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NewHampshireDude t1_j8o01f4 wrote

Pete let all of their policy live on.


foodandart t1_j8oowgv wrote

Oh yes, because an appointed head of a department has legislative authority over the railroads, and not, let me see… the legislature. Sweet Jesus would you get a grip? Obama ‘s administration had passed a law that required the railroads to change up the braking systems to ones that didn’t start fires when a derailment happened.. However, a lovely Republican carpetbagger named Donald Trump overturned it. Gotta make it easy for the railroads to profiteer using technology that is 60+ years old. God forbid that these companies modernize! You’re an ass.


PtrWalnuts t1_j8o1dyj wrote

Sure you can tell yourself that. Absolutely Pete has unlimited power and no opposition. Pretty much what he says goes. Kind of like the Lord. I'm surprised it's just the wave his arms and make it hell happen.

It has nothing to do with all the Republicans have gotten in the way for the last oh I don't know a hundred years.


NewHampshireDude t1_j8o7y17 wrote

Why are you defending the people in charge when a horrible disaster happens under their watch?


PtrWalnuts t1_j8oia5t wrote

Why you only going after Pete?

He has been trying to do something.


foodandart t1_j8opsco wrote

He doesn’t like the guy because he’s told to by the ‘media’ he consumes. The fact that he’s harping on a completely incorrect aspect of what the Transportation Secretary’s abilities are, and are not is all you need to know about where he’s getting his fact-free talking points from.


PtrWalnuts t1_j8p13dt wrote

I understand he doesn't know any better. I just assumed he was doing it because Pete is gay.

As far as I can tell he's doing a really good job.


foodandart t1_j8qbng3 wrote

He is! For once a Transportation Secretary that's on-point.


NewHampshireDude t1_j8rjvqa wrote

I don't care that he is gay. I care that he can't do his job. I care that he was hired for the job for lining up behind Biden when the party wanted a real candidate. He is a corporatist. We hired a guy who has a long history of making money from corporations. He was hired by a president from the most corporate friendly state in the country Delaware. I am angry that you are not angry. If it was a red guy in charge I would be mad too. I didn't vote for DT or Biden because I know they are all the same.


PtrWalnuts t1_j8rlq3q wrote

You know they're all the same because you're an ill-informed person who watches Fox News. Maybe you should try broaden your horizon. Perhaps if you could learn how to read that we better. They're not always saying the problem is they're fighting against a bunch of idiotic Republicans. You're probably Republican.


NewHampshireDude t1_j8rmhyr wrote

Wtf…. Why are you attacking me? I literally just said I didn’t vote for either of the guys in the corporate unity party.

Don’t own a tv.

You’re probably an idiot. Or a fat trans satanist because

Did you get your defend Pete rallying cry from msnbc or was it cnn?


PtrWalnuts t1_j8s1efp wrote

I'm doing it because you're ill-informed. You're attacking somebody without any information. And now you're getting all oh why you attacking me. Go clutch your pearls. If you voted for the right people you wouldn't be in this mess.


NewHampshireDude t1_j8s1tcz wrote

You are defending someone with no information. Look at this list of former McKinsey Consulting employees who work in government. They are all peas in the same pod. There is only a few ways you get to be a politician and its playing the game. Open your eyes. You think you are voting for the good guys but they are all on the same team behind closed doors.


PtrWalnuts t1_j8s8q4z wrote

I agree they should close down k Street. I don't care who somebody worked for as long as they do the job. You're throwing everybody in the same boat. And it's tedious what aboutism.


NewHampshireDude t1_j8so7s6 wrote

Not everything is partisan. This is what happens when business and government are entrenched in corruption for decades from multiple parties maintaining status quo.


PtrWalnuts t1_j8sqqjf wrote

You're making the partisan attack and saying everything is not partisan. Everybody is exactly like everybody else.

That's not true One party has tried to overthrow the government take away women's rights and pollute like crazy. One party is trying to take away social security. I contend your opinion is wrong. Sorry if you disagree with me. I do believe that there should be no money in politics.