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boldolive t1_j740uzb wrote

Hm, interesting… I liked him. I’d love to hear the scoop if anyone has deets.


rabblebowser t1_j743ec3 wrote

He was pretty awful if you read his personal twitter. I looked at it every now and then because I always enjoyed watching him. He's very conservative and somewhat of a conspiracy theorist and I would imagine WMUR was not happy with his posts. He had a lot of stuff about the election being stolen from Trump, even when things were disproved. I would assume it had something to do with that. Here is a good recent one:

This quote about the shooting in Manchester is really interesting, given:

  1. Clear and convincing video evidence that a blindside punch from the victim started the violence
  2. A second video captures the shooter claiming to have been punched inside The Goat

boldolive t1_j744z8m wrote

Yikes. Sounds like he’d rather be among a different group of “journalists.” Thank you!


Fenwick19 t1_j74x0jr wrote

Pretty sure the OP is Eric himself, talking in the third person


rabblebowser t1_j7503ee wrote

I agree !


TheCloudBoy OP t1_j758ubp wrote

No, though I know for a fact he lurks here often so he'll probably chime in on your assessment about being awful. We're all pretty tight in the weather community and if there's one thing Eric isn't, it's a wacky conspiracy theorist.