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BackItUpWithLinks t1_jad6u17 wrote

Cannon will either be the best or worst day of skiing you’ve ever had.

Waterville is always a solid choice.

I loved Wildcat.

I never had a good day at Loon.


Fit-Establishment384 t1_jadpwhm wrote

Skied LOON this past Sunday and it was very good. Only downside was the Kang8 had some stoppages. Overall well run and snow was great


iate3pepperoncini t1_jaejaon wrote

Had a great day at Loon last week. Wildcat seems to always have terrible weather despite whatever’s happening around it.


Tornado_Wind_of_Love t1_jaeravq wrote

I haven’t skied Cannon yet this season, but I imagine there’s warning rebar drilled into icy patches like seasons past.