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slimyprincelimey t1_jefgw3u wrote

He earned my respect with the "abortion ban". 24 weeks is the sane, moderate, politically supported position. Which is why he won reelection after doing it.


juicebronston t1_jegb061 wrote

It’s political theater at the expense of women’s rights; nobody is getting abortions after 24 weeks.


slimyprincelimey t1_jegdddq wrote

Ok so nobody is getting them so it doesn't matter.


juicebronston t1_jege6wm wrote

Exactly, which is why he didn’t need to sign it into law. By signing it into law, he’s performing political theater at the expense of women’s rights, like I said.


Lys_Vesuvius t1_jefj4ci wrote

Which is still much more liberal than the majority of Europe, including France, England, Italy, and Spain


blumpkinmania t1_jegj0vp wrote

Not really. There are so many exceptions to 24 weeks to make it mostly meaningless.