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djdirectdrive t1_jay3elc wrote

I don't understand why you got down voted so hard. Were you agreeing with them?


thatcher47 t1_jayajrs wrote

Reddit makes no sense. The replies are petty as well. They didn't agree with any sentiment but simply said NH is mostly white. Somehow thats disagreeable


YBMExile t1_jb0da2f wrote

NH is mostly white but that does not explain why a NH Alt Right Nazi group would hang such a banner. It’s hairsplitting to give some kid of cover, and it makes no sense.


thatcher47 t1_jb0dk0h wrote

The person simply said NH is mostly white and then got down voted while receiving rude and off base responses. It They weren't making an explanation for why the banner was posted. We all now why. Because they're racist.


YBMExile t1_jb0dube wrote

The follow up comments were problematic, IMO. It’s not “simply” explaining anything.