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Common_Resolution_36 t1_jae5rts wrote The little puncher was like 4’11


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaex9us wrote

But Duncan Bew, a consultant in trauma and acute care at King's College Hospital, said this reflects a fundamental lack of understanding.

"People are very much focused on penetrating injuries, but actually punching someone in the head can be just as lethal," he said.


FaustusC t1_jae7tps wrote

And? You volunteering to let someone 4'11' smack you in the head when you're not paying attention?


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaeh9sx wrote

I’ve seen that comment from so many people it’s ridiculous. What the fuck does a few inches in height have to do with toughness? We ain’t measuring dick sizes here. Hell I’m 6” taller than Mike Tyson. I’d definitely destroy him in a fight…


FaustusC t1_jaeilat wrote

Apparently short people can't be dangerous? Lmfao. I knew a dude who was almost a foot shorter than me but but we joke sparred once and he managed to get me to the ground twice. It was like fighting a spider monkey.


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JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaei1xt wrote

He looked to the right at one of the other 3 guys that were a threat to him. Once his focus was off, dick head smashes his face in. That’s the second time he was blindside attacked without provocation. Who did this guy hit? No one. He was assaulted twice.