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averageduder t1_j8fmfo2 wrote

A mostly unrelated story. I teach at a high school in nh. Either the fall before the pandemic or the year before that I heard a bunch of noise coming from the boys bathroom, and couldn’t figure out why anyone else was dealing with it.

So I walk in there wondering what the hell, and there’s a bunch of freshman and sophomore boys in there. Like 10-15. I’m pretty easy going and mostly just want things to not cause a scene.

I see a couple kids sitting in the sinks eating their lunch. And I let them know that whatever they think the sink can hold is probably less than they realize and it’s about to break. Then I realize there are 3-4 boys crowded down by the urinals - eating maybe a foot or so from them.

Then 3-4 kids come out of the stall (just one). Their reaction is it’s not what it looks like. I’m not sure what they think I was thinking - I’m sure they were vaping or something, but these boys were eating their lunches right by the toilet. Take a two urinal one stall two sink bathroom, and imagine 15 kids eating in there. And these were kids that were probably more on the giving rather than receiving end on the bullying.

Kids are weird as fuck