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Reddit_in_her_voice t1_j9q7p3e wrote

Where you live? That seems like too much unless you live in the mountains


movdqa OP t1_j9q8flp wrote


Tonight 1.65

Sunday 0.5

Monday 0.5

Tuesday 14

Wednesday 2.6

Thursday 4.85

Friday 0.8

Saturday 5.95

Source is the Apple Weather App on macOS Ventura.


Queasy_Turnover t1_j9quatw wrote

I'm not seeing those totals in Merrimack anywhere else, and the high temps every day will be in the mid to upper 30s. Should be fine.


KrissaKray t1_j9qbh4n wrote

... I saw the "14" and read "1.4" and sat here like... THIS ISNT 30! WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING??? lol

But if we get that 14 on Tuesday, I'm doing my happy dance. (I work in Merrimack) so I have my fingers crossed for a work from home day.