Submitted by SirGraniteHead t3_11at8zq in newhampshire

Someone abandoned an RV on my property (in my driveway) in Manchester. I contacted the police, they checked it, and it's empty, but because it is on private property they won't do anything about it - it's my responsibility to remove. The problem is, it's a large trailer. I've been contacting tow companies and salvage yards, nobody will take it.

Does anyone know of a tow company or a salvage yard that will take an old large camper trailer?



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Sirhc978 t1_j9tx4f0 wrote

Put it up for free on craigslist.


sgtragequit t1_j9vfxua wrote

true. someone gifted op an rv, time to pay it forward lol


BackItUpWithLinks t1_j9txhl7 wrote

> because it is on private property they won't do anything about it -

So make it not be on private property.


thrunabulax t1_j9ucxa8 wrote

yes, get a friend with a tow hitch and move it to the street.


Mission_Detail4045 t1_j9ypxu0 wrote

I mean if it rolls into the road because it’s old and broken…..🤷🏻‍♂️


Novasadog t1_j9tws0r wrote

I will take this, and assume all responsibilities. Message me if interested


TheMobyDicks t1_j9u8pel wrote

This is awesome. OP, call WMUR and have them do a story. Tell them the police said they can't do anything. You'll have six cops there in ten seconds begging to help.


Reddit_in_her_voice t1_j9tvoed wrote

Just push it into the street


SirGraniteHead OP t1_j9tyiso wrote

heh, I wish. It's too big to just push, and where it's parked is not a straight shot into the street. I'm honestly not sure how they got it into the spot they got it into.


DeerFlyHater t1_j9ukd8z wrote

What kind of hitch is on it? 5th wheel, gooseneck, or standard bumper pull? If bumper pull, any of your friends with a truck/SUV can easily pull it out with minimal equipment. They would have to see what size ball it takes, but it is likely 2" or 2 5/16". Go by your local Home Depot, and they usually have a half ton available for rent. I'm not sure if they have the receiver for the ball mount though. If you go that route, don't tell them what you'll do with the truck. A half ton won't be optimal, but at least it will get it out of your yard and make it the city's business.

Really surprised that the cops didn't at least tell you who the registered owner was once they ran the plate.

I don't know Manch, but can the city point you in the right direction maybe?


Doug_Shoe t1_j9u74nr wrote

trailers have wheels so they are easy to move. If you don't know how, then ask a friend who has a truck or tractor. 5 min and done.


RondaArousedMe t1_j9u2kne wrote

Send pictures...

With banana for scale obviously.


Stickyfynger t1_j9u9r2v wrote

Why the hell didn’t MPD check to see if it was stolen and offer to contact whoever is listed/registered under the license tag. added link to WMUR story


UnfairAd7220 t1_j9uwfk9 wrote

Funny thing about that. My nephew had his truck stolen in Concord when he had a medical issue.
He gets, more or less, better in a couple days, so he goes to try and track it down. MIA.

Months go by and he's been moved from hospital to hospital and he finally gets a notice from a storage yard in Manchester that the storage bill has come due. Yeah. It was hauled off a street in Manchvegas, and hauled to a yard.

The bill found HIM before he found the car. Evidently, a lost car is only searched for in the town that it's lost in. Its like 'too much effort' to have a state listing of VINs that could be searchable?


quaffee t1_j9vhxd3 wrote

If they did have such a list they'd probably keep it in Excel


Cantide756 t1_j9w4zl1 wrote

They have a state database, it's just not obligatory to enter it in, and laziness and or apathy strikes.


Stickyfynger t1_j9y4wu1 wrote

This story was covered in WMUR too weird…guess it’s considered abandoned property at this point…dump n run make it someone else’s problem.


IntelligentMeal40 t1_j9tvum4 wrote

I’m so curious about this, did you wake up one day to find a strange camper in your driveway, or did you tell someone they could put it there and then they just never came back

No judgment on you either way, I’m just laughing but not in a ha ha way about waking up to find some random camper in my driveway. Wtf

The police are such failures, what do you mean there’s nothing they can do, if I chucked a bag of chips out the window and they saw me they could tag me for littering but I could leave a whole entire vehicle in some random person’s driveway and they won’t do anything about it? This is good to know.


SirGraniteHead OP t1_j9txo4z wrote

It just showed up one day. I have no idea who owns it or why it came here.


Doug_Shoe t1_j9u7lmn wrote

well we know how the other guy got rid of the unwanted camper.


z-eldapin t1_j9u9mtm wrote

I wonder if this is a case where one friend told another friend that they could store their trailer on friend's property, and the RV having friend got the wrong address.


thrunabulax t1_j9ud710 wrote

i wonder it someone scammed the RV owner for rent to store it in a driveway, YOUR driveway.

is there a license plate? You can find who the registration owner is at least


Jay_Derkin t1_j9u9nws wrote

Call a tow company and tell them there’s an abandoned vehicle on your property. They’ll impound it and go after the last registered owner. I just had to do this with a similar situation on my property. No cost at all to me, the go after the owner for everything.


SirGraniteHead OP t1_j9uakmr wrote

I've called a ton of them. None of them are willing to tow it. It's too large, or too old, or too much trouble. They're not interested. Salvage yards also not interested in taking it.


Jay_Derkin t1_j9ucm7j wrote

How is it that the police are refusing to do anything? Manchester PD must be dogshit. I called my local PD and they directed me to call the tow company, who they then waited for to give the situation and make sure it was towed away. Whole thing went down without an issue.


turnwrench t1_j9v99l9 wrote

The trailer must be garbage. The problem with trailers is that they become trash, not scrap. Same with boats. Meaning you have to pay to dispose of it instead of get scap value. A tow yard would pick it right up if it had value. I'd recommend moving the trailer elsewhere. It's not yours, it's not your problem.


movdqa t1_j9u8ncl wrote

A lot of clever solutions here.

1-800-cars-for-kids jingle comes to mind.


SunshineSeriesB t1_j9uebtj wrote

Umm it's 1877 - Kars for kids.

K-A-R-S, kars for kids.

1877 kars for kids.


Donate your kar today!


ZacPetkanas t1_j9ulesd wrote

> 1-800-cars-for-kids jingle comes to mind.

I hate you now. God damned ear worm will me bothering me all day


vangogh330 t1_j9uc4uu wrote

I would think they would want the title to the vehicle, no?


movdqa t1_j9uccxh wrote

I don't know as I've never used them but that may make sense.


vangogh330 t1_j9uctjt wrote

It's pretty hard to transfer ownership of something if you can't prove it's yours. Additionally, if they gave you a tax credit for it (without a title), it now looks like you're committing tax fraud. Seems easier to just move it onto the roadway and call the cops again.


the-quibbler t1_j9uwkvp wrote

Yes, this often happens when a bank abandons a car instead of repoing it. The borrower is stuck with a car they can't title or sell.


228P t1_j9wanjw wrote

Do you happen to have a cousin named Eddie?


hopefully-a-good-buy t1_j9tuhok wrote

is it nice or a junker? I got a buddy who could be interested. Do you know how big or the model?


SirGraniteHead OP t1_j9ty0ug wrote

I would not call it nice, but it's in one piece. I do not know the model, I'm not really familiar with RVs. It says Layton. It's probably 20 feet long? Like, this isn't a pop-up trailer, its a rigid sided building on wheels.


CheliceraeJones t1_j9tza50 wrote

I take it they removed the license plate? They can't do anything with the VIN?


SirGraniteHead OP t1_j9u2r8u wrote

The license plate is still on it.


CheliceraeJones t1_j9u50r9 wrote

I'm stumped, why can't they use that or the VIN to find the person holding the title?!


SirGraniteHead OP t1_j9u5sg0 wrote

I'm sure they could.


NHGuy t1_j9ylgc1 wrote

Sounds like the police dropped the ball on this. Isn't there a law against illegal dumping? I'm sure this qualifies.

I saw this post the other day when you posted it but just saw the story on it on WCVB out of Boston. My guess is someone will contact you for a free RV they are willing to rehab... hopefully


Organic_Pomelo8353 t1_j9u3uvd wrote

Not sure if you live in the same area but there was a giant RV in the pine street chestnut area, they parked it outside our place one night too but it was gone by the morning. I thought it was really weird that such a big RV was being moved around such a small area.


klopeks_basement t1_j9uulmf wrote

Roll it into the street and play dumb when the cops show up. Tell them they better do something about it since it's on public property lol


Happy_Confection90 t1_j9v7x8c wrote

That's a BS answer from the police. I live on a private road and when we called the police about waking up and finding an abandoned car in our diveway the police came out, ran the plates and determined that it belonged to someone that they were looking for over a DUI (I think they'd tried to pull him over the night before and he evaded them), and they arranged to have it towed.

The person who suggested contacting WMUR probably has the right idea.


jonoli22 t1_j9uhwi7 wrote

Have you tried telling them you think it’s a Breaking Bad kind of situation? Maybe that would motivate them.


dreams_n_color t1_j9v2o09 wrote

You should have someone tow it and leave it on Maple St close to the police station. Maybe then they’ll do something about it.


leckmir t1_j9x0fzq wrote

This story made the Boston channel 5 11pm news.


srosorcxisto t1_j9x95f6 wrote

100% bs that the cops won't take the time to look up the owner. Dumping, and illegal parking isllare a crimes, and they are refusing to investigate it.

Call the police and keep complaining about it until they send someone willing to do their job. A mid-level detective makes around $83k per year in base wages before any overtime or hazard pay (which can be significant), keep raising a stink until one of them does something to earn that paycheck.


Dollhousefurniture t1_j9vgtf2 wrote

I don’t know how old it is but if it’s made before 2000 you don’t need a title. Places may not want to take it if they think there’s a title associated with it?


srosorcxisto t1_j9x8khu wrote

You DO need a bill of sale. Forging that is not a good idea.


tonym978 t1_j9yag9r wrote

It was abandoned on his property. He now owns it. No forgery needed!


Snackdoc189 t1_j9vj64b wrote

Post it all over social media, contact groups like Manchester information, local news, ect. Tell them someone abandoned it and the cops and tow company's can't/won't help you and you want it gone. Eventually someones going to take it off your hands.


JennyB443 t1_j9wolww wrote

Does it have a plate on it? And if so, NH or out of state? If NH, contact the dmv (you can email) with the plate number and ask them if they can contact the owner or have the owner’s town clerk’s office contact them. Best case scenario, it was a case of mistaken property (temp parking in what they thought was a friend’s yard), and owner can come and pick it up. Worst case, it’s abandoned and dmv can advise who to contact. I find it really odd that the determining factor for the police was that it was parked on private property. Sounds just plain lazy to me.

Despite the long wait times on hold, once you get through, the folks at the help desk are generally really nice and good to work with.


drinkymcsipsip t1_j9xad13 wrote

According to NH abandoned property law, you’re now the proud owner of an old RV. Take a bunch of pictures and put it up for free on Facebook marketplace or even Craigslist. There’s always someone looking for a project.


doobie042 t1_j9y9v1m wrote

I could help tow it off your property later this week if there is a place in the road nearby. Assuming it isn't a 5th wheel style hitch.


DeerFlyHater t1_j9ygblm wrote

Just saw the WMUR article.

Looks like a simple bumper pull 2" or 2 5/16" ball. Easy move IMO.


xwalk t1_j9udwlt wrote

You can't get rid of it without a title. You could maybe apply for one or get someone to leave it under a bridge. I dealt with the same thing and it's a massive pain


Wasteland_Mystic t1_j9umqlu wrote

Do you have photos? I’ve been wanting an RV. I’ll probably take it.


golemsheppard2 t1_j9vyt4r wrote

Roll it into the street and if anyone asks, the brakes failed. It's now on public property and needs to be removed.


Suspicious_Part2426 t1_j9ydkph wrote

This is how I read your suggestion: Take it off it’s bricks, roll it into the street, put it back on its bricks, and if anyone asks, the brakes failed .


New-Vegetable-1274 t1_j9ww17k wrote

If this isn't a crime, it ought to be. This trailer has to be in a database somewhere. Anything that is registered has to have a title. Probably the best thing to do would be to put it out on the street, make in the town's problem. This is no different than someone dumping trash on you property. It would be nice to track the dumpers down and deliver the trailer to them. If this thing sat somewhere else for a while it's probably a home to rodents.


srosorcxisto t1_j9x9fmm wrote

Dumping, illegal parking and trespassing are all crimes. That the police are not investigating it it (especially given how easy it is to run the tags) is pure laziness.


Secure_View6740 t1_j9yca12 wrote

Can you legally claim it and then sell it? I assume you don’t have the paperworks but can you do an eminent domain style takeover ?

Don’t just tow it on the street, the Manchester PD will ticket you; those guys are strange. They will say you are obstructing traffic.

Until you are designated as the new owner, I wonder if someone else can just take it off your hands. This thing will be passed around like a hot potato.

Maybe have them run the vin to see if it’s registered to someone.


akmjolnir t1_j9yllon wrote

Just saw your story on WMUR. Please post an update when it gets resolved!

What happened to the offers from people here willing to take it?

If you post the make and model of the camper, we can find the weight & length.

It's nice to know if a 1500 (half-ton) pickup/SUV can tow it vs. needing an HD truck, for GVWR rating purposes.


Mandy220 t1_j9yo1u0 wrote

Just saw this on MUR. Hope the coverage leads to someone willing and able to take the trailer away.


BiffWiff t1_j9un9nd wrote

Have a picture of it?


Cullen7777 t1_j9uz4wd wrote

i’ll take it…seriously


plz1 t1_j9vlcwd wrote

Did the police check if it was both empty and not a mobile meth lab? Maybe just "secretly" push it into the street, and then it becomes the city's problem.


NH_Republican t1_j9vvd7p wrote

List it for free on market place / Craigslist. Someone will grab it


Emptyplates t1_j9weh6m wrote

Is it a trailer style or a drivable rv?


MarcieBoku t1_j9wq1tn wrote

Just put a free sign on it or buy nothing on Facebook. There’s always someone that will take it!


jonk285 t1_j9x9xm6 wrote

I have a truck with a tow hitch ready to go. I'll pick it up free no questions asked


Pig_Pen_g2 t1_j9xwhyp wrote

Not sure of all the details, but have heard of actual garages/mechanics doing this… maybe if you find the owner somehow (vin search?) and perform some work on the vehicle or bill them for storage you could eventually own it if they don’t agree/pay your invoices. You would definitely have some paperwork/time invested, but could be a legal way out?


kberson t1_j9xyjpk wrote

Time to install exterior cameras


freeportme t1_j9yfi8o wrote

Push it out in the road and call them back


kiwi1327 t1_j9yka3x wrote

Is it in decent shape? I’ll come get it


MasterpieceAny2656 t1_ja5lv55 wrote

Is this still available for pick up. My friend wants one and he is good with customization.


oper8orAF t1_j9uh7qf wrote

I get the odd feeling the cops are why it’s there… Vehicle may have been impounded for whatever reason and cops didn’t have physical or legal means to take it away 😂 Is there not a plate on it?


IrishTempa420 t1_j9vwxvw wrote

Wait 6months -1 year then you can apply for the title. Boom free RV. must be worth at least $400-$500 in scrape metal.


srosorcxisto t1_j9x9rie wrote

These things are a bitch to scrap and have surprisingly little value. The salvage value of the metals are offset by the disposal fee of the carpet, insulation, furniture, roofing vinyl, etc.


Doug_Shoe t1_j9u0eut wrote

If it were me, my thoughts would go along these lines----

Who moved the RV onto my property? Dunno. What would happen if somebody moved it again, but this time a few feet so it was in the road? Do know- The city would have it towed away. Problem solved.

Bonus fact- trailers have wheels.


Klo930 t1_j9v0g6z wrote

Every neighbor on my street had our cars broken into in Manchester 2 years ago and the police did squat!But if I were black they would have probably kicked the piss out of me for the fun of it.Manchester is a joke!