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Alantsu t1_jef2dzx wrote

I think he’s a POS for following the culture wars against trans and LGBTQ. He’s shown he’s more than willing to dump public education for a voucher system. He preaches living free but repeatedly vetos bill to legalize recreational cannabis because he wants the state to have full control, not the “free” people. He promoted raising an already extremely high property tax to give businesses more tax breaks. We have next to no access to mental health services. In all he keeps the state stagnant in hopes of being that “middle road” candidate which just means pro corporate policies with no real help to any of the people. Legacy politicians need to go.


Double-Abalone7052 t1_jef4v9o wrote

Yeah I really think we should do something about the Nepo babies everywhere. Time to go


n0v3list t1_jefglkv wrote

Seriously. If other people can’t see how the state has been negatively impacted by this fictitious partisan feud then I’m not sure how much their opinion matters. We need to take into consideration the welfare and needs of all state citizens, not just those who share your beliefs or your socioeconomic status. Even those I disagree with fundamentally I still consider at the voting booth.


Ordinary_Variation10 t1_jefq9go wrote

What did he do with the culture against trans and LGBTQ? Not trying to start something, legitimately don't know.


Alantsu t1_jefzxyx wrote

MARGARET BRENNAN: Are you going to engage on things like this? Like- like Sanders and DeSantis has in terms of issues on gender and issues of race?

GOV. SUNUNU: There should be absolute leadership on that, about what that's about. And this idea that, you know, you have to- you know, we have forced language, that we have forced ideas on our kids that we're going to force anything–-


BiffWiff t1_jegiiy6 wrote

Meh, this is what you’re pissed about? Come on.


Justice-Girl-369 t1_jeglxeg wrote

Literally, he probably wasn't trying to say anything that was problematic. Not easy being a politician and speaking on these societal issues.


skigirl180 t1_jeh2djh wrote

He should have been prepared for this question. It's not like he is new to being a politician.