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I have zero sympathy for ANY little dick head that assaults someone. Keep your hands to yourself. What semantics am I arguing? 3 people assaulted a guy, 1 ended up dead.

Not the way I would have handled it. Not the way the bar, with police already there, should have handled it. I’ve seen plenty of shit go down in bars. Never have I seen a bar walk someone out and allow his assailants to follow a person.

Hypothetical, what if we replace “big guy” with a young woman. She’s on video inside, drunk, screaming that she was just molested. Bouncers walk her outside and 3 men follow her to her car where she shoots 1 of them. I do believe Reddit would have a different opinion on that situation. None of this, “ohh little guys can’t hurt people.” “they weren’t even doing anything to her.”
“She was looking right at him so it’s ok that he grabbed her breasts”.
“She was screaming about being molested in the bar so obviously she wanted it”.


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There is no such thing as excessively shooting someone. Watch any police video where they dump 100’s of rounds into a person. Training teaches you to shoot till they stop moving.

Just a little aside note. You ever play paintball or airsoft? When someone on the other team pops up next to you, you WILL turn and shoot them. You’re going to pull that trigger as many times as you can until that persons hand is up yelling, I’m out I’m out I’m out. Adrenaline is a bitch. You’re not going to think clearly for at least a few seconds. There’s no such thing as, well I got him once so I win. You’re going to go until the threat is neutralized.