


asphynctersayswhat t1_j6st8df wrote

That’s only if you work at a company with offices in the area. Remote work is just that. I can work for a company in NY, San Francisco or London.


Glaucon123 OP t1_j6ryqct wrote

Depends on the industry. For mine, they are increasingly common although I agree, it would be harder with no experience.

And specific to my case, I have 2yrs of experience working remote from before my masters degree. I have a remote offer from my prior job but am also fielding other ones. Remote is not just a pie-in-the-sky dream for me.


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Glaucon123 OP t1_j6s0qps wrote

Started in consulting but have since transitioned into data science.

I'll check out the Concord area, thanks!


tadamhicks t1_j6vq6h2 wrote

Am a consultant as well and I live where I want to live. Key things to keep in mind if you are a consultant are internet and airport access. My biggest heartburn is that I’m an hour from PWM (Manch is 2).

Data science if you can stay remote then the travel bit probably matters much less, unless you work for Jackson or IDEXX or the like and they make you move near.

So, the question really is, where do you want to live?


simonhunterhawk t1_j6wwsbc wrote

I have one, I work in insurance (2 weeks of licensing training my employer paid for). I got to bring my job with me to a state that doesn’t even require auto insurance. Though i don’t know if they would have hired me living in NH initially, I got hired in FL and moved about 9 months in.

It’s gonna be a lot harder to obtain a job in cybersecurity that’s fully remote, but for the time being i’m saving a lot of money and mental anguish getting out of florida.


MagicalPeanut t1_j6r0pzp wrote

Having a remote job makes NH a good place to be. I’m in a similar situation and think it’s best to stay in commuting distance to Boston. I understand that you like nature so north of Concord probably has a lot of appeal, but remember that layoffs happen and living close to Boston gives you a lot more flexibility. We haven’t been hit yet, but the company I work for is consolidating BUs so it’s definitely coming.


overdoing_it t1_j6rfve7 wrote

Wherever you want. There's internet pretty much everywhere except properties way out in the woods, on class 6 roads and such. And even then satellite internet has gotten pretty good, you don't need a low ping to work. So even in that case only dense forest cover or being right on a mountain ridge could impede it.

With wifi calling a good cell signal doesn't even matter. I should know, I barely have one. But I do have a 500/50 internet connection, that's my lifeline. It doesn't go down very often and when it does it's usually on my end and rebooting the modem or router fixes it. Actual ISP downtime is like under 5 hours a month.


bingqiling t1_j6s4o3r wrote

I live in northern NH and work remotely now (previously was a teacher up here). The internet quality is dependent house by house. For example, we have high speed internet due to being in range of a mountain, the house 2 minutes down from us is further down the hill/doesn't have a clear view of the mountain, and therefore is on satellite.

I'd check out the Rail Trail apartments in Littleton. Brand new, lots of young outdoorsy people in the area. Very close to the mountains. Super accessible to 93 if you need to get down to Boston. I'm sure there's a waitlist though.

Like others have mentioned, I'd be mindful of the field you're in, ie if you were to lose your job, what would you do? Do you think you could find another remote job? If not, are you able to find a job in your field in the area you move to? Or are you willing to move again if you can't find another remote job/or onsite job in whatever area you move to? I got pretty lucky falling into a remote job, and am not sure if I would be able to find another remote job down the road if I were to lose this job, but I can always return to teaching.


Pants_loader t1_j6u943k wrote

You know whose not moving up here? People with trade experience. We really need plumbers, electricians and carpenters etc.. We have to many remote workers trying to play Yankee. Then they complain how no one wants to work because their favorite restaurant is closed 2 days a week or the only plumber around for 50 miles has a waitlist longer than santas list. So, i make this wager to you. Convince 2 friends of yours in the trades to move up, and your golden baby.


BlackJesus420 t1_j6roc3u wrote

If you’re truly into the outdoors and want space and have a good remote job, check out Berlin. It has the bones of a once great down but has fallen on hard times. Housing is plentiful and cheap and it sits in the shadow of the Presidential Range. Go help turn things around!


f2000sa t1_j6sa0aq wrote

There are building a lot of apartments in Nashua and Merrimack area. For example large complex next to the outlet.


gleadre19 t1_j6utz6l wrote

Your house probably


BlueRabbitx t1_j6zbl6y wrote

Housing market has been driven up by Mass residents doing the same thing you’re looking to do, tbh please don’t. If you must please move to western NH

I can’t speak for everyone, but feeling a bit jaded /invaded.

My commute is ruined by the caravan of Mass cars up 93 every Friday, and it’s all 4 seasons. I don’t bother to try and use 93 south on Sunday anymore.

I wish you all would choose Vermont instead, and spend your recreational time in some other state (try Connecticut or Rhode Island, I hear they’re excellent!)

No offense, good luck in your quest


margismith1111 t1_j6zj682 wrote

Vermont definitely has half the population as NH and is the same size!!!! They need you more than NH with the housing problem. Just saying.


clumsydragon t1_j6te9sa wrote

Do your research. Lots of town have been hit hard by addiction.


Azr431 t1_j6z2h8f wrote

Try posting in r/newtonewhampshire. Not a lot of activity but you won’t get the snarky replies you see here.

Knowing your interests and preferences are helpful as well


cdot666 t1_j6zhmth wrote

Try Vermont


BatSame3032 t1_j6x20zh wrote

I work remote and am in Hollis, NH. We got a lot of nature trails and a very active Snowmobile club that helps maintain trails.

Also not terribly far from Rt 3 (Everett Turnpike).

Internet is pretty good, no complaints :)


jesuswholies t1_j78wmij wrote

Manchester is great, especially the Wilson street area.


clumsydragon t1_j6sdplu wrote

I’m also a remote worker. If I could do it again I would moved closer to the cost near Portsmouth


I_knowwhat_I_am t1_j6vcvd3 wrote

Fully remote jobs are coveted and extremely competitive to get, you will need more experience than you currently have. Sorry, someone has to say it. You're competing with people who got laid off from the biggest most prestigious companies with many years of real world experience. I think your expectations may be a little high to be honest. Suggestion - take a look at job postings for roles you plan to apply to - look at the requirements part, where it says 3-5 years experience with XYZ. Your application wont make it past the automated screening software.


Few-Afternoon-6276 t1_j6r261d wrote

I would look to be near the lakes working for a Massachusetts based company


truthswillsetyoufree t1_j6rop2n wrote

I moved from Boston to NH several years ago with a remote job. It’s been awesome. Try the Upper Valley. There are some newer condo buildings up here. But the real reason to move here is because it’s NOT MA.