Submitted by ProfessorThom t3_127xy63 in newhampshire

Hi there, I'm fairly new to the area and looking to go to a few ballgames this year. I live in Portsmouth, and don't mind driving in Boston, but don't really want to sit in traffic for hours and pay more to park than I did for the ticket, food and beer put together. Last year I attended a concert at MGM Music Hall on the same night as a Red Sox game and made mistake of driving in. Parking was over $100.

So anyway, what's a good gameplan to drive to a park-and-ride somewhere fairly close, and then catch a train to the ballpark?




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mc_lean10 t1_jegd9uo wrote

Just drive to Dover and take the Amtrak all the way in. I think you only pay for parking if it’s overnight but I could be wrong


ProfessorThom OP t1_jegeb1v wrote

Wow, that's a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.


Lumpyyyyy t1_jegmqay wrote

Instead of Dover go to Exeter. It’s at least in the right direction.


mc_lean10 t1_jegnpsu wrote

Yeah could do that as well, I just know Dover has a better parking situation


Darth-Vedder t1_jegeuab wrote

Take 95 to 93

Park at Sullivan Square T stop

Take the orange line and transfer onto the green line

Take any green line train EXCEPT the E train to Kenmore

Walk 5 mins and you're there


dominicaldaze t1_jegry5a wrote

Eh, if he's in Portsmouth he's probably better off driving to the Blue Line


feelurvibe t1_jegsglx wrote

Drive to Malden to Wellington Station. Parking is cheap and you can take the orange line to north station and transfer to the green line.


wendell2007 t1_jegiwwj wrote

C and J bus line leaves from Portsmouth at Pease and is maybe 15-25$ each way.


[deleted] t1_jegky8i wrote

Commuter rail from Newburyport to North Station. Green line to Fenway. Takes a WHILE and you will have to leave the game way early if you want to make it back on the last ride smokin.. but it’s less driving 😂


teeeray t1_jegvzqz wrote

I would ordinarily say C&J, but Amtrak does put you right in North Station where you can immediately hit the green line to Lansdowne. I think it’s the better route overall, since South Station to Park Street will add like 15-20mins even though it’s not that far.


PM_Georgia_Okeefe t1_jeggubk wrote

Park at Wellington Station, and then take the T. Orange Line to North Station, then Green Line to Kenmore Square.


sgtragequit t1_jegpyeb wrote

you either get to boston or you keep your sanity. cant have both sadly


melanarchy t1_jegelt8 wrote

If you want to drive use spothero to pre-book parking so you know how much you're going to pay.


You can also go park at Wellington or Alewife and take the train in. (Although it's taking about 20minutes extra right now because of MBTA slow zone problems.)


snarky9220 t1_jeghzom wrote

You could drive all the way down. Arrive early and find parking along Comm Ave. You will need to pay a couple of buck for street parking and you might be 5-10 minute walk to Fenway. Since you arrive early and saved money you can get a beer or two at a local establishment on your way to the ballpark.


theroy12 t1_jeh504v wrote

I went to school at Northeastern, so I know that area pretty well and there’s a bunch of streets around the Marino center with meter parking available, especially at 6 o’clock on a weeknight or on the weekend. Park there and it’s a pleasant ten min walk thru the Fens to the park.


theroy12 t1_jeh59qx wrote

Oh, and you won’t hit any real traffic getting out or need to weave thru drunk fans


A_Man_Who_Writes t1_jegudi1 wrote

Park at the Boston Common Garage and either take the train or walk. It’s typically a breeze getting in there and it’s only $16 evenings/weekends. But it’s Boston so there’s always a chance you could be sitting in bumper-to-bumper. In that case the safest way is to pretty much hit up the closest train station to where you live and hop colors. The reason why I park under the Common is because I don’t like the trains and I have no idea how late I’ll be in the city. I’ve come very close to missing the last of the trains and having to Uber all the way back to Alewife.


Rolling_Beardo t1_jegw8db wrote

Where are you parking that’s $100? I’ve never seen a lot over $50.


ElectricMayham t1_jegp3il wrote

If night game try to get there early morning a metered spot. Put in max money for two hours, meter maids only work til 8.


Dull_Broccoli1637 t1_jegrxtm wrote

I park in the north end relatively cheaply. Usually like $25-30 / day. Cheaper than c&j. But if you don't wanna drive c&January the easiest.


Edelmaniac t1_jegs1s8 wrote

Find parking on bay state road (right between Comm Ave and the Charles). Usually can find a metered spot without too much of an issue.


WhiskyIsMyYoga t1_jegwbn8 wrote

Amtrak from dover, or mbta commuter rail from Newbury.