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Mynewadventures t1_jar8w11 wrote

Reply to comment by No_Struggle_1538 in Moving to NH by No_Struggle_1538

Oh, I get it, I just think farming is so much easier in the South, and land is cheaper, growing season is twice longer...etc. And I personally think Alabama is fucking beautiful.


No_Struggle_1538 OP t1_jara0sf wrote

I will say you’re the first person I’ve ever met that’s said that about Alabama lol but I definitely see the challenges I may face choosing NH I think it’ll make the journey a little more interesting.


Mynewadventures t1_jarfnqg wrote

Oh, you'll have a good time and meet a lot of good people.

As far as me digging Alabama: I grew up in the woods and country in New Hampshire and needed that kind of rural again. I am older, calmer, and less interested in other people's opinions than when I was younger and I don't get angry at the World's injustices as much. I've always been pretty charismatic, so being an atheist liberal down here seems to get accepted pretty well.

I have my 40 acres to retreat to everyday...