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Secure_View6740 t1_j96n4hp wrote

Just need a gun store then call it a day.


Secure_View6740 t1_j96vlft wrote

I forgot to me to mention the on top of a gun store, that plaza needs a fireworks store and a tattoo parlor, then we call it a day .


sheila9165milo t1_j9b1dgd wrote

I work down there. There is a gun store right next door behind it. There is also a tattoo place where the gun shop is. The liquor store moved up the street to the Rockingham Plaza. All within a convenient 1/4 mile radius. The Let's go, Brandon shop two doors down just went out of business, so this is hope.


captainjackass28 t1_j97vuww wrote

There actually is a spot in portsmouth with an erotic books store across from a gun buying place.


yamsbear t1_j987z4g wrote

The one in the same plaza as the dance studio?


Curious_Buffalo_1206 t1_j9915fy wrote

The unholy trinity is a church, a gun store, and a usurer (payday lender, title loans, cash for gold, etc). It’s proof that there is no god, because if there was, the goods and services peddled next door would introduce the bloodsucking capitalist parasite to Jesus one way or the other. By choice or by force.


quaffee t1_j96lm65 wrote

When Google maps asks you "is this place good for kids?" 😂


iamgoodly t1_j97l9uy wrote

I don't want to hear loud families anywhere I go... so I always say "No" when google asks "is this place good for kids?".


VaultBoyFrosty t1_j96vr9f wrote

Moonlite Reader is actually run by two of the nicest ladies I've ever met, they could run a preschool.. y'know minus all the ****** and monster ***** and pocket ******* and ***** with the ******* that glows in the dark


ggtffhhhjhg t1_j9alqad wrote

I don’t know how they stay in business considering most people don’t really pay for porn outside of cam women and most people buy their toys online from places like Amazon or Adam & Eve.


TigerPusss t1_j97kkd5 wrote

Pretty sure preschool nowadays has all the ***** and monster **** and pocket ****** and **** all in the name of rainbow monkey dildo story hour for the kids.


Icy-Neck-2422 t1_j96q1sm wrote

Salem on a Sunday afternoon. You are brave sir/madam.


sheila9165milo t1_j9b1qt6 wrote

To be fair, there is Budget Gas right in front of that, so lots of people, including me, get gas there because they are the cheapest in town (to my knowledge).


Lumpyyyyy t1_j971jfn wrote

Right next to this plaza is an entire “Let’s go Brandon” store. Checking all the boxes.


AmesBeeE t1_j975qty wrote

I drove by that yesterday, it’s closed! :)


ggtffhhhjhg t1_j9alxya wrote

That poor soul was another poor soul that probably lost everything for their messiah.


sheila9165milo t1_j9b1y6l wrote

Can't feel sorry for him, though. He used to be Cardinal Camera and threw it all away for the Mango Mussolini, so zero fucks given here. He also has some type of military tow behind trailer out front, too, so you know what vibes that gives off.


backohead t1_j97hovp wrote

Afraid to ask but I'm guessing a "Let's Go Brandon" store is some kind of Pro-MAGA store? What do they sell?


HikeEveryMountain t1_j97qltr wrote

A bunch of junk made in Mexico and China, that they somehow think demonstrates their "America first"-ness


sound_of_apocalypto t1_j97ocxg wrote

Unrequited dreams of liberal tears.

Edit: I didn't realize I would need a /s on this post!


sheila9165milo t1_j9b23ge wrote

He's out of business, big guy, so nothing unrequited about our "liberal tears." 🤣🤣🤣


sheila9165milo t1_j9b1mjj wrote

It went out of business at the beginning of February, so at least Salem got something right, lol.


SamJackson01 t1_j96qb7m wrote

Nice a pizza place with kaboobs. How were they?


rudyattitudedee t1_j988q70 wrote

Amore is great and the owners are some of the nicest people out there.


RunAccomplished6085 t1_j99q96l wrote

I worked at Amore in high school (first job lol!) and the owners are the nicest people. They make almost everything from scratch and give away a lot of free food to seniors in the community.


rudyattitudedee t1_j9cn2cs wrote

I’ve known them probably 16 years working in walking distance. Amore salad with feta and Italian at least twice a week haha. They ended up knowing my whole family by name and would ask how they were or how I was when they went in. I don’t even work in salem anymore and I still try to go often. They met my kid and when he was old enough to “have sweets” she would hook it up every day with her delicious baked goods. She would sneak desserts in for him with notes like every time. So i started tipping fat bc they are too underrated and nice. I worry they loose money just because they are so nice. My family has had them come to parties and they’ve invited us to theirs, their history before coming to America is quite interesting to say the least.


RunAccomplished6085 t1_j9ctd7e wrote

I completely agree- they are TOO nice! I throw money at syrus and run 😹

I worked there back in 2006 so there’s a good chance I made your Amore one of those times.

Everyone in salem needs to visit them despite the other weird stuff in child’s plaza lol


sdemat t1_j9xb2oj wrote

I had a friend work there around 2006, when we were in high school. Are you an 06’ graduate?


sunlitvt t1_j96vb4p wrote

This reminds me of a plaza I used to drive by in seabrook… one stop shopping! Maybe just leave your kid in the car lol


IntelligentMeal40 t1_j972csb wrote

Leather and Lace strip mall? 😂


sunlitvt t1_j973d0m wrote

Lmao yup that’s the one! I’m so glad someone else knew what I was talking about


Redrum874 t1_j9a92rt wrote

I personally aim to be buried in the cemetery right next door, under the “LIVE NUDE LADIES” sign.


rudyattitudedee t1_j988xu2 wrote

The guy who runs that place used to walk around the store with two 9mms on his hips. He once told me a story about how he had a raccoon problem there and he feed them glass to eradicate them. Very classy place.


RSN1968 t1_j97g0c9 wrote

I was just reading through the comments to see if this one was mentioned. Porn, vape, tattoos, fireworks a pawn shop and comics all in spot.


Able_Cunngham603 t1_j98et30 wrote

This is right next door to the Let’s Go Brandon store.

Salem has always been the armpit of NH.


sheila9165milo t1_j9b2cbo wrote

Fortunately the "Let's go Brandon" shop went out of business at the beginning of the month.


TheAlphaRunt t1_j96shso wrote

85 a carton for Newports, Hot damn!


ggtffhhhjhg t1_j9ami4y wrote

I used to smoke and I have no idea how those cigarettes became as expensive as brands like American Spirits and Nat Shermans.


IntelligentMeal40 t1_j9723r1 wrote

Oh my God I’m laughing so hard, I totally didn’t get it, even after reading the comments below about Google maps I didn’t see the child’s plaza part for two whole minutes. 😂😂😂


Arkanth0s t1_j9795lq wrote

Ahhh Salem, always keeping it classy.


fuzzyfizzy78 t1_j97hgg9 wrote

I grew up in the neighborhood right behind here! I remember it was kind of a big zoning deal when it opened but honestly, the controversy kind of fizzled. There used to be a convenience store there called the Peli Deli, complete with a pelican mascot sign. In the 80s, when i was like 7 years old my Dad used to give me a couple bucks to walk down and buy him a pack of Merit Golds, and any leftover money I could buy whatever candy I wanted. Then I would skip home, hand my Dad his cigs, and go play outside til the streetlights came on. Hes quit 25 years ago and my parents sold my childhood home like 10 years ago. Salem was a nice place to grow up!


sheila9165milo t1_j9b2mnr wrote

Ah, Merit Golds, contributed to my chronic breathing problems of today. I'm 57 quit 9 years ago, but the problems from smoking will last a lifetime and are just getting worse.


fuzzyfizzy78 t1_j9bkvwo wrote

Quitting was still the right choice! Thankfully my Dad is much healthier now since stopping.


AwkwardSpread t1_j97hhir wrote

That’s disgusting! They sell pizza to kids!?!


dfresh429 t1_j988js9 wrote

Moonlight reader has been a Salem staple for as long as I can remember.. Im 41 and lived in Salem my whole life.


Dirty_Farmer_John t1_j989ce0 wrote

Moonlite Reader is a great/non sketch adult store, I buy plenty of toys and props at the Amherst location but I’m sure the Salem store is just as nice. 😉🍆


exek25 t1_j98gcvn wrote

Let’s not forget the gas station there has some of the best prices in the area.


lazyp3ngu1n t1_j97i9ol wrote

That’s actually newer signage they put up. Amore’s is good for Pizza, only Pizza.


Muffycola t1_j97yuqk wrote

Live free or die 🤷🏻‍♀️


[deleted] t1_j98j4zc wrote

Off to get my nails done, while waiting on my pizza. if I got time ima grab a bong and a happy ending while I’m at it.


joostadood526 t1_j96yk9d wrote

Childs' plaza is named after the owner of the plaza. It's not because it's a children's plaza... The persons surname is Childs.


tybuzz OP t1_j978slf wrote

That's what I figured, but still a funny coincidence. I've driven by this hundreds of times and only just noticed it. Notable contrast with the whole Tuscan Village with 4k 2br apartments just up the road. Only in NH.


LBoogie5Bang t1_j9763aa wrote

Kids will be kids I guess. They have adult tic tac toe?


MissorNoob t1_j97f12l wrote

Of course it's childs plaza


Gr8hound t1_j981qn0 wrote

They grow up so fast


GovernmentExotic5894 t1_j98flqq wrote

Omg! I've driven by this for years and missed it as well. 🤦‍♀️


gmcgath t1_j9a1q13 wrote

Moonlite has been there for a long time. I once testified there against a proposed ordinance putting a nonsensical set of location restrictions on stores that sell videos that "constitute sexual conduct." The ordinance passed but the store evidently survived. The thought of a DVD being sexual conduct is weird.


Qbncgr t1_j9bx7u2 wrote

I remember back in the day, the news reporting that people were writing down license plates of customers.


slayermcb t1_j983jxo wrote

Pizza porn and cigars. I'm ok with this... I mean... It could be better named...


larrybird56 t1_j98cech wrote

Steak bomb at Amore is bomb


Zachisawinner t1_j98d6ds wrote

What? Amore Pizza? It’s been there for years. You’re in for a treat.


pododog t1_j98kga7 wrote

Salem moment


keltik055 t1_j98qjqf wrote

No hunny, I'm just getting pizza


evilprogeny t1_j991wzc wrote

It’s been there for at least 30 years


NH_ATV t1_j99agkv wrote

How’s the pizza?


DrOblivion5550 t1_j99x598 wrote

Been there for years and years. I must be missing something.


CLS4L t1_j9a9dq6 wrote

All that freedom but no weed


Threadbare70 t1_j9av893 wrote

Salem; the armpit of New Hampshire!


Justinator t1_j9b2db1 wrote

Lol it’s in “child’s plaza”


NHGuy t1_j9b78x0 wrote

I see a sign with business names on it


anniebyers3 t1_j9bkb6l wrote

I live in Windham but I go to Salem all the time and I notice that every time


AutumnSpecialist t1_j9bwqel wrote

It’s a new sign! The older one was much easier to miss. My mom and I LOVE Pink & White Nails. Highly recommend if you want to get your nails done; they usually have a tiny dog they let hang out there and he’s so cute!


AFrame88 t1_j9cwc50 wrote

Child’s, huh?


lemartineau t1_j9cx12j wrote

What kind of child's y'all have in NH ?


Secure_View6740 t1_j9dkvfz wrote

Oh how can we forget a dunkins in the same plaza??


rmycg68 t1_j98ebx1 wrote

And that's disgusting


Clock-Full t1_j98slzm wrote

It's Salem. Basically MA.


coraldayton t1_j99zh5k wrote

I used to live in Methuen right across the border (literally 3 minutes) and did all my shopping in Salem. I had to think where this was because the sign wasn’t familiar to me since I moved to Arizona in 2021… took me a good 5 minutes trying to figure it out…. Until I saw the license plate for Highline Motors and then I realised where it was.


yaMomzBoyfriend t1_j99lpje wrote

Is that a rub an tug exotic card reader?