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AssistantPretty5947 t1_j7ko5mb wrote

Might want to mention how house the house you're looking at is heated


throwaway69107 t1_j7koge7 wrote

Haven’t picked a house yet, just budgeting right now. Most of what I’m seeing though either seems to be oil, propane, gas or gas pellet stoves. I refuse to buy a home with electric heat haha


Dartmeth t1_j7l2kkv wrote

Electric heating comes in two major formats. Resistance heating is garbage due to extreme costs. Electric heat pumps on the other hand are amazing.


hardsoft t1_j7ncrcn wrote

At very cold temps they're not much better than resistive heating...

Most installers want you to have a backup system for colder temps so it's a lot more cost and maintenance for somewhat lower overall energy costs.

Though you do get AC with it if you were planning on that anyways.


Dartmeth t1_j7r2qvf wrote

It rarely gets cold enough to tax the new cold weather systems. They run well until even in freezing conditions.

With that said, anything in the negatives is going to be hard even on a new cold weather module. Always better to have a back up system that can tackle a polar vortex. Even better if the back up does not require electricity or if it can be run off a small generator. (Wood, pellet, petrol)


invenio78 t1_j7lk2d8 wrote

This could vary from house to house, even if they use the same heating sources. Things like quality of windows and insulation can make a huge difference.

Best way is to find the place you are interested in, and then ask for the previous 3 month utility bill amounts. That will get you a realistic and fairly accurate estimate.


zeeke42 t1_j7piq49 wrote

You want the previous year, because past 3 months doesn't tell you every season.


invenio78 t1_j7pnt6x wrote

I presumed this was for heating so the last three months would be fine as most people don't heat their homes during the summer. General electric usage is personal so he can look at his own utility bill, see how many kwh he uses a month and the just use local rates to calculate the expected cost.


bonanzapineapple t1_j7n7jvq wrote

I live in an old 1880s building, 300 Sq ft and I pay like $230/month for propane. I just moved in a couple months ago and that surprised me


Oldphile t1_j7koubv wrote

$1400/ year for propane

$2400/ year for electricity

1600 sq. ft. home built in 2004. I heat with propane and a heat pump and I like a cool house in the summer. I don't scrimp on my comfort.


movdqa t1_j7kt25a wrote

$410 last month for January for natural gas and electricity. This is the peak of the year though. It is difficult to say as rates doubled last summer as to what the average will be like for 2023. We have a 1,200 sq foot place.


gurase t1_j7kuzzt wrote

2400 sq ft, electric hot water, propane forced air, pellet stove. $200/month for electric, $1000/year each for propane and pellets.


Alternative-Mud3701 t1_j7kmjso wrote

I live in a 3 bedroom around 1800sq ft and pay $350 a month! The electricity has went up a lot since Dec so it’s gonna be expensive. Oh plus your prob gonna have to pay for propane or oil if it’s a house or duplex so that’s another $700 every few months now with half a tank and the prices.


SheenPSU t1_j7kvim5 wrote

I live in a 2100 sq ft Cape style home

$225-$250 a month for electricity on avg

$1000 for 3 tons of pellets for the winter

$1000 to fill the oil tank for ideally the year


InNh_LeaveUsAlone t1_j7laf82 wrote

$180 electric, well pump electric hot water heater. 1800sqft 1980s cape. wood and oil heat. we don’t leave outside lights on we go to bed early no one home during the day and wake up early. no gaming computers and only one TV. all that matters a lot have a friend same style house but has two kids that game and a couple lizards that need heaters and multiple tvs and his bill is almost 400. we spend most out free time outside. Having a healthy lifestyle and spending time outside helps


Happy_Confection90 t1_j7lhbf9 wrote

Electricity and propane together are shortly going to be ~ $570 a month once the $150 a month propane hike goes into effect.

OP, make sure you also look at the property tax history on Zillow/Redfin for every house you're interested in. NH has the third highest property tax rate in the US.


throwaway69107 t1_j7lhrdv wrote

That honestly isn’t as bad as I was thinking. I had electric heat in my first apartment, and my one bedroom cost me ~$500 every winter in 2020. I was expecting everyone to tell me it was like 1-2k 😂 Yeah I’ve definitely looked into property taxes. All my theoretical mortgage budgets have a 2.23% tax rate. Im finding that that’s way over what it pt is normally. I found that number online so idk how accurate it is but it gives me a good enough estimate


ReauxChambeaux t1_j7lph94 wrote

Plan on a minimum of $250/month electricity if your heat is oil or propane. I use wood so I can’t comment on what typical heating costs are.


1976dave t1_j7lpvqe wrote

I have a 3 bed 2 bath ranch, 1600 sq ft above ground and another 900 sq ft of finished basement. Triple pane windows throughout, attic and crawl space is blown in insulation. I have oil heat and hot water. This winter electricity has been about 150/month (2 adults working from home and a kid at home). Just about to get my 4th delivery of 180 gallons of fuel oil since October, think average price has been about 4.60 a gallon. Electricity in the summer months was around 300 running the central air.


gman2391 t1_j7szuiq wrote

Natural gas about $300-500/mo in the winter. Electric runs $100-200. We had oil last winter and it cost us double what the natural gas is. 2500sq ft, 60 year old home. We have a well and fairly robist filtration system. Hot water is gas off of the boiler, stove, oven, and dryer are all electric