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paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9wc6cf wrote

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See you’re just completely lumping in Boston/Cambridge with the entire state. Most of MA is rural. So you don’t like city people - fine. I assume you also hate Manchester. But it doesn’t mean everyone is so different. Many of the people who live in Boston these days aren’t from MA either. So you just don’t like cities. That’s it. That’s your whole problem.


DeerFlyHater t1_j9wgji5 wrote

Most of MA is rural as if people stacked on top of people are rural. 2010 census because that is what came up in google and that is as much effort as I care to put in on reddit: MA pop density: 839.4(3rd in US). NH pop density: 147(21st in US).

A very few parts of western MA is rural. You may have small towns all over the place in MA, but small town =/= rural. It is mostly all one big urban/suburban/bedroom commuting community shithole.

Got it, you're butthurt over the masshole moniker. Get over it as it isn't going away. Massholes have earned it and they continue to earn it day after day.


paraplegic_T_Rex t1_j9whnji wrote

Yeah, half the state is empty. Of course population density is low. But where people actually live in NH, it’s similar to most of MA.