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batmansmotorcycle t1_jdedlk2 wrote

Its not called Manchester Logan?

They were likely F-15s out of Westover. They did not look like F-35s, which are in Vermont. I live about 2 miles from MHT and also think I heard one take off about a week ago heading north toward Vermont.

My ADS-B Scanner feeding FlightAware does not pick them, no surprise there.

Edit: video I took of one on its third pass


Capt_Indecisive_ t1_jdefs27 wrote

F-15 over concord on Tuesday. I agree this is also likely an F-15 either working MHT or heading to the practice area near lake winnipesaukee.

Also OP isn't sure if hes in Boston or Manchester, I guess?


batmansmotorcycle t1_jdegife wrote

Lol it is a called Manchester-Boston Regional so I suppose we can call it a brain fart.

Anyways, I’ve definitely noticed and uptick in fighter air craft in the area. About a month ago I saw a C-5 globe master come down close enough I thought it might land at MHT. Since we only have two fighter wings in New England it’s interesting. Could mean nothing, could mean something. Like I said my ADSB tracker doesn’t pick them up which means they’ve shut their transponders off for a reason. We are left to wonder.


lellololes t1_jdem83i wrote

Just call it MHT, the long form is stupid and the abbreviation isn't confusing to us locals.

I like Manchester Logan though!


BlackMage13 t1_jdefrrp wrote

I think they were F-15s

I took a picture as they were coming in to land:


succession1234 t1_jdekret wrote

I was in BJ Wholesale off S. Willow and definitely heard them!


GreatGrandaddyPurp t1_jdezd91 wrote

The state police called them in to help with enforcing the speed limit.


Sirhc978 t1_jdebqgx wrote

Were they F22s? An ex military guy I work with thought they were F35s.

>Anyone have insight?

They were just doing training. At work, I park my car on the other side of the fence from one of the runways, and the military is here doing training like once a month or so. This is the second time in 3 years I have seen fighter jets, but C130s or similar are way more common. They just don't make as much noise. The windows were shaking in my building.

Managed to get a good video of the vapor cloud one made as it was turning away from the runway.


lantrick t1_jdf1i01 wrote

Routine training. They do this all the time.

edit: video proof . F-15s not f-22's


ceervine t1_jdebrff wrote

The only insight I have is I thought they were going to crash into my apartment, they sounded so low. My poor elderly cat was terrified (and so was I, since that's what I woke up to!)


ShamanicYogi t1_jdflzr7 wrote

They were circling over my work parking lot. Definitely F-15s, not F-22s.


plemur t1_jdfp62t wrote

I was about 100 to 150 ft under the F-15s while they were ripping their touch and go's and pulling HARD turns to do another pass -- amazing experience. 158th out of VT, I would imagine.


Zealousideal_Walk515 t1_jdj52g1 wrote

Biden is looking to make an example of the free-staters. Going to make Waco look like a camp fire.


irr1449 t1_jdezser wrote

I’ve heard a ton of jets in the white mountains the last 3-4 days. More than I’ve ever heard living hear. I saw 2 flying in formation near Wildcat. Wonder what’s going on? Preparing for Russia/China?


lantrick t1_jdf1zl1 wrote

lol . Nothings going on. Military aircraft are always in the air someplace over New England , every day , for decades.


ShamanicYogi t1_jdfy4d4 wrote

There’s definitely been a lot more lately though. I’ve seen plenty of military training here, but not at the frequency that I’ve seen it the past couple months.


LacidOnex t1_jdkv6ft wrote

November 2022 the F-15EX models began rolling out the upgrade "self defense" suite, I wonder if the 15s are getting a taste now


smartest_kobold t1_jdehxh3 wrote

We could get ~1000 people housing for the cost of one F22.


flipasaurus88 t1_jdf28op wrote

You could get 100000s of people housing for the price we give out in aid to other countries instead of our own people.


petergriffin999 t1_jdf4lzh wrote

Sssshhhh that doesn't give people a chance to complain about American self defense.


smartest_kobold t1_jdf6g66 wrote

Foreign aid is like 1% of the defense budget and at least somebody's enjoying it.