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irr1449 t1_jdezser wrote

I’ve heard a ton of jets in the white mountains the last 3-4 days. More than I’ve ever heard living hear. I saw 2 flying in formation near Wildcat. Wonder what’s going on? Preparing for Russia/China?


lantrick t1_jdf1zl1 wrote

lol . Nothings going on. Military aircraft are always in the air someplace over New England , every day , for decades.


ShamanicYogi t1_jdfy4d4 wrote

There’s definitely been a lot more lately though. I’ve seen plenty of military training here, but not at the frequency that I’ve seen it the past couple months.


LacidOnex t1_jdkv6ft wrote

November 2022 the F-15EX models began rolling out the upgrade "self defense" suite, I wonder if the 15s are getting a taste now