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ShamanicYogi t1_ja1qo2q wrote

Cannon is owned by the taxpayers and it’s annual reports are a matter of public record. However, I’m not going to spend my time digging through state financial documents just to appease a stranger on Reddit. You are able to research it yourself. I worked in the ski industry for a couple of decades and always have kept an eye on revenue vs snowfall up until the past few years. Last report I remember looking at was pre-Covid, so the info I have is probably from 2018-19 season or so, but it was around $7.25M in annual profit. By comparison, Gunstock does around $1.5M. Cannon, as probably the most popular ski area in NH, has generally shown steady growth of about $100k-250k per year since 2011, obviously dependent on the weather. That’s a rate of less than 3%. Not huge, but still profitable.


Northcountrynative t1_ja40fk9 wrote

I am Cannon for life, but there is zero way it is more popular than Loon. Loon is NH’s most popular ski resort by a mile.


chucktownbtown t1_ja35t2c wrote

So the link provided above to you isn’t enough to show that Cannon loses money annually? The link from the Taxpayers of Cannon? It’s missing the previous 6 years of data, but considering cannon shows an operating loss of $9M over the course of time here, I suspect they continue to lose money.


T-to-B t1_ja3i0xf wrote

Yeah I'm not going to trust that website at all. It hasn't been updated in 7 years. They aren't using the correct data and there is clearly an agenda to have cannon's operations sold.


chucktownbtown t1_ja3w6nx wrote

You can literally click on each year’s financial statement within that link for the data, and it links to the State of NH Dept of Rev and Economic Development P&L sheet. Its using official state/public data. Not sure what other source could/would even be considered more trustworthy.

You don’t want to trust that? What data source would you trust then?


T-to-B t1_ja3xe4y wrote

I'm not going to dive into all of their financial documents. But a lot of the numbers this website has listed don't match the numbers in the linked documents. So I can't trust any of their data.


kells938 t1_ja3v11s wrote

He provides links that contradict what you're saying but you won't back your argument "to appease a stranger on reddit." So you'll argue with someone on Reddit and tout that you're right, but won't back your claim. Got it.