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Serenla87 t1_je4pfha wrote

Gotta protect us from 30-50 feral hogs


oper8orAF t1_je4rta4 wrote

Jokes aside they do pose a significant threat. 30-50 hogs can breed into hundreds in the matter of a year. They won’t only destroy crops but flip the balance of the ecosystems they invade.


glockster19m t1_je5jgwp wrote

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Corbin Park started with only like 20 something boars and now have a stable self sustaining population in the hundreds

And that's on a literal hunting reserve


RickyDaytonaJr t1_je5qt21 wrote

Over the years, some have escaped and started a small, but sustaining population outside of the reserve. Even though these escaped boar are both invasive and destructive, you’re not allowed to shoot them without Corbin Park’s permission because they are “escaped private property.”


glockster19m t1_je5r0e3 wrote

Yep, people get charged with poaching for killing them, even if the boar is literally on sed persons property


akmjolnir t1_je72wh8 wrote

Which is why you and your friends need to keep teaching everyone around you how everyday should be "Shut the fuck up Friday".


glockster19m t1_je75ret wrote

Or just you and a select few people practice small circle Sunday everyday


derek_morin1 t1_je9a7f1 wrote

Bolt action .300 BLK with subs and a suppressor. No one would ever know.


akmjolnir t1_je9bxqh wrote

The best performing suppressor and subsonic ammo is no match against loose lips.


derek_morin1 t1_je9e8v3 wrote

Oh did you think I meant that combo was for the pigs??


MeanFluffyBunny t1_je9m03e wrote

Any examples of this happening? Your allowed to shoot animals on your property if they threaten you OR your property.


glockster19m t1_je9no56 wrote

So since they're escaped private property and not true wild animals the park is required to pay for any damage they cause, but u can't shoot them


MeanFluffyBunny t1_je9q4hk wrote

But you can shoot someone’s dog for “threatening” your property. That dog is also private property.

Edit: you can’t hunt them, but shooting them on your land isn’t always hunting.


glockster19m t1_je9r0n0 wrote

Yep, but that dog isn't owned by 50 plus of the most wealthy and powerful people in the country


danmac1152 t1_je5lwmp wrote

Excuse for more federal funding and more police. And people will go with it because it’s on the news


lantonas t1_je4s7k9 wrote

Super pig and feral hog are very offensive terms for illegal aliens.


TheCloudBoy t1_je5jm0j wrote

This might rival the Great Emu War of 1932 in Australia


Black6host t1_je4ugsv wrote

Nah, it's the Chinese tunneling in under the border from Canada! I read it here in r/newhampshire! :)

Edit: Nope, sorry, that was Facebook. It's so hard keeping these fine news sources separate, lol.


TheMobyDicks t1_je6dkmw wrote

Pig extermination. Definitely changing occupations.


lazyp3ngu1n t1_je6fgyp wrote

Cheaper than flying to TX to do the same. Not a problem till it’s a problem but then we’ll have the solution.


ThePencilRain t1_je8fjan wrote

I've been hog hunting in the Carolinas before, and it is insane.

Basically a bunch of people waiting for a pack to show up and destroying the entire group.

By the time that's done, there's another pack a field away that's wrecking everything. Hundreds of pounds of wild pork ready to harvest in 10-15 minutes.


Doug_Shoe t1_je5vbue wrote

I have found a pig skull and other things in the woods in NH. It could be from domestic dogs or wild animals carrying parts into the woods from farms, trash, dumps. Or it could be that there are feral pigs here. Not sure yet.


Viking603 OP t1_je611v5 wrote

Where did you find it?

The game reserve in/near Croydon had hogs I read. And the hogs made/found holes in the fence to escape through.


glockster19m t1_je648bv wrote

They have eastern European Boar

They imported like 25 live boar back in the 50s and it very quickly become a stable self sustaining population in the 100s