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YBMExile t1_javzgh7 wrote

Why even try to understand these white nazis, though? It’s so indulgent, and so disrespectful to the state/region/country. Aren’t we better than this?


proteus94 t1_javznim wrote

Because the idea that we’re a melting pot is a super new phenomenon and to understand that is necessary to know why these sentiments and movements spring up.


YBMExile t1_jaw0jia wrote

You are giving these young white dudes cover. This isn’t someone’s 98 year old grandpa who never left the state and may have an opportunity to learn something about people that don’t look like him. These are men who had to have been exposed to plenty of black and brown folks in their life, and STILL choose to see this as grievance. They are beyond redemption.


proteus94 t1_jaw0tcq wrote

I wonder why lol


YBMExile t1_jawk2e9 wrote

Um, wut?


proteus94 t1_jawmfvv wrote

You’re the type of person they’ll look to to justify their beliefs. You’re acting as if New England has been some multicultural mecca for its existence when that’s not the case. You’re willfully distorting reality. They dig in further.


YBMExile t1_jawtw5w wrote

I think there is a lot of ground between “multicultural mecca” and white supremacy. I think most normal and sane NH and New England and American folks are on that ground and can understand it and appreciate it and respect it. White nationalist nazis can’t. And the reason they can’t isn’t because of demographics. It’s because of fear, ignorance, and anger.