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otiswrath t1_jef09e7 wrote

I generally felt like he was a more or less neutral political figure for a while. A little too much in bed with the resorts and money in the state but more or less harmless. I even voted for him once.

Then he started trying to appeal more and more to the MAGA crowd. Signing the abortion ban, pushing for public tax money to be given to religious schools, spending NH tax dollars to "secure our northern border" etc.

The thing that really pushed me over the edge was when Rep. Jim Spillane (R) was calling for his supporters to commit a home invasion on anyone with a BLM sign in their yard and Sununu utterly refused to call him out because they are in the same party.

If someone threatens violence on your constituents you call them out. I don't care what party you are in.

That was when I knew that he doesn't actually care about NH, he just wants to be president so bad that he will sell out every single one of us to get there.

Edit: Oh yeah, and he is also responsible for losing millions in tax revenue and causing many people in the state to have criminal records because of his 1950's perspective on marijuana.

Edit2: Also, let's not forget that he vetoed the bill that passed the House and Senate that would allow citizens affected by PFAS contamination to sue the companies responsible to cover the medical testing they will have to do for the rest of their lives.


ForeverAgreeable2289 t1_jefyfvy wrote

This. For his first couple terms including while Mango Mussolini was in office, Sununu was as sane as Republicans got. He stayed out of the culture wars and wasn't a covidiot either. He tried to do right by New Hampshire and not get involved in national level BS as most of the country's GOP went full Q Cucks Klan.

Then Biden took office, and Sununu changed drastically. If you've been paying attention at all, it's like he's a totally different person since Jan 2021.


Double-Abalone7052 t1_jef3sp7 wrote

Oh I forgot about that thing with Jim, that guy is so unhinged. Back in 2016 I remember dipping out of Portsmouth Facebook group because he was SCARY.

And yes I actually voted for Sununu once. But then he went off the rails


otiswrath t1_jef6jzh wrote

Just a reminder, there are at least 2 Jim/James Spillane/Splaines in NH politics.

James Spillane is the Republican state rep from Deerfield who has been arrested and convicted of Domestic Violence, multiple DUIs, and Reckless Conduct. (I think that one was from when he was shooting squirrels in his neighborhood with a .50 muzzleloader). He is the one who called for violence against anyone with a BLM sign.

Then there is Jim Splaine from Portsmouth who is a well respected member of the political community and has served in the State Senate, House of Reps, and City Council. He also sponsored the bill that made same sex marriage legal in NH.


tourdedance t1_jefg7n3 wrote

There’s no such thing as a neutral political figure these days unfortunately.


GonzoTheGreat22 t1_jeg9dly wrote

I could not have said it any better. He was fine… pretty good even, but he’s leaned into MAGAness to hard for me.


BiffWiff t1_jegi9hg wrote

He was on PBS a few weeks ago sounding extremely in-MAGA, and quite reasonable.


beyond_hatred t1_jegykbp wrote

I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt until the"Trump guy through and through" remark.


slimyprincelimey t1_jefgw3u wrote

He earned my respect with the "abortion ban". 24 weeks is the sane, moderate, politically supported position. Which is why he won reelection after doing it.


juicebronston t1_jegb061 wrote

It’s political theater at the expense of women’s rights; nobody is getting abortions after 24 weeks.


slimyprincelimey t1_jegdddq wrote

Ok so nobody is getting them so it doesn't matter.


juicebronston t1_jege6wm wrote

Exactly, which is why he didn’t need to sign it into law. By signing it into law, he’s performing political theater at the expense of women’s rights, like I said.


Lys_Vesuvius t1_jefj4ci wrote

Which is still much more liberal than the majority of Europe, including France, England, Italy, and Spain


blumpkinmania t1_jegj0vp wrote

Not really. There are so many exceptions to 24 weeks to make it mostly meaningless.