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RondaArousedMe t1_j7h3ptr wrote

Well since they closed the old one down, I'm sure they just all found homes.


captainjackass28 OP t1_j7i0z5q wrote

It really pissed me off they did that. A lot of them were just down on their luck and not causing any problems and didn’t do anything to anyone.


beagletronic61 t1_j7iiiez wrote

That’s most likely what happened…probably most of them were timing the market and trying to sleep in below 0 temps for a few more weeks to try and save a few % on the mortgage rate.


RondaArousedMe t1_j7ij9po wrote

Well between that and the price of Bitcoin right now, how is anyone expected to be able to afford much more than half way decent 10 Person Coleman Tent?