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sndtech t1_j8kxd1j wrote

The call is coming from INSIDE the house.


basementfrog42 t1_j8l37we wrote

literally LMAO


RickyDaytonaJr t1_j8kvnka wrote

“Your welcome”


reddittheguy t1_j8l1hc3 wrote

Who wrote this masterpiece of proper grammar and punctuation? A high school drop ou... Oh.


stevejdolphin t1_j8l2ozn wrote

Man, jokes about domestic violence and bad grammar. Tough look for the Barnstead PD.


Spacemn5piff t1_j8mwasp wrote

Especially since barnstead pd has been... Less than stellar in their handling of domestics in recent years.


best-available t1_j8ml7ir wrote

A “domestic” doesn’t mean violence in police lingo. It’s “domestic disturbance” which could just be an argument someone else hears.


stevejdolphin t1_j8nlk3s wrote

...someone else heard and calls the police because they believe someone has been harmed or is at risk of being harmed. It's not a noise complaint.


Thotsnpears t1_j8kz2u9 wrote

Nice try Barnstead, last time I tried to rock up with flowers you pulled me over and charged me with possession.


travel_tech t1_j8lbpk2 wrote

I suppose cops have a lot more personal experience with domestic abuse than the average person.


rahnster_wright t1_j8kxk0h wrote

Yikes. Their grammar and taste are lacking.


RJofLA t1_j8lcuao wrote

Police and domestic violence go together like chocolates and roses on Valentines Day


HumpSlackWails t1_j8m9n06 wrote

"save us from going to a domestic"

End of shift?

Just a reminder police offend for DV at a rate higher than the public.


Heybroletsparty t1_j8l2stu wrote

I received nothing for gentlemen valentines day 😭


AMC4x4 t1_j8lbvm5 wrote

Me neither. My wife "claims" she couldn't find a card for Gentlemen Valentines Day, but I don't believe her for a second. I'm about to start a domestic.


Mopbucket_Wedding t1_j8p4ubx wrote

Good idea, BPD will do nothing to stop you! If your wife gets a protection order, they will be more than happy to stand by while you verbally abuse her and they watch from the sidelines. Get wild, bud!


impvlerlord t1_j8mmzdi wrote

Especially funny coming from the police department that tried to cover up a Dover cops domestic abuse a couple years back.


anarchir t1_j8muk8d wrote

Barnstead was involved in that too?


impvlerlord t1_j8muxxi wrote

Iirc they lived in Barnstead and BPD initially arrested the wife despite all evidence pointing to her cop husband being the abuser


Mopbucket_Wedding t1_j8p5018 wrote

BPD often threatens to/does arrest women that are abuse victims when they know the *male abusers.


salix620 t1_j8mcty1 wrote

Town meetings are coming up. Great opportunity to address budgets and funding for…whatever this is. Embarrassing.


Able_Cunngham603 t1_j8m0rar wrote

There is a thin blue line between good and cringe.


NinoNino3 t1_j8l37eg wrote

Pittsfield's High End Neighbor.


Novasadog t1_j8lu2w4 wrote

Half the police departments in the country posted that meme yesterday, Barnstead pd isn't special, just touched....


XBUNCEX t1_j8mpc21 wrote

Just a bit of projection from the 40% club.


TheShroomDruid t1_j8mlr8u wrote

Classic police officer education level right here


PoorInCT t1_j8lim4z wrote

They are pretty good with Expired Inspection Stickers if they dont smell weed.


Azr431 t1_j8lc11p wrote



tomsbradys t1_j8nn43u wrote

This sums up the people that live in barnstead pretty well.


haystackofneedles t1_j8nzwew wrote

What's especially funny is the high rate of domestic abuse that police do at home. Then add in the cheating. Yikes.


Piwo1313 t1_j8oihik wrote

Can you name a store in Barnstead that one can obtain such preventative measures? Asking for a friend


Mopbucket_Wedding t1_j8p4aja wrote

BPD sucks. Bunch of racist, backwoods hicks that hosted a big ol' Trump women meet and greet at the freaking PD and regularly post insensitive, sh!t grammar BS that greatly highlights the shared 2 brain cells of the entire department.


ghostsintherafters t1_j8mypyu wrote

If cops know about anything it's about domestic abuse of their wives


vangogh330 t1_j8o6nji wrote

Police and domestic abuse - name a better couple.


1teenagedirtbagbby t1_j8o1tz4 wrote

Ah yes female on male domestic violence is so funny! It's also OK because it's f on m abuse


String-Bean_Samson t1_j8stthj wrote

Of course a cop wouldn’t know the difference between your and you’re


Killbro_Fraggins t1_j8lv7sw wrote

Big brains over there. Might need a refresher course on the English language and the punctuation that goes along with it.


Gatorrea t1_j8mu8g1 wrote



[deleted] t1_j8n9cmq wrote

This hilarious. People are such soft snowflakes now adays.


[deleted] t1_j8l41cz wrote



Jay_Derkin t1_j8m9788 wrote

You do realize that domestic violence done TO men is super common, right?


LBKTHREE t1_j8mdt2g wrote

Lighten up Francis.


RichardAtTheGate t1_j8m97oi wrote

Domestic violence is only funny when it is implied that the woman is the abuser. Having said that, I find this funny.


Skimmed-Bread932 t1_j8l4h2g wrote

Ah yes. Domestic violence against men is a joke. Let me joke about hitting a woman and get cancelled. 👏


Acanthaceae_Square t1_j8lgqbj wrote

I can’t tell if you’re joking or if you missed that the point of this thread is how awful the fb post is because DV is never funny


ApostateX t1_j8lht9e wrote

You have to stretch So Far to (incorrectly) interpret the post that way you may actually be a sentient rubber band.


FUCK_THE_NFA t1_j8lj3mw wrote

I thought it was funny


Jpoppin20 t1_j8ky25q wrote

That’s honestly funny, y’all are just soft


sledbelly t1_j8kzgtb wrote

Which part is funny?


Jpoppin20 t1_j8kzp1m wrote

Reading the sarcasm was funny, don’t be so butthurt


sledbelly t1_j8kzum0 wrote

It’s funny that police officers joke about domestic violence? The deadliest calls police officers have to attend to? That’s funny?


Jpoppin20 t1_j8l01d8 wrote

“sarcasm” tell me you vote democrat without telling me😂


sledbelly t1_j8l079c wrote

Tell me you’re a Republican who beats their significant other without telling me you’re a Republican who beats their significant other


Jpoppin20 t1_j8l3yw0 wrote

Looks like I hit a nerve ;) it’s ok honey.


KingfisherC t1_j8lnloz wrote

POV: someone accused you of domestic violence and your reply is “looks like I hit a nerve” rather than denying it


Acanthaceae_Square t1_j8lgzum wrote

Still didn’t name which part you think is funny. Feel free to enlighten everyone w the funny part


Killbro_Fraggins t1_j8lw5vz wrote

Hmm Tate Dick Rider? “Dang Liberals!”? Walmart Employee? Yeah I’m not surprised you think domestic abuse jokes are hilarious. Go away you goofball.


reddittheguy t1_j8l0xzw wrote

^^ Check out that post history. Talk about submissive.


Killbro_Fraggins t1_j8lvjwn wrote

“Pls help me” and comments on nothing but Walmart, WhitePeopleTwitter and dick riding Musk and Tate. Fucking cringe. Haha


ghostlymeanders t1_j8nrqip wrote

It's clearly a joke, people seem to have a zero tolerance policy regarding joking about particular subject matters. Anything can be joked about if done well. Obviously this isn't peak humor, but still.