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valleyman02 t1_j9u1hs4 wrote

It's so hilarious that the excuse not to do the right thing. From a right wing government is we are holding out for socialism.


no_clipping t1_j9vhtmg wrote

Yeah the whole state-run liquor store thing absolutely boggles my mind


plz1 t1_j9vomj7 wrote

I'm OK with that vs. income tax, etc.


BigRockFarm t1_j9vxvtv wrote

Yup. It’s one of the only things that government seems to do efficiently and it helps reduce the need for more taxes

It’s cheaper than most privately owned liquor stores in neighboring states too


SheeEttin t1_j9wz2e7 wrote

And great selection! Liquor stores in MA are tiny and have shit stock. It's always the same Jameson, Captain Morgan, Svedka, and so on. Nothing interesting.

Honestly, liquor should just be sold in grocery stores like other states. It's not an issue. Let there be specialty stores too.


TheBigBarWolf101 t1_j9yoz8g wrote

They also let you return unopened bottles. I overbought for my wedding and had no issue bringing back what I didn't use.


UncleRicosWig t1_j9w9gbn wrote

Not mine. The state makes so much money from liquor sales. I think it’s why NH can get away with having no income or sales tax, and still have better plowed roads then Maine, which has both. I can see why NH trying to replicate that model for weed. Just taking them to dam long


Dave___Hester t1_j9wrcwf wrote

I live 15 minutes from ME so they can take their time, I'm still getting mine.


Elpundit t1_j9wnpf3 wrote

There are a lot of reasons why New Hampshire is better off fiscally than other places, liquor is just one. Having the fourth largest lower house legislature in the English-speaking world, creates its own citizen rule dynamic. They get paid almost nothing, except for the miles they drive. Either highly motivated young people, or retired people with nothing better to do.


dc551589 t1_j9ykife wrote

For the last bit I’d say it’s more “rich, out of touch kids who don’t need to have an income to survive, and out of touch old people afraid of progress.” Not that there isn’t always some in between but I don’t see many middle age average working folks represented because they simply can’t afford to be a legislator.


Elpundit t1_ja02mri wrote

I have no evidence to refute these statements.


Halfameetball t1_j9y4z6w wrote

I'm okay with it. It gives them enormous buying power which gives us the best possible price. That's why we are so much lower than surrounding states. New Hampshire is the single largest contract for any distributor in the Northeast.


Vomitus_The_Emetic t1_j9yg9rs wrote

I had a libertarian tell me they were an example of the personal liberties we enjoy in NH


plz1 t1_j9yr3fq wrote

Man, they don't see the irony in their ideology being threatened by the state? Libt's are a strange bunch.


stalence9 t1_j9xcna8 wrote

I dunno about right wingers. I do know Biden and the democrats missed out on an easy W when their popularity was waning before Ukraine and post lock downs / post Afghanistan before the midterms. They held the presidency and both houses of Congress. They could have legalized weed if they wanted too.


doobie042 t1_j9y8cqm wrote

All politician 's just want to have the other party in their way so they can blame them. The left will try to push Marijuana legalization and if enough Republicans are against it they'll blame Republicans. Even though they could have done it a year ago. Same with decriminalization of all non violent drug 'crimes. Heck the left are the ones who really worked ri Crack down on them in the 80s and 90s.


ndarchi t1_j9ycpjt wrote

Pray tell how would they get past the 60 vote threshold in the senate? It’s really amazing to me that this fact flys over peoples head, they just blame the president when really it’s an over used filibuster. Change the filibuster rule to a standing/talking one and then congress is forced to actually legislate instead of stick their thumbs up their collective asses and only vote on pidly things/spending bills.

I guess you could possibly have put it in a spending bill that had to pass but to my knowledge it has to be legislation to legalize weed not just a DEA reclassification.


cwalton505 t1_j9u6ww7 wrote

This is possible but it is speculation and not fact


Darwins_Dog t1_j9u96qc wrote

Thank you. Reddit seems to be 100% convinced of this, but no official has ever even hinted at it afaik. I'll admit it seems very plausible, but let's not rule out general ignorance.


danmac1152 t1_j9uab05 wrote

Both make sense really. Ignorance and the monopoly thing. Especially when you look at how adamant a lot of our state gov seems to be about home cultivation. Do I believe that they actually believe the hippie guy with 6 plants in his basement could be the next El Chapo? Yes. Do I believe that they don’t want people to grow because it might hinder their state income? Yes. We need people who are more with the current world in our government


warren_stupidity t1_j9u8ubd wrote

it is apparently a talking point intended to excuse the moralistic bullshit that is the GOP these days.


Sirhc978 t1_j9u9n6j wrote

The most recent bill has the liquor commission incharge of regulating cultivation and retail sales.


warren_stupidity t1_j9veakj wrote

Right, but the talking point is that it can’t be legalized until the feds legalize it because ‘they’ have to make it sold only through state liquor stores because ‘reasons’.


Sirhc978 t1_j9vo7lc wrote

I'm not alone in this opinion but there is no universe where weed isn't sold like liquor in NH.


cwalton505 t1_j9ua4ho wrote

Like that darned Maggie Hassan!


warren_stupidity t1_j9vdkg7 wrote

I agree that her cautious centrism is awful, and she did in fact veto pot. So what about Hassan when Sununu is slammed is a fair criticism. But the ‘can’t legalize because liquor stores’ is just made up nonsense.


jdkeith t1_j9wcqha wrote

> Either the fed would sue NH (and obviously win)

Only because of Fed courts which have made things up out of nowhere (cough cough Wickard v Filburn). NH should just tell them to pound sand.


deltapapa1 t1_j9xzooo wrote

I’ll take some of that dank gubment cheese 🧀


KarlLexington t1_j9yj9g9 wrote

That simply is not true. There was a one bill last year to do that, the first time that idea has ever been proposed, but it was rejected. That whole idea is pretty much dead. The current legislation (HB 593) is a more conventional approach similar to what other states have done.


Full_Mission7183 t1_j9ubgrk wrote

In fairness, I really don’t want the federal law to change, we don’t need a Budweiser of Bud dominating shelves nationwide


GonzoTheGreat22 t1_j9vqtbt wrote

For every Bud Heavy there are a dozen Maine Beers and Moat Mountains. Trust that federal legalization will allow a free market to create products we’ll all benefit from


cwalton505 t1_j9u6q9c wrote

Why are people still just finding out about this and making a new post every day is my question


photostrat t1_j9v8kig wrote

Because the population overwhelming wants it legal while the governor/boot lickers don't agree that we should have the same personal choices residents of other NE states get to make.


SillyIce t1_j9uim4n wrote

Maybe we are just upset


cwalton505 t1_j9uiyot wrote

Well no one ever posts about trying to do something about it.


ThisIsNotTuna t1_ja7lplz wrote

Because it's a fun way to farm some of that sweet, sweet post karma.


hubtackset t1_j9u0ng0 wrote

Chris Sununu


Novasadog t1_j9u57lp wrote

Um, excuse you. Haggis Masson also vetoed , when she was guvner


Umbert360 t1_j9umnr2 wrote

And Lynch before her


Novasadog t1_j9uqwq5 wrote

, yes, yes he did, however, neither he, nor sununu, got the state sued because of a bill that they signed....


warren_stupidity t1_j9u925k wrote

Yeah she sucked on that issue. I voted against her in the primary because she sucked so much on this.


Novasadog t1_j9ucpcn wrote

She sucked on every issue. She told a group of 4th graders that their opinions didn't matter. I have hated her since then


ripper522 t1_j9u4ngh wrote

this. he's vetoed weed bills in the past, I see no reason to believe he wouldn't if it got through both the state house and senate. it's crazy, the amount of money we are losing as a state to MA and ME along the border.


LBKTHREE t1_j9w50mw wrote

Hassan vetoed it too.


ripper522 t1_j9z1fob wrote

Okay, that doesn't change the fact that Chris Sununu is the Governor now and it would go across his desk to become law. But nice try with the false equivalency.


LBKTHREE t1_j9zfj11 wrote

That wasn't the question. To the original point, you can't blame him entirely on it not being legal.

The correct answer would be: Our Governors suck.


warren_stupidity t1_j9u8pa3 wrote

Because we decided that, with respect to weed, you have to be dying to live free.


greenglasstree t1_j9vwsm0 wrote

For the same reason the min wage is still $7.25 and you can't get good specialists for rare diseases here.

New Hampshire is like a father who does no childcare because he knows the mother will do it.

Many New Hampshirites don't care because they can get higher paying jobs, legal marijuana, and apppointments with rare disease doctors in nearby places.


Consistent_Tower_973 t1_j9xevrm wrote

This!! If NH were isolated, it would be ranked extremely poorly by the vast majority of metrics. The only reason we do so well on so many metrics is because of the opportunities, talent, and services offered within our region. Without the opportunities afforded by neighbouring jurisdictions and their well-paid workers travelling to NH, we would be far worse off. Sadly, rather than actually improving NH to be strong on its own as well as benefitting from the region, many Granite Staters are content with the easy route of relying on our neighbours to fuel the state.


jackiemoons t1_j9wqofv wrote

Can people use the search bar to find previous discussions on this topic? I am pro legislation but enough. Do your research and go to another state to buy weed, grow your own or use the black market. This conversation is just like beating a dead horse at this point. It's decriminalized so just be ok with that for now or waste your time and write our governor a letter.


Zachisawinner t1_j9u9648 wrote

Not enough cash lube jerkin the right polis.


gvuio t1_j9wfu21 wrote

The legislature, who are aged from 60-80 years old, have framed their opinions on pot use by watching the movie “Reefer Madness”


Raa03842 t1_j9vqgjn wrote

Same reason they don’t require seatbelts. Wait what? Oh yeah live free or die when it comes to seatbelts but the right wing wants to control what you can do with your body. Smh


Bigfatsmelly t1_j9v0sdk wrote

So many comments blaming each side but no one giving any actual insight. So I guess I'll give some actual insight on the matter.

Now this may be a bit out dated, but back when weed was decriminalized (to some degree), the main reason for it not being fully legal was due to the NH gun laws. This is some info that came out back in 2017 so some new research on DEFINITELY needed, but it's better then the other comments blaming each side (which I for one find hilarious and scary because it shows how uneducated people can be).

Again from back in 2017:

"The department issued the order because federal law prohibits anyone who uses illegal substances from owning a firearm, and—so far as the federal government is concerned—marijuana is still a controlled drug. That means medical marijuana users who own firearms are technically in violation of federal gun laws."

Please correct/update this if anything changed and hopefully this was more helpful than the typical BS that the people actually involved in policts like to spew.


GeeForSocks t1_j9v3j3s wrote

So, NH state government is protecting us, its citizens, from the federal government coming after our guns on the pretense of our recreational weed usage?

There are plenty of gun valuing states who have legalized recreational weed and I've not heard of any indication that the feds have been using this pretense to snatch people's guns.

I know you're not making this argument, just reporting it, but it's not very convincing with light shining on it. Hell, even in 2017 there were enough states regulating legal weed to understand that the federal government had been taking a handsoff approach with respect to the issue.


Bigfatsmelly t1_j9v4lsz wrote

>There are plenty of gun valuing states who have legalized recreational weed and I've not heard of any indication that the feds have been using this pretense to snatch people's guns.

That's what I always thought of too, but I'm sure it really comes down to the votes from who we put in the positions of power. The gun laws were always the reason I heard of for weed still being illegal in NH. It sounds like they're in the works of passing a bill now to make it legal recreationally. I mostly just wanted to give some actual information on this in comparison to what 90% of other comments were stating.


Vomitus_The_Emetic t1_j9ygrzs wrote

Didn't FPSRussia go to prison for weed?


GeeForSocks t1_ja0i9sh wrote

Looks like yes? I'll admit I'd never heard of this person before you mentioned them. I guess Georgia having not legalized recreational weed didn't really help him out. He may have even been better off had it been legal in the state at the time, though of course I'm just speculating about that.


Crow_Titanium t1_j9y4inx wrote

Didn't they just remove that CLEARLY unconstitutional law?


Vomitus_The_Emetic t1_j9ygob5 wrote

That's nothing to do with anything, the same is true in any state that's legalized weed

You do a lot of talking shit about other people to be so completely ignorant yourself


WMDLaotian t1_j9vcbo5 wrote

Me being ignorant to NH laws, but I figured it’s because there isn’t a state tax much like can deposits. So because they can’t put a state tax on weed, they don’t bother?


Azr431 t1_j9vsanh wrote

We’re the only purple state in New England where Republicans still have power. Also, we don’t have initiatives at our disposal for direct legislation bypassing the dinosaurs in Concord. The initiative is how Maine got cannabis under the fascist LePage. The lack of the initiative in NH is honestly our biggest weakness as a state. It keeps those out of touch in check.


coldinNH t1_j9yo2se wrote

Umm Democrats block it too. Donna Soucey (D-Manchester) is the leader of the Senate Dems and blocks it every year.


Azr431 t1_ja16ffv wrote

Ergo the comment about the dinosaurs in Concord.

And both parties aren’t the same. Don’t even try that nonsense


slimyprincelimey t1_j9uzh4c wrote

Drive fucking 23 minutes and buy it in one of the other states and stop posting this.


NewPhoenix77 t1_j9wqp29 wrote

Some shits weird. Don’t have to wear a basic safety precaution like a motorcycle helmet or seatbelt. But don’t smoke that jibba jabba.


[deleted] t1_j9x8p36 wrote

To be fair, none of those things should be regulated. I cant think of more victimless crimes than,not wearing a seatbelt or helmet (I think that’s a dumb idea) or smoking the devils lettuce. Educate people and let Darwin do his thing.


Ok_Nobody4967 t1_j9wkxzi wrote

The NH gop has been voting against it right along. I think they are under the influence of Nancy Reagan’s anti drug campaign.


Thundersnow999 t1_j9wom7t wrote

Because the overwhelming majority of people who make the laws and really vote on things here are OLD and way out of touch. The majority of people who vote in state elections are older and they are the ones bending the ear of their local representatives who are always looking to appease the voters who keep them in office.


Different_Ad7655 t1_j9wxwrg wrote

The same reason we don't have a bottle bill, an obvious recycling measure that works.. go figure..


[deleted] t1_j9x8upa wrote

I agree with your sentiment, but recycling in the entire country is a joke, in general. I wish we could do better.


GazuGaming t1_j9wz02q wrote

15 senators and a governor


DiBello44 t1_j9x2yra wrote

Our Republican Governor wants to be President


mtn970 t1_j9x8hy6 wrote

Live free OR high, but not both. . .


srosorcxisto t1_j9xa2z0 wrote

Greed. Politicians see it as a potential revenue source instead of as a freedom. They can't sell it in state limo stores as long as it is scheduled and would rather lock up their own citizens for a plant than let the legal private market have access.


Acon9263 t1_j9xebbe wrote

Not very far of a drive in any direction.


cat-gun t1_j9xw19f wrote

The House has passed numerous bills legalizing recreational weed. However, until recently, drug war enthusiasts in the Senate have killed the bills.

For example, here are the Senators who voted against the last bill to legalize weed in the Senate, NH SB299 on 2022-05-12:

Sen. Avard, Kevin A. [R]
Sen. Birdsell, Regina [R]
Sen. Bradley, Jeb [R]
Sen. Carson, Sharon [R]
Sen. Cavanaugh, Kevin J. [D] --> Sen. Keith Murphy, R-Manchester
Sen. D'Allesandro, Lou C. [D]
Sen. Daniels, Gary L. [R] --> Sen. Shannon Chandley, D-Amherst
Sen. Gannon, William "Bill" M. [R]
Sen. Giuda, Robert "Bob" [R] --> Sen. Tim Lang, R-Sanbornton
Sen. Gray, James [R]
Sen. Hennessey, Erin Tapper [R]
Sen. Morse, Charles "Chuck" W. [R] --> Sen. Daryl Abbas, R-Salem
Sen. Ricciardi, Denise [R]
Sen. Soucy, Donna M. [D]
Sen. Ward, Ruth B. [R]
Sen. Whitley, Becky [D]

In the last election, four of the Senators who voted against legalization were replaced by pro-legalization Senators. So, the pro side now has enough votes to pass the Senate.

However, there are still not enough votes (2/3 majority) to override the veto of Governor Sununu. Sununu has indicated that he will not sign off on new legalization bills. That said, he's gearing up to make a run for President, and may not want to take an unpopular position on legal weed (74% of NH voters support legalization).

If you support legal weed, consider contacting your senator and the governor's office, and let your support for legal weed be known.


deltapapa1 t1_j9xzrpi wrote

I just stop in Portland when I’m over that way. #seaweed


doobie042 t1_j9y82xt wrote

Maggie Hassan vetoed it multiple times and Sunnuno didn't get a bill he liked.


PrimeTime1976 t1_j9y8dc1 wrote

450 members in our HoR and we are surprised that we can’t get anything done? Have you ever tried to figure out where to go to dinner with a family of 5?


Kikutwo t1_j9y93ar wrote

Ancient Cretans in charge.


RiverGreen7535 t1_j9yikmr wrote

Too much blue hair in the House-they all have "liked" the film below every term and think alcohol is a ok and doesn't cause any temporary (or permanent) damage


Alert_Salt7048 t1_j9yk9gt wrote

Because they don’t want to stink like the neighbors.


SquashDue502 t1_j9ymkxo wrote

I get that it’s illegal and therefore if a job wants to drug test you for it you could be fired but I feel like NH is a small enough state that you’re never really TOO far from someplace that it’s legal to purchase 😂

Like at least it’s not Texas lmao


wiredentropy t1_ja6fnu5 wrote

Because we are smart enough to know the damage it does to the human body


Novasadog t1_j9u5q19 wrote

The Democrats in nh, DO NOT WANT, legislation. If they did, Maggie Hassan would have approved it


juicebronston t1_j9vcpvq wrote

Polls consistently say otherwise, unless you think it’s Republicans who overwhelmingly support legalization?


ericools t1_j9vwvqd wrote

Actual votes for the person who vetoed it say something else.

Not saying Republicans are in general any better, they both suck on this.


juicebronston t1_j9w3n59 wrote

That argument makes zero sense


ericools t1_j9wjihj wrote

That a Democrat vetoed legalization. What about that argument doesn't make sense to you? Democrats pretend to be pro legalization, but few of them actually vote that way.


juicebronston t1_j9wkmfy wrote

Maggie Hassan has nothing to do with the fact that in 2023, the majority of NH citizens want recreational marijuana legalized. Also worth mentioning that Democrats and Democrat voters have been crucial in the legalization process in most legal recreational states.


ericools t1_ja28eq4 wrote

She has to do with the fact that it isn't legal.


Some_Ride1014 t1_j9uq7rk wrote

Republicans don’t want Americans to feel good.


LBKTHREE t1_j9w5rik wrote

Montana would suggest otherwise. And so would Hassan.


Some_Ride1014 t1_j9w787u wrote

Virginia would not, under full democratic control they legalized, now the Republican house and Governor are reversing that.


LBKTHREE t1_j9wgwnz wrote

They are suspending retail distribution due to lack of regulation.


photostrat t1_j9v7sky wrote

It if was deadly to ourselves or dangerous to those around us, we'd have made it part of or identities and enshrined it to law years ago.

Correct me with actual facts if I'm wrong, but that's all Live Free or Die means in this state.

Population older than usual. Northeast laws in general still crippled by old puritan thinking, although the more liberal states nearby have seemed to move past that to their benifit little by little.


CDogNH t1_j9w1h1t wrote

So that we get the pleasure of potheads whining incessantly about it. And we are never disappointed.


Griddler t1_j9w50h9 wrote

It's mostly because it is a conservative state.

Of course, they're mixed with Democrats and Republicans, but in the state of New Hampshire they hold the line.

I'm sure it will change in the future to allow marijuana.

Incremental change is always best. The impetuous ones lead us into a path of destruction.


Plenty-Bit2029 t1_j9w9c36 wrote

Same as alcohol, if your life isn't good without it, it will be worse with it!!!!


UnfairAd7220 t1_j9x36ee wrote

Because the potheads that demand pot are annoying.


devildogmillman t1_j9ykz9e wrote

I mean… has it being illegal ever stopped anyone from doing it here? Its not like NYC or Chicago where the cops really did kind of declare war on… well less on drugs and more just the community.


YBMExile t1_j9vc9e1 wrote

Because that would accept that things can and should change based on the views of the citizens of the state of NH. Isn’t the ethos here on this sub that things should never, ever change? If it’s good enough for MASSACHUSETTS and the rest of the country, we really shouldn’t do that here, right?


LexExpress666 t1_j9vn01n wrote

because the people there care more about not having to wear a motorcycle helmet than they do about legalizing weed.


OrangeLoco t1_j9uzwo1 wrote

Their motto is Live Free or Die, not Live Free and get High.


lives4summits t1_j9vng0r wrote

Why does it still recognize the federal minimum wage of $7.25? Why doesn’t it require seatbelts while driving? Why isn’t there a sales or income tax to fund its crumbling infrastructure and provide a higher standard of living.

Selfishness, greed, and ignorance.


CLS4L t1_j9u6a6i wrote

Republicans love the pill lobby. Hows that freedom making out


valleyman02 t1_j9u9c7u wrote

Well you're right. Citizens United made corporations people too. Which legalized bribery by corporations. Honestly you can't even blame the individual member. The system is rip for corruption. Then one person comes and shows everybody you can grift and there's few if any consequences.

And presto United States of America Inc™