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Real_Nemesis t1_j9r02dx wrote

“Time to make the donuts…”


cardzmr t1_j9rmh5r wrote

Remember the box?!? I remember working at the donut factory with those fellas. Small people, big hearts. Was a shame when they started employing full sized humans.


Beretta92A1 t1_j9s28al wrote

Man back when Dunks was good.


Kibblesndicks t1_j9ru7mu wrote

I didn’t know how bad I needed to see this again


MTBjes t1_j9ra9fk wrote

Those illustrations made the donut holes look so tasty!!!!


Seahearn4 t1_j9ref94 wrote

Those might've been 1st or 2nd generation. My family called them donut holes for a long time; we didn't easily adopt the munchkins.


n0v3list t1_j9s8goa wrote

I too take decades to adopt a rebranding. It's natural I think.


01Zaphod t1_j9rgj4a wrote

Somewhere along the line I had a hologram sticker of that picture, and when you rocked it back and forth the guys dipped the munchkins in and out of the sugar. Good memories….


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_j9rojde wrote

I wonder if they actually made donuts in house back then. Now I think they just get frozen donuts to thaw and sell.


Purposefulpurple t1_j9s5edn wrote

My first job was at DD in 1995. We did indeed make the donuts on site and I used to try to beat another gal there every Saturday or Sunday to be the donut finisher for the day. Ah, good memories.


Puggrrl t1_j9s5013 wrote

I worked at a Dunkin’ Donuts in high school in the 80s and they did indeed make the donuts, fresh in the back


[deleted] t1_j9ru9v2 wrote

I 'member! 'Member the walnut scones from the 2000's?


prestigious_delay_7 t1_j9rys81 wrote

Holy crap... Are munchkins just the center of the donut that gets punched out?


josh61980 t1_j9tdcch wrote

Yes, that’s why the generic name is donut holes. Google donut cutter and take a look.


patriot122 t1_j9tm91p wrote

Damn I remember these all too well. I remember waking up as a little kid on a Sunday morning, coming out to the kitchen and seeing this box on the table and thinking to myself "YESSSS!!!!!"


[deleted] t1_j9ra0hp wrote

Loved the toolbox


n0v3list t1_j9s8c9m wrote

It reminds of the days when things moved slower. I was alive when they still made their own donuts in store.


Just-10247-LOC t1_j9su3xe wrote

I remember when Dunkin Donuts actually sold donuts.

And, I remember when Dunkiin Donuts was open 24 hours.

And, I was a cop.


WarlockTank t1_j9teh90 wrote

Damn. Like others already have said, you've unlocked a core memory.


LexExpress666 t1_j9tfe3g wrote

Oh man, I assumed they were still like this.


DidntDieInMySleep t1_j9ul7rc wrote

Back in the mid-80s, one of my afterschool jobs was at a Dunkin Donuts in Lowell? Chelmsford? Whatever.

I remember that box fondly.