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Wiked_Pissah t1_jef1tz4 wrote

He is useless. Ineffectual as a policy maker and impotent as a leader would be about the best (nicest) words I can come up with to describe him. But, he isn't Trump or DeShithead so he has that going for him.


Double-Abalone7052 t1_jef4q1u wrote

But the problem is that he aspires to be those guys. He called himself a Trump guy through and through, and he wants New Hampshire to be the Florida of the north. He’s not as crazy as those two because he doesn’t have the power to display it, but he aspires to be them.


Wiked_Pissah t1_jef4y90 wrote

I can't argue with that. Sure as hell doesn't make me like him more. Hate is hate. And they are all full of it as far as I can see.


seanwalter54321 t1_jego127 wrote

If you really think he aspires to be either one of them you’re to politically biased. He’s criticized both of them numerous times and stayed far more neutral than either of them.


n0v3list t1_jefgu0h wrote

Is he not far removed? Anyone drawing a line in the sand should immediately be discredited.