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upallnitro t1_ja4avfw wrote

Flight is my all time favorite. Their roasts are amazing, and they have a constant selection of single origin coffees that burst with flavor. Their mail order is fast and they have a location in Bedford.

Tandem Coffee in Maine is also a top notch roaster, and they do mail order as well

Cafe Monte Alto in Plymouth does some very nice roasts as well.


1976dave t1_ja7n7zs wrote

If you haven't try speckled ax coffee also from Maine. I like em better than tandem, and tandem are pretty great themselves


jwc8985 t1_ja3ndt4 wrote

Prime Roast in Keene is my go-to!


Hugasaur t1_ja3nhqx wrote

A&E does a great Ethiopian and I subscribe to their coffee club where they ship some to me every month. Big fan.


wiredentropy OP t1_ja3p44j wrote

Thanks! Will check them out . Do they have a physical storefront!


Hugasaur t1_ja3qlih wrote

I have been to the Manchester location on Elm Street and you can buy a selection of beans there.


t5ud01 t1_ja3ymhb wrote

Their Tanzania and El Salvador are great light roasts as well. Really helpful and knowledgeable staff, too!


JohnnyRebe1 t1_ja3tc91 wrote

They also have a store in Nashua. Great place. They roast everything in-house.


reddittheguy t1_ja3wpxe wrote

Post is 2 hours old and nobody has mentioned Mad River yet?


Adriclavallee t1_ja42egg wrote

If I’m anywhere within a certain radius I make an excuse to go. Their great white shark chai with espresso cube, my god it was life changing. And I’m a typical Dunkin’s drinker


RobynZombie t1_ja4sqwd wrote

“Great white shark chai with espresso cube”

—what is this sorcery?? It sounds amazing 🤩


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5vxwv wrote

Thanks will check it out. I’m not so into the flavors more of a purist but looks like they have some solid options


HikeEveryMountain t1_ja3jw54 wrote

There's Port City Coffee Roasters in Portsmouth, haven't tried a light roast but their medium is one of my favorites, and there's New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co in Dover. Not sure if either have Ethiopian, but I've bought great beans from both.


NapkinDaVinci t1_ja47kdp wrote

Port City does a light roast of the monsoon malabar that's one of my favorites!


PabloPantuflas t1_ja3ntqy wrote

Wayfarer in Laconia might be worth looking into. They also host the New England Coffee Festival.


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5vv0m wrote

Thanks do they have a storefront? What’s this festival


PabloPantuflas t1_ja5yfpk wrote

They’ve got a storefront and a shop that sells things only made in NH.

Last May, they hosted a coffee festival that brought vendors and people involved in all facets of the industry. Filled downtown. It was pretty cool.


curkington t1_ja3le4f wrote

Coffee coffee in Salem has some fantastic roasts!


wiredentropy OP t1_ja3pj7x wrote

Which do you recommend?


curkington t1_ja3puko wrote

They have a rotation, but it's always fantastic! They are very knowledgeable and explain the flavors and notes. I get an education whenever I ask questions.


explosive_donut t1_ja3t4is wrote

the owner is a bit weird though, wouldn’t recommend going there if you’re a woman by yourself.


rudyattitudedee t1_ja4wpd2 wrote

Yeah I’m a dude and worked next door to coffe coffee since they opened. Weird is an understatement. Dudes a creep. Even to me.


curkington t1_ja4bbpo wrote

Wow! I am a guy but I've never heard my wife or friends get that vibe. They've all been nothing but kind and attentive!


explosive_donut t1_ja4j8uk wrote

to be fair this was also several years ago and pre pandemic, and people can change. maybe i shouldn’t have just jumped to conclusions


RobynZombie t1_ja4tdlv wrote

It’s always a good thing to be on your guard and letting others know, too! It’s never a bad thing to be too safe


queen_of_swords__ t1_ja3l4bt wrote

Mill City Roasting in Londonderry. They have a great selection of flavors and I’m fairly certain I’ve seen Ethiopian on their website as well.


geoff5093 t1_ja3npyt wrote

I love Mill City, I'm a huge flavored coffee fan and their caramel crunch is wicked good.


ihaveatrophywife t1_ja3zlg4 wrote

I have to disagree with this as someone who is very familiar with some of the company. Those I have dealt with are shady people to say the least and in my experience, they put out an inferior product and count on being “local” to make sales.


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5vzta wrote

Thanks I’m not so into the flavors more of a purist but looks like they have some solid options?


Jay_Derkin t1_ja3xvpl wrote

I read this as “flesh light roasted coffee beans” and was deeply concerned for a moment.


dochikes t1_ja44b2j wrote

If you're near the seacoast, Horseshoe Cafe in Newmarket has probably the best in the whole state, but the lineup varies. Nori is an expert coffee roaster and his wife Sarah is an accomplished and delightful baker! Their shop has been listed by Food & Wine as the best in NH for at least 2 years now.


Couldbeworseright668 t1_ja4mmtg wrote

Was going to say this place. They roast almost daily it seems and sell out so freshness is easily confirmed. Friendly bunch, but everything there is pricey.


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5w22d wrote

Thanks will check it out. I’m not so into the flavors more of a purist but looks like they have some solid options


SceneFromMobyDick t1_ja4x18s wrote

New Hampshire Coffee Roasting Co in Dover has a wide variety for at home brewing, supporting local wherever is a good choice


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5w4o1 wrote

Thanks what’s your go to bean? Do they have a storefront


SceneFromMobyDick t1_ja61qr4 wrote

Yes to the storefront and currently the Italian Roast based on nostalgia but they do offer a free trade Ethiopian


Coffee_is_life2 t1_ja57xgy wrote

Ski the whites in Jackson, NH


smashy_smashy t1_ja5eop2 wrote

I’m biased because I’m a big fan of Andrew and his shop, but his beans are seriously incredibly good.


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5w61x wrote

Awesome will check them out , what’s your go to bean here?


Coffee_is_life2 t1_ja60f6t wrote

Tucks after dark. It's a dark roast, so good. I believe they also sell beans online. We usually just stock up when we go up north.


BeagleBox t1_ja3c944 wrote

There's a gentleman in Nashua - King David's Coffee...and the do online sales. He does great roasted coffees, we buy from him a lot

Also in Salem - Farmhouse Roasters...not sure if they do online sales, but we LOVE their coffee as well.


somecallmejrush t1_ja40u2t wrote

King David is excellent and he has a bunch of light roasts, including Ethiopian


wiredentropy OP t1_ja3pdom wrote

Does he have a storefront?


BeagleBox t1_ja3qlqb wrote

King David's coffee kind of has a store front in Nashua on Bridge Street. Its located in an older mill type building. Here's the link to his store.

Salem coffee roaster has a coffee shop/ store on Main St. Salem


busta_seams t1_ja69wid wrote

I second King David, all his coffee has been fantastic, the Costa Rica is my favorite.


NHGuy t1_ja4mjki wrote

I bought from him a couple years ago at the Farmer's Market in Nashua, it was very good


BeagleBox t1_ja4xj9a wrote

My husband found him by accident. We bought Farmhouse Roasters at the Salem farmers market.


libertymenu t1_ja3j0re wrote

My friend roasts coffee. Sells online, not sure if in person. I don't think she has any Ethiopian.


BeagleBox t1_ja3m7mz wrote

Sorry, I will not support a Libertarian, even if he calls himself a republican.


BeagleBox t1_ja3mfwn wrote

Actually, i don't know why I said that. I'm not sorry. I will not support a member of the libertarian party.


Alarmed_Pop6601 t1_ja3o8yp wrote

Wayfarer coffee in Laconia is my go to!


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5w3q4 wrote

Thanks several others have mentioned this what’s your go to bean here?


ttreehouse t1_ja40iot wrote

Boston Common Coffee based out of Pelham/Windham. Deliver or ship. Best roasted coffee I’ve had. We do their monthly coffee club and they have lots of single source and blends available.


Spiritual-Yam2335 t1_ja46cri wrote

Lucas Roasting in Wolfeboro, incredible coffee!


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5we48 wrote

Nice what’s your go to bean?


Spiritual-Yam2335 t1_ja6hype wrote

Their Winnipesaukee Sunrise blend is my go to, they have a great selection and offer single origin options as well


hamhocks69 t1_ja49jiv wrote

Granite Ledge Coffee from Canterbury is my absolute favorite. I usually buy it at Concord farmers market, but it’s available at the Concord Co-Op and other small independent grocers. They also do free shipping. I’ve never had fresher coffee, it’s usually been roasted in the past couple days once I buy a bag. You can tell because how much it blooms when you add hot water. They offer several single origin roasts as well as blends, at different roast levels depending on your preference.


katspresso t1_ja4fv0f wrote

Breaking New Grounds in Durham’s Brazilian Daterra is the best roasted coffee I’ve found in this area.


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5wgx1 wrote

Is it a light roast?


katspresso t1_ja5xsru wrote

Fairly light, yes. I wouldn’t call it Starbucks-level blond, but it’s light enough that the beans aren’t oily. It’s similar to Ethiopian in roast level.


omgdrones t1_ja4huzu wrote

I'm light roasting 5lbs of Ethiopian as we speak. Can't legally sell it yet, though, as I'm still awaiting my homestead license :)

PS Ethiopian light roast is a spectacular choice!


briseis1318 t1_ja4ic0m wrote

Hometown in Manchester is my favorite. They have more medium and dark roasts, but their Crossroads is a blended light roast. Not necessarily Ethiopian. Definitely worth checking out!


tureus t1_ja4z8go wrote


I love this place. They even do free local delivery (no status on deliveries but they show up in a few days!). And once in a while they have an indoor flea market type setup with local artisan sellers. Great part of the community.


faroutsunrise t1_ja4ydwt wrote

Witching Hour Provisions in Hopkinton is fab. I haven’t had their Ethiopian blend but it’s light roast and limited edition.

Also, I know someone else mentioned them but Flight is also very good.


secretmadscientist t1_ja565ii wrote

Unsure of the bean origin but Critical Mass out of Manchester has a very nice light roast


MissorNoob t1_ja5n25d wrote

Hometown Coffee Roasters in Manchester has some good coffee. I've never tried their light roast, but the medium and dark roasts are good.


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5wqv7 wrote

Thanks what’s your go to bean there?


MissorNoob t1_ja5x4as wrote

I prefer the pulpit rock blend. Their queen city espresso is my girlfriend's go-to for cappuccino. It's fairly dark, but not oily at all


tubemaster t1_ja5ylp2 wrote

Coco's coffee in East Kingston! I have been swearing by them for the past year now, many options for single origin coffee sold streetside (edit: literally a tiny honor system stand, they also sell mugs and dry rubs!) off 107/108.

Also sold online, for a small premium:


Angry_Hog t1_ja66411 wrote

Parker Farm has a great roast, too


Snidgetless t1_ja3tm51 wrote

Have you considered investing the roughly $200 and roasting your own? That’s what we did and will never look back!


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5w98h wrote

How? My understanding was the equipment can cost thousands? Where do you get fresh green beans in New England?


Snidgetless t1_ja6kq8o wrote

No way, not even close. Search Amazon for a roaster that goes over a gas burner (some need a portable grill, I use my gas stove) and we buy 5 lbs at a time of green beans on Amazon.


Adriclavallee t1_ja42kip wrote

Woodshed roasters in Laconia has the best beans hands down if you make coffee at home. I buy mine at hannafords


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5wda5 wrote

The problem with many grocery store supplies beans is that it could have been roasted months ago. Looking for fresh (roasted less than 1 week ago)


Adriclavallee t1_ja7s82v wrote

Fair enough! Can’t blame you thereThey do have roasted dates on them, and are usually very recent at my store, but doesn’t necessarily reflect yours.


RobynZombie t1_ja4tpf6 wrote

I’m a die-hard Cafe Bustelo Brazil drinker, but damn if this post isn’t making me want to try all of these roasts!!


wiredentropy OP t1_ja5wkyz wrote

Bustelo is super dark roasted! Light is a different ballpark


Foresthoney t1_ja568d1 wrote

Woodshed Roasting is delightful and local (Laconia)


MisterBowTies t1_ja5ygej wrote

Terra nova has a good selection of coffee and a great Cafe


Gatorrea t1_ja6gktm wrote

La Mulita Coffee in Rye. Colombian coffee beans


ajb15101 t1_ja80u19 wrote

Ski the whites coffee in noco is very very good