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adam5isalive t1_j95z2m6 wrote

They wanted to cut the education budget? Sounds like a good idea to me. Government schools are pretty garbage.


Berzerk_Unit_Alpha t1_j97bav5 wrote

The schools in my town are great. I pay $6k a year in taxes. No kids. I hate paying but…

I want every kid in my town to have an education.


_Im_A_Five_Star_Man_ t1_j95z8yi wrote

what are your other good ideas?


adam5isalive t1_j9611qi wrote

A bunch of really good homeschooling co-ops around the state would be pretty nice.


_Im_A_Five_Star_Man_ t1_j96b423 wrote



adam5isalive t1_j96chm6 wrote

Because you get better results with homeschooling.


_Im_A_Five_Star_Man_ t1_j96grhn wrote

Why do you think society doesn't do this currently, if it's a better idea?


adam5isalive t1_j96ljq0 wrote

Lots of people are already doing this, the more the better. It's cheaper, doesn't require force or taxation, and those kids typically perform much better than government educated kids. Sounds pretty good to me.


_Im_A_Five_Star_Man_ t1_j96ygbw wrote

why isn't everyone doing it if it's such a good idea? sounds like if you were in charge, it would be easy to fix everything.


adam5isalive t1_j970rly wrote

What I'm advocating for is the opposite of me being in charge. I want parents to be in charge. Maybe you should read that blog post yourself.


_Im_A_Five_Star_Man_ t1_j9712w9 wrote

the people have decided they want public schools. you want the majority (regular, normal, functioning people from New Hampshire) to listen to the minority (free staters like you), aka you want to be in charge and tell people they can't have public schools.

You definitely do not understand that blog post.


adam5isalive t1_j975x3c wrote

I'm not part of the FSP, and I'm from New Hampshire.
Sounds like you're saying it's cool to force things onto minorities. Why do you want to dehumanize and confiscate the wealth of people who aren't like you? That's pretty lame.