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last1stding t1_je20vib wrote

Vachon Dental
57 Webster St #112, Manchester, NH 03104

Trust Me


FlawedCilantro t1_je2ir8m wrote

2nd this. Great family owned practice. Both the father and son are great and patient dentists


xxtatgirl93xx OP t1_je25ekp wrote

One of my coworkers goes there maybe I’ll check it out


Purplish_Peenk t1_je35j00 wrote

Known the family for over 30 years. If I lived in Manchester they would be my dentist.


widget_fucker t1_je2y2id wrote

Aspen dental is horrible and predatory. The worst in the business. Playing on peoples fears and anxieties. I hope they stub their toe.


n0v3list t1_je297bc wrote

Finding a quality dentist anywhere in the country who is not going to give you a guilt trip or make you feel unnecessarily bad about your situation or dental history is much harder than it should be. We should compile a list of dentists in the state that provide a low stress and affordable option.


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_je1s07u wrote

Dental Arts of Bedford. Very nice, high quality, extremely professional and friendly. I had them take over a treatment plan when my original dentist sold his business and they were fantastic. Easy to get to off 293 and plenty of parking.


Ndnmstrmnd t1_je2hyyi wrote

I second this. My husband and I go there and we love them. Very professional, especially with my husband's dentist anxiety.


FavorableState t1_je3cziu wrote

Seconded,I have awful dental anxiety and have had nothing but positive experiences with them. Now I'm not even a little nervous when I go in.


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_je57xmd wrote

What is great too is that they are up to date with new treatment techniques. I had an implant fail and they used some kind of laser to remove it and I did not need any stitches or eating restrictions afterwards. I had to make sure I understood this by asking before I left. I never knew this even existed


stonewallmike t1_je1th82 wrote

I had a terrible experience with Lindner. They ground enamel off my teeth unnecessarily to make me get crowns.


UnluckyWerewolf t1_je1w6zk wrote

My fiancée and I have had good experiences so far with Dr. Jo-Anne Johnson in Bedford.


KrissaKray t1_je1twif wrote

Fromuth & Langlois in Bedford (Manchester? Right on the line) are FANTASTIC. I've been going to them for forever and while I hate the dentist in principle (who loves having their mouth prodded?), they make it so comfortable and are so nice and do a great job.


A-Do-Gooder t1_je2fcxx wrote

It is very hard finding a dentist you can trust. I've been going to Suncook Dental for a long time now and they've always treated me well, I've never felt taken advantage of, and they have only done what's necessary. I've been to other dentist in NH who have clearly recommended unnecessary procedures trying to drive up business in the Concord area. Be careful, be choosey, and don't be afraid to try a few dentists out.


xxtatgirl93xx OP t1_je2gfq9 wrote

Thank you for that. I realize that it’s okay to try people out


Josh918 t1_je1xb4s wrote

The people at Vanguard in Derry were great. I have fear of the dentist and they made me super comfortable. Highly recommended!


Smoblikat t1_je9plto wrote

craig rottenbitch (the owner) is the Dr. Baribeau of the dental world. I personally know that he intentionally causes harm to patients.

Avoid vanguard at all costs.


Gotta_Gett t1_je250zy wrote

Hooksett Family Dental is great. I've been going for my whole life and have never had a bad experience.


bitspace t1_je2hlap wrote

My wife and I are very happy with Dr. Christian and Granite Family Dentistry in Hooksett. My wife has very challenging dental needs and has been extremely happy with Dr. Christian. My needs are more mundane and I am also very satisfied.


iangunn t1_je3y3mh wrote

I have to give a shout out for Dr. Skaperdas in Manchester. I've been going to him and his father before him for over 50 years.

I will also recommend the mother and daughter team of Dr. Spindel. My ex did not like the hygienist at my dentist so my kids go to Spindel and I like them a lot as well.


BlackJesus420 t1_je1vm46 wrote

I see Dr. Sherry at Dental Designs of New England in Merrimack and have always had a great experience!


w11f1ow3r t1_je2q3ca wrote

Hampshire Family Dental in Raymond is amazing


daymuub t1_je2vsq1 wrote

I just got a tooth pulled at aspen the dentist was kinda rude but also super busy the nurses/assistants were super nice though. It was cheap though only 221 for a tooth pull


stinkysdad t1_je34gw8 wrote

Dr. Evelyn Bryan on South Main, went to her for a second opinion after Gentle Dental tried convincing me to get gum surgery for 10k. She told me that they were full of hot gas and all i had to do was to floss more


Ok-Werewolf-9376 t1_je4sctb wrote

Just got a filling at Advanced Family Dentist in Merrimack. She uses a laser - I was back in my car in 12 minutes, no numbing. A-MAZING


kranken_box t1_je2e9e2 wrote

Amoskeag family dentistry. Very nice people, reasonably priced, always accepting new patients. 10/10


LivinInTheAdks t1_je1y3r5 wrote

White Park Dental in Concord, awesome place.


NewHampshireAngle t1_je24kbw wrote

Advanced Family Dentistry in Nashua is good. I’ve been going there for decades and have had no complaint.


kahllerdady t1_je2e6gp wrote

Vanguard in Derry. Dr. Mike is awesome and they are a great practice. However, if you have Delta Dental you have to prepay and they file your claim...


fallfallingleaves t1_je2f1kb wrote

I've been going to Derry Dental Associates for years. Husband and wife office, Drs Erik and Karen Young.


AutumnSpecialist t1_je2sbl1 wrote

I have had 13 fillings and 2 crowns (for 2 root canals) done by this one dentist who is worth the drive down into Massachusetts for. Dr. Drew in Lawrence, MA is phenomenal. I have been going to him for 7+ years now. I cannot say enough good things about him. - Owner of a Really Really Soft Set of Teeth


RunAccomplished6085 t1_je3amtw wrote

Ahearn, Nichols, Hersey & Butterfield in Derry- all awesome with very kind and thorough hygienists.


Oakley7677 t1_je4ik1q wrote

Endless Smile in Hooksett. I have been going there for 10+ years. I like them a lot.


Ohaiitsjohn t1_je4ygjb wrote

I have been going to Dr. Berkal in Derry for years and she and her staff are fantastic could not recommend enough. I went there after having been lied to for years from a dentist in Methuen and she took the time to plan out and schedule how we were going to fix everything he had possibly brazenly missed.