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MistakenLabotomy t1_jadjiol wrote

This guy went to a club where people go to have a good time, brought a gun and got drunk. He challenged someone to a fight, got punched and shot him how many times? He definitely went out that night to shoot someone or something. Just an awful person. Should be a life sentence.


CDogNH t1_jaez8eo wrote

The guy is a scumbag and deserves to rot in jail for the rest of his life but we do not know he went out to shoot someone that night. That part is a leap.


DrTartakovsky t1_jaepgo7 wrote

You’re glossing over a lot of the facts. Delee went to a bar, with friends. He and his friends got into an argument with Pouliot and his friends. Someone sucker punched Delee, and he reacted pretty much how anyone would react to being sucker punched. They were then all thrown out. He challenged his attackers to try it again outside, where Pouliot sucker punched him again, this time with some item in his hand that lacerated Delee’s left temple (rings, brass knuckles, etc), while both of Pouliot’s friends flanked him on both sides. Delee was cornered on three sides. Delee was assaulted twice, at least once with a deadly weapon. I’m not defending Delee so much as filling in context. Its not exactly black and white. It was a shitty situation and no one is innocent here. They both fucked around and both found out. Its a shame that two idiots barely old enough to drink have thrown their lives away.


AnythingToAvoidWork t1_jaeuhw8 wrote

I watched the video footage. You can frame it all you want but he pulled that gun out way too fast.

Dude was looking to shoot someone.

They may have both fucked around but this guy murdered someone on camera.


Devtunes t1_jaex3gv wrote

It didn't look like a sucker punch to me. Dude shouldn't have punched him but the previous poster made it seen like he snuck up behind him and punched him unaware.


warpedaeroplane t1_jadcayy wrote

Good. Throw the book at the kid. Absolutely disgraceful.


Wtfisgoinonhere t1_jaei8cy wrote

Imagine having a mindset of needing to bring a gun while going out drinking


VenserSojo t1_jaelkwg wrote

There is no problem with that mindset the issue is intentionally picking a fight to shoot someone who pissed you off. (Keep in mind I'm not saying that's what he did just what is implied by the state in the charges brought)


DrTartakovsky t1_jaenbje wrote

Someone had sucker punched him in the bar first. He reacted to being suckered. Not excusing his actions but context is important.


CumSicarioDisputabo t1_jaevimx wrote

He walked outside looking to continue the fight, he could have got in someone's car or uber and it would have been over. Self defense won't stand.


Different_Ad7655 t1_jaezn2d wrote

Right, and he got pissed. If they had been no gun involved maybe he might have sucker punched the guy back out on the street and it would have just been assault or something like that. That's exactly the whole point. He brought a gun. Or God forbid, just left. But no no way too much testosterone for that


VenserSojo t1_jaensxl wrote

This is true, and this is also why innocence is assumed rather than guilt as the prosecution could be full of shit. people say the video is damning though from my perspective it is vague minus the part you just reference so witnesses are the key to this case.


DrTartakovsky t1_jaeo8w7 wrote

Outside, in the video, he is surrounded on three sides, then gets suckered again. On video. The sucker punch was enough to lacerate his temple, so Pouliot must have been wearing rings, or potentially brass knuckles, which now covers assault with a deadly weapon. No one is innocent in this case, but it’s preposterous to rule without hearing all the facts from both sides, that Delee could not have had any reasonable suspicion that his life was in danger.


Rolling_Beardo t1_jaero8z wrote

I had numerous people telling me in the original post of the video telling me how he was going to get off on self defense and there was no way the charges would go forward.

This guy wanted to shoot someone and was just looking for an excuse.


underratedride t1_jaf4679 wrote

I heard brass knuckles were used and thought, well maybe. Seeing the photos of this guy towering over bailiffs and now thinking, why didn’t he just beat the ever loving crap out of the guy instead of shooting? Probably could have done it with both hands behind their back.


FreeNinedy9 t1_jaemkfi wrote

When the JUDGE PRESIDING denies bail and says “not justifiable self defense”, what defense can he even use throughout his proceedings? Wrap it up and put a bow on it this dudes cooked


DrTartakovsky t1_jaenhh3 wrote

The judge doesn’t decide the case. The jury does. Jurisprudence 101. Burden is on a jury to unanimously agree beyond any reasonable doubt that he’s guilty. I’d also move for a change of venue if I’m the defense if a judge is willing to already show bias without hearing all the facts from both sides. His bias is tainting the jury. Delee has no criminal record, and is not a flight risk.


reddittheguy t1_jaf1xwa wrote

We need to have a "where are they now" for the gun nuts and other degenerates on this subreddit who saw the original videos and said with the highest degree of confidence that it was self defense.

White power Bob retired from armchair lawyering to live out his dreams as lead ditch digger for Ditch corp.

Some say 2nd amendment Ted died performing cunnilingus on his Sig Sauer. Others say it was fellatio.

January 6th Phil finally got his grade 9 after all those years.


razed_intheghetto t1_jae89jz wrote

Someone should have told this big idiot to keep his mouth shut.


[deleted] t1_jaeggjf wrote



Berneraccountbuddy t1_jaemfqe wrote

Was there more than one video? I saw three people standing fscd to fscd with him and then someone assault him first, then he reacted.


Berneraccountbuddy t1_jaeop4n wrote

Reading the comments here in this thread it seems there's video from inside the bar I didn't see..


trollcat2012 t1_jadtuyr wrote

Good, this fucker deserves capital punishment


Hope4ourfallen t1_jaf4sf1 wrote

Hopefully after a few years of getting penetrated REPEATEDLY.


[deleted] t1_jad0ped wrote



Detritus_AMCW t1_jad88vt wrote

The only place brass knuckles have been mentioned is internet comment boards. If there is a trial and not just a plea, I'm willing to bet we would hear about it.


vipstrippers t1_jadhkux wrote

My friend who used to bounce at clubs, downtown told me brass knuckles. I don’t think he was on the message board. I think he talk to people in the city. Who knows, I’m sure we’ll hear everything when it goes to trial.


Detritus_AMCW t1_jadmbgb wrote

I hear ya, brass knuckles are pretty devastating, and where the blow landed based on the mugshot... Dude's zygomatic bones surviving without damage to the orbital, maxillary or temporal processes seem unlikely. Not impossible though.

Unrelated tip: A Bic type lighter held in your hand turns your fist into a concrete block without the impracticality of carrying a roll of quarters or a deadly weapon like brass knuckles. The absolute best option is to walk away.


TestingForTwitter t1_jadguzw wrote

I don't recall the video exactly, but didn't he challenge the guy to fight or go outside specifically to do that? At that point what does it matter if the other kid has a weapon? Even if the other guy had a gun it wouldn't be self defense?


asphynctersayswhat t1_jadl3fj wrote

The video clearly shows this ass in the bar challenging the other dude to fight him outside. The second he didn’t leave the scene, when he had ample time to do so, negates any self defense bullshit.


glitteryunicornlady t1_jaebumy wrote

The person he shot who he was fighting with outside was different than the person he was fighting with inside. Main point being...the guy just wanted to fight.


Cantide756 t1_jaeaclw wrote

Not running? If he knew the threat was over, no reason not to stay and wait for the cops


vipstrippers t1_jadhnzd wrote

I think brass knuckles are illegal in the state of New Hampshire


anarchir t1_jady99i wrote

Correct. All knives are legal, but brass knuckles and slingshots are not.


kirial t1_jae6u8t wrote

Slingshots are legal, slung shots are not. Big difference


nowhereman1223 t1_jaduokg wrote

Brass knuckles would matter.

However, they were outside, walking away is an option for self defense/preservation.

Also brass knuckles do not result in life being threatened.


Cantide756 t1_jaea7md wrote

I don't think you've seen the damage they can do.


nowhereman1223 t1_jaeanpo wrote

As long as walking away is an option.... they don't justify a shooting.


Cantide756 t1_jaec8mc wrote

There's more factors than that. Not arguing in either side of this specific case, but if the one with knuckles is much younger or faster, you don't want to turn your back and get hit in the head. You might have your own perspective on it, but even if you can run away, if you don't think you can get away, and think that your life is in danger, shoot, and let the court sort it out.

Brass knuckles are illegal for a reason. Again, not on either side of this as I haven't been able to look into it too much.


FaustusC t1_jadjub8 wrote

I just don't understand how a punch to the head isn't considered deadly force.


asphynctersayswhat t1_jadlaq1 wrote

When you challenge someone to a fight, you can’t claim self defense. Stop. It’s over. This guy is a piece of shit.


RelationshipJust9556 t1_jadlmtt wrote

He sought out the fight.


Solid_Information_66 t1_jaduoww wrote

I mean when someone challenges you to a fight outside and you follow them outside to fight, aren't you also seeking out a fight?


-cochise t1_jadyb6y wrote

We call that mutual combat.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jae4sqa wrote

It was 3v1. He had already been assaulted inside the bar. He got sucker punched outside when he looked at 1 of the other guys.

Not trying to say what he did was right but I’d definitely fear for my life being confronted by 3 guys after already being assaulted. I’m not turning my back on them to walk away.

This trial will be interesting.


-cochise t1_jaeaxnm wrote

He’s on video asking the dude(s) to step outside to fight.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaefh4s wrote

He’s on video inside the bar screaming that someone already “punched me in the face”. I’d be pretty fuckin pissed too.

If the 1 guy went to fight him…ok. Instead 3 guys went to fight him. I don’t know about you but I’m not going to risk getting my head kicked in by 3 guys.


[deleted] t1_jaehrgt wrote



JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaekud8 wrote

I have zero sympathy for ANY little dick head that assaults someone. Keep your hands to yourself. What semantics am I arguing? 3 people assaulted a guy, 1 ended up dead.

Not the way I would have handled it. Not the way the bar, with police already there, should have handled it. I’ve seen plenty of shit go down in bars. Never have I seen a bar walk someone out and allow his assailants to follow a person.

Hypothetical, what if we replace “big guy” with a young woman. She’s on video inside, drunk, screaming that she was just molested. Bouncers walk her outside and 3 men follow her to her car where she shoots 1 of them. I do believe Reddit would have a different opinion on that situation. None of this, “ohh little guys can’t hurt people.” “they weren’t even doing anything to her.”
“She was looking right at him so it’s ok that he grabbed her breasts”.
“She was screaming about being molested in the bar so obviously she wanted it”.


[deleted] t1_jaenqdp wrote



JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaeqaoh wrote

There is no such thing as excessively shooting someone. Watch any police video where they dump 100’s of rounds into a person. Training teaches you to shoot till they stop moving.

Just a little aside note. You ever play paintball or airsoft? When someone on the other team pops up next to you, you WILL turn and shoot them. You’re going to pull that trigger as many times as you can until that persons hand is up yelling, I’m out I’m out I’m out. Adrenaline is a bitch. You’re not going to think clearly for at least a few seconds. There’s no such thing as, well I got him once so I win. You’re going to go until the threat is neutralized.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaeygag wrote

Ya know, I said if the 1 guy went to fight him it would have been ok… it wouldn’t. You’ve got a drunk guy that was already assaulted in the bar. Bouncers drag him out AND allow 3 assailants to follow him. That’s with the god damned police at the bar already. Police said it took them 15 seconds to be on the scene…. They should have been called over. The bar never should have let those people follow him into the parking lot. The bar sounds like they over served everyone involved. I don’t justify what this dickbag did but that bars gonna get sued to oblivion by the kids family that was shot and the guy that did the shooting. Bars have a responsibility to protect their customers.


-cochise t1_jaes26n wrote

Yes, after that he’s all “let’s step outside!” Look dude, I defended Rittenhouse, but this guy is fucked.


jakey_P t1_jaees2n wrote

And then he mag dumped into the dudes face and stood there looking all proud. I'm sure he was real worried for his life


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaefqnp wrote

The 3 guys weren’t to worried either when they had the upper hand and were threatening to kill him outside. That changed when he evened the odds.

It’ll be an interesting trial.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaefxgu wrote

7-8 rounds isn’t a mag dump. He had plenty more if the other 2 decided to jump him. The ole’ peace maker did its job.


Common_Resolution_36 t1_jae5rts wrote The little puncher was like 4’11


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaex9us wrote

But Duncan Bew, a consultant in trauma and acute care at King's College Hospital, said this reflects a fundamental lack of understanding.

"People are very much focused on penetrating injuries, but actually punching someone in the head can be just as lethal," he said.


FaustusC t1_jae7tps wrote

And? You volunteering to let someone 4'11' smack you in the head when you're not paying attention?


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaeh9sx wrote

I’ve seen that comment from so many people it’s ridiculous. What the fuck does a few inches in height have to do with toughness? We ain’t measuring dick sizes here. Hell I’m 6” taller than Mike Tyson. I’d definitely destroy him in a fight…


FaustusC t1_jaeilat wrote

Apparently short people can't be dangerous? Lmfao. I knew a dude who was almost a foot shorter than me but but we joke sparred once and he managed to get me to the ground twice. It was like fighting a spider monkey.


[deleted] t1_jaegvj3 wrote



JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaei1xt wrote

He looked to the right at one of the other 3 guys that were a threat to him. Once his focus was off, dick head smashes his face in. That’s the second time he was blindside attacked without provocation. Who did this guy hit? No one. He was assaulted twice.


[deleted] t1_jaefbo4 wrote



JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaego8a wrote

If I had 3 guys threatening me I’d have my hand on my gun as well. I’m not missing going home to my family because some little dick terds got beer balls.


nixstyx t1_jadm9cy wrote

It could be. I think the judge's comments about the totality of the evidence reference the fact that he was actively looking for a fight. In that case, I don't think you can really claim self-defense.


WrongdoerClean7529 t1_jadn2bt wrote

It would have been more of a self defense case if he didn’t automatically shoot like the video showed. He should have pulled the gun and told him to back off. Instead he immediately fired. Additionally, other videos showed he was trying to egg on a fight outside the bar. Dude was looking to shoot someone that night.


FaustusC t1_jae81lk wrote

Idk man. You hit me I'm not going to draw and ask you to stop, because that's how you get disarmed and the weapon used against you. Never draw unless you intend to use it.

You punch me in the side of the temple, I'd have reacted the same way this dude did.


DadsTheMan69 t1_jae8j9g wrote

Would you also fire the whole damn clip as fast as possible?


FaustusC t1_jaegmoe wrote

Absolutely not. 1-3 while backing away and seeing if the person dropped so I could attempt to render aid if my shots weren't fatal.

I'm an asshole and I'm not going to be assaulted, but I'm also not going to let someone die even if they deserve it.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaequl0 wrote

That’s easy to say without the adrenaline pumping. In a real situation I’d wager a different result for most people.


[deleted] t1_jaeg5iz wrote



FaustusC t1_jaehb7t wrote

I mean. I don't disagree he's a piece of shit because mag dumping someone is stupid, but I'm also not believing everything the media has released until the evidence is released at trial.

All I know is: I saw the video. Party A was standing there. Party B approaches. Party B appeared to say something. Party B nails Party A in the side of the head. Party A draws and Party B becomes fertilizer.


[deleted] t1_jaec0x8 wrote



FaustusC t1_jaegpwx wrote

Spoken like someone whose never actually been punched in the temple or side of the head lmfao.


[deleted] t1_jaeh9g6 wrote



FaustusC t1_jaei33v wrote

Put up or shut up then my dude.

Hits To the side of the head are incredibly dangerous and potentially fatal. The only people who think defending yourself from assault makes you a coward, have never been assaulted.


[deleted] t1_jaejrvs wrote



JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaeqztj wrote

Maybe. But he’s an alive pussy.


[deleted] t1_jaet4p0 wrote



JohnnyRebe1 t1_jaex2w0 wrote

Because you’re talking like punching people is ok and it’s not also a deadly assault.

But Duncan Bew, a consultant in trauma and acute care at King's College Hospital, said this reflects a fundamental lack of understanding.

"People are very much focused on penetrating injuries, but actually punching someone in the head can be just as lethal," he said.


xwalk t1_jadz8l0 wrote

Maybe if he shot once there's a decent argument for it (not from me) but he unloaded point blank without hesitation. He's too dangerous to be out and about with reactions like that. Although George Zimmerman got away with it and then bragged so who knows.