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zButtercup t1_je61e0l wrote

I would call;

granite state barbell on broad street in Nashua;

Free state barbell in manch vegas, equipment list right on their website

Downtown barbell in Dracut, MA


Hyzerflipflop333 t1_jeb2q00 wrote

Have you ever been to Free State Barbell? I had no idea Manchester had something like that. I think I’m gonna try them out, just wondering if it gets really crowded to where you can’t even use anything like a lot of gyms do.


zButtercup t1_jebdhyl wrote

No, i follow them on ig because I want to switch to powerlifting at some point, and I like to see what the other people in the state are up to. It does not look like they’re packed. It’s a 24/7 keycard gym which is nice you can go anytime. Only downside is that the people who run it are definitely are free staters, idk if that bothers you.