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cwalton505 t1_j9u6ww7 wrote

This is possible but it is speculation and not fact


Darwins_Dog t1_j9u96qc wrote

Thank you. Reddit seems to be 100% convinced of this, but no official has ever even hinted at it afaik. I'll admit it seems very plausible, but let's not rule out general ignorance.


danmac1152 t1_j9uab05 wrote

Both make sense really. Ignorance and the monopoly thing. Especially when you look at how adamant a lot of our state gov seems to be about home cultivation. Do I believe that they actually believe the hippie guy with 6 plants in his basement could be the next El Chapo? Yes. Do I believe that they don’t want people to grow because it might hinder their state income? Yes. We need people who are more with the current world in our government


warren_stupidity t1_j9u8ubd wrote

it is apparently a talking point intended to excuse the moralistic bullshit that is the GOP these days.


Sirhc978 t1_j9u9n6j wrote

The most recent bill has the liquor commission incharge of regulating cultivation and retail sales.


warren_stupidity t1_j9veakj wrote

Right, but the talking point is that it can’t be legalized until the feds legalize it because ‘they’ have to make it sold only through state liquor stores because ‘reasons’.


Sirhc978 t1_j9vo7lc wrote

I'm not alone in this opinion but there is no universe where weed isn't sold like liquor in NH.


cwalton505 t1_j9ua4ho wrote

Like that darned Maggie Hassan!


warren_stupidity t1_j9vdkg7 wrote

I agree that her cautious centrism is awful, and she did in fact veto pot. So what about Hassan when Sununu is slammed is a fair criticism. But the ‘can’t legalize because liquor stores’ is just made up nonsense.