Submitted by capistor t3_11b3obr in newhampshire

Everyone is welcome to apply. Looking for help keeping an eye on comments, which means 99% + doing nothing and letting upvotes manage when possible. Ideal candidate likes posts about trees, community events, small business, physically removing massholes in some cases, and not abusing sticky powers including not censoring opposing ideas.



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smartest_kobold t1_j9w3qbc wrote

I'm available.

>not abusing sticky powers

Excited about this new policy. When will it be implemented?


anarchir t1_j9zkdbx wrote

When was it abused?


quaffee t1_j9zmk60 wrote

There have been other times, but this shit was stickied either yesterday or maybe the day before:


Dave___Hester t1_ja266ts wrote

This and another Free State propaganda post were both stickied together for days, both downvoted in the negatives because nobody wants that shit here. The mods here suuuuck.


RickyDaytonaJr t1_j9w1y5a wrote

What happened to Senno and his various alternate accounts?


chevyadsict83 t1_j9vybay wrote

I'd throw my hat in the ring. I'm on here enough, might as well be productive.


ZX2Slow t1_j9w8rco wrote

I am so confused about what's been going on in this sub the last few days.


IHaventGotOneYet t1_j9wh4nn wrote

I'd apply, but I don't live in my mom's basement so that disqualifies me unfortunately.


ProlapsedMasshole t1_j9wlfwl wrote

I'm on here every single day.

I double dog dare you.

Edit: seriously though, considered or not I'm excited to see the sub head in a hopefully more positive direction.


the_sylvan t1_j9z2uro wrote

I'll do it. I have qualified experience.


Theseus-Paradox t1_j9wjyzr wrote

I like trees, Community Events, Small Businesses, removing the occasional Masshole, have a balanced view, and welcome opposing ideas (without insults, threats, tom fuckery). That’s my CV for the job 🤞


akmjolnir t1_j9yl4zj wrote

I don't want to be a mod, but will the mods impose a rule that people can only complain about NH marijuana policies one day a week?


juicebronston t1_ja3d3y0 wrote

There should be a stickied post for it, honestly. There is a lot of discussion lately due to the bill going through the House.


akmjolnir t1_ja3fcvb wrote

That's fine.

It just gets very one-dimensional. There's a ton of cool and interesting things to post about NH, and weed is a fraction of people's lives.

The smart ones partake, and don't blab like children who can't get their way.


SheeEttin t1_j9we2lu wrote

I volunteer. I promise a light touch, full transparency, and only to step in if people think things are getting out of hand.


NHGuy t1_j9ylm39 wrote

I'm available and moderate r/nashua


Da66y t1_ja07ep3 wrote

I am not qualified and will probably do nothing, which is why I'm the perfect candidate


D_Pow t1_j9wu1bb wrote

What’s the pay?


jwc8985 t1_j9x284h wrote

I would be interested. I’ve admined/moderated multiple Facebook groups (mostly local/community focused groups) over the years raging from 500-25k members. I don’t do FB much these days, but would be happy to tap into that experience to assist with moderation here.


zrad603 t1_j9zoj74 wrote

I'm open to be a moderator. I would pretty much only delete things that are obviously spam/scams.

Otherwise, I'd just sit back and watch while I eat some popcorn.

Live Free or Die!


TheCloudBoy t1_ja0wht6 wrote

>Ideal candidate likes posts about trees

I'm sold


jpgrandsam t1_ja1zhk2 wrote

Can we make it a point also to direct people looking to move to NH to the sub that deals with that?


Winter-Rewind t1_j9wpsg9 wrote

Mind explaining what’s going on here? I’ve been busy, haven’t followed.


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_j9x1ux5 wrote

Senno was stickying Libertarian nonsense and (through context clues) probably deleting comments against it.

Capistor apparently cleaned house.


Winter-Rewind t1_j9zfwb8 wrote

Thanks for the update, really appreciate it.

It’s a shame Senno’s not modding anymore. I don’t care what anyone says, he did a great job keeping this sub open and the debates fair. This is one of the few subs on this shitty ass site where you can genuinely get opposing viewpoints and debate over it. Apparently one side hated him for it and continuously tried to get him ousted. Guess they succeeded and now want to “volunteer” as new mods. Communism at its finest moment. What a joke. At any rate, good luck to the sub and to the new mods. Try not to kill the spirit of the sub too much. Peace out!


SheeEttin t1_j9zwflz wrote

"Debate" is very generous.

This is the second time you've left, though, so I'll believe it when I see it.


anarchir t1_j9zkn0q wrote

What was wrong with stickying a documentary on a major news site that covers contentious NH news?


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_j9zltf1 wrote

Because this is not a political sub. We discuss politics, but mods stickying their own beliefs is abuse.

I'd say that for any kind of obviously partisan post. He also stickied random nonsense all the time.


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_j9zmd1p wrote

Nothing except this isn't a political sub and the mod in question was stickying his political views.

The fact that his political views are for the mentally deficient is irrelevant.


[deleted] t1_j9vui3h wrote



LacidOnex t1_j9vvw4d wrote

This is not "New England all inclusive" this is New Hampshire

It's like complaining that r/cars keeps removing your plane pics because they all go

I'll run on the platform that this guy is probably a masshole


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9vw11l wrote

I’m not saying to post things about other states. But to consistently hate the people who moved here from MA, who are literally keeping the state alive with their spending as the rest of the state dies off, is lame.


LacidOnex t1_j9vwyyg wrote

Judging by your downvote you're definitely a masshole who can't take a joke and hasn't figured out NH culture yet

You'll get there.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9vz22r wrote

I didn’t downvote you. I love jokes. That are funny, and make sense. It’s just a stupid joke. It’s boring


LacidOnex t1_j9w6nv5 wrote

Oh.. Well you advocated for something silly so I'm going to tag you "very silly masshole" for my own future reference


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9w8xbf wrote

I mean I live in this state. I know NH very well. I spent every summer here before I moved. I don’t know why people have to be so judgmental of people who move here. It’s good for the state. The alternative is a retirement community with mountains.


LacidOnex t1_j9w9bwp wrote

Great well... Let me know when you figure out the thick delicious irony and delete the rest of the stuff you wrote


mrzar97 t1_j9xwa2m wrote

You know that you're literally part of the reason NH natives are being priced out of the market, right? Domestic migration has been driving down vacancies and driving up rent and real estate, royally fucking over most of the youth that was born here (and would like to stay here).

You're not some kind of hero keeping the state alive, you and people from all across the country who want to flock here are directly (though obviously not intentionally) contributing to the slow death of the state's local culture.

The rent here may look like peanuts compared to higher COL locales, but for locals - particularly younger people - the options are increasingly narrowing down to "live with your folks" or "leave the state", neither of which any of us want to do, nor should we have to.

The state Economic Development authority is far too focused on attracting new residents and businesses from other states, and seems to care very little about seeing all the money invested in their youth through to prosperity. I know way too many young people in the southern half of the state who feel like they've been flat out left in the dust.

I specifically mention the southern half because, from N. Conway to the border, it's by-and-large either federal land managed by National Parks or constitutes some sort of tourism around the Whites and Mahoosuc, and that's been the case since the state's paper industry started winding down a few decades ago. Of course there are a plethora of individual exceptions but that's generally a good rule of thumb.

Add to this that most out-of-staters who move to SNH/Seacoast have the same sort of obnoxious, pretentious NIMBY attitude that has kept this region down for 2-3 decades (rejecting the vast majority of affordable/workforce housing projects, endorsing an untenable bias in favor single-family housing developments)...

You could be making $500k/year and maxing out your credit limit each month at local businesses, and you'd still be a part of the microeconomic problem. The core issue is that the state would rather pander to you and every other prospective transplant taxpayer on high-value real estate (because they have to make up for no sales tax somehow) more than it would like to support the innovative upstarting youth it's already invested so much of that same taxpayer money into.


DeerFlyHater t1_j9w3arz wrote

Yes, it's New England, but this is not Mass. Why are Mass people posting in here or even viewing the sub? They have enough problems in their own state.

Massholes have earned their moniker and reputation time and time again.

First and foremost, they think everything that happens in their state is the right thing to do and wants to force it upon other states. This causes them to be irrational assholes in real life and on the internet.

Second, they see New Hampshire as their playground, but do not respect the residents or the rules. They collectively refuse to fit into the area they are visiting & instead try to make that area adapt to them, collectively drive like shit, collectively trash our resources as in literally trash our resources, collectively overcrowd our attractions so New Hampshire residents can't participate as much as they want, collectively cause problems in STRs, and are constantly involved in criminal activity in the state if you believe the state police blotters.

Third, they deliberately support and prop up the big government restrict everything bullshit. Those are not good people.

I could go on, but this is reddit, and all the dickbags will downvote me anyways.

Why do I know so much about Massholes? I was born and raised there. Luckily escaping at 18 which was a depressingly long time ago. The 'Welcome to NH, don't Mass it up' slogan resonates.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9w3x8q wrote

I’m not posting here from MA. I live in NH. But I’m from MA just like you. There’s still a lot of hate for people who moved here for some reason.


DeerFlyHater t1_j9wa4ac wrote

You've heard the term, 'the ugly American' regarding US tourists overseas? When I lived in Italy, they were often easy to spot.

MA people are the ugly Americans of New England.


Excellent_Affect4658 t1_j9wgdiv wrote

I’m trying to imagine saying this with a straight face while living in a world that includes Connecticut.

Massholes are massholes, but … shudder.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9wa97m wrote

👍 great attitude to have. You know people call us in NH the rednecks of New England. How about we all just admit we’re very similar people and get along.


RickyDaytonaJr t1_j9wcxb5 wrote

Good luck getting people on this sub to approach an issue with nuance rather than making broad generalizations presented as statements of fact.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9wferj wrote

Oh I know. It’s Reddit + New Hampshire. Double whammy. But we can try to change it and open some thinking up a bit.


DeerFlyHater t1_j9wbyn3 wrote

but we're not similar as has been discussed many times

NH is a rural/semi rural state. City people can say what they want from the comfort of their cube farm.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9wc6cf wrote

See you’re just completely lumping in Boston/Cambridge with the entire state. Most of MA is rural. So you don’t like city people - fine. I assume you also hate Manchester. But it doesn’t mean everyone is so different. Many of the people who live in Boston these days aren’t from MA either. So you just don’t like cities. That’s it. That’s your whole problem.


DeerFlyHater t1_j9wgji5 wrote

Most of MA is rural as if people stacked on top of people are rural. 2010 census because that is what came up in google and that is as much effort as I care to put in on reddit: MA pop density: 839.4(3rd in US). NH pop density: 147(21st in US).

A very few parts of western MA is rural. You may have small towns all over the place in MA, but small town =/= rural. It is mostly all one big urban/suburban/bedroom commuting community shithole.

Got it, you're butthurt over the masshole moniker. Get over it as it isn't going away. Massholes have earned it and they continue to earn it day after day.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9whnji wrote

Yeah, half the state is empty. Of course population density is low. But where people actually live in NH, it’s similar to most of MA.


dojijosu t1_j9wcadz wrote

I volunteer as tribute.


ThePencilRain t1_j9wdkpj wrote

But I thought we were all inclusive!

Will someone please think of the poor, oppressed, straight bearded white males?