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Elpundit t1_j9wnpf3 wrote

There are a lot of reasons why New Hampshire is better off fiscally than other places, liquor is just one. Having the fourth largest lower house legislature in the English-speaking world, creates its own citizen rule dynamic. They get paid almost nothing, except for the miles they drive. Either highly motivated young people, or retired people with nothing better to do.


dc551589 t1_j9ykife wrote

For the last bit I’d say it’s more “rich, out of touch kids who don’t need to have an income to survive, and out of touch old people afraid of progress.” Not that there isn’t always some in between but I don’t see many middle age average working folks represented because they simply can’t afford to be a legislator.


Elpundit t1_ja02mri wrote

I have no evidence to refute these statements.