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Sirhc978 t1_jde65pu wrote

That headline is a little misleading:

>“We don’t want to shut down any free speech,” said Kelley. “But we want this book out of the children’s section.


V1198 t1_jde7jqk wrote

So, unstable people, based on their comments and behavior, want a children’s book removed from the children’s section? This country is losing it 😂


FreezingRobot t1_jde9m13 wrote

>Kelley said she went to the library on a hunch inappropriate materials
might be found in the children’s section, and she said her suspicions
were confirmed.

Hahaha, I'm sure if this book wasn't in the library, another book would have been found and she would have been just as upset about it.


juicebronston t1_jdeeu4m wrote

We’ve got an epidemic of ignorance on our hands.


smartest_kobold t1_jdehgsh wrote

The book is targeted to 10-13 year olds. Some of whom can get pregnant.


Berzerk_Unit_Alpha t1_jdeijsv wrote

Don’t teach kids about sex and when your 12 year old daughter gets pregnant just beat her and shame her as drive to the abortion clinic you tried to have closed down.


reddittheguy t1_jdejj88 wrote

Just a reminder. These kinds of idiots don't just live in the south.


comefromawayfan2022 t1_jdex9s8 wrote

Two choices: either teach your kids about sex yourselves or have them learn about it through a book...OR keep them in the dark and let them learn the hard way..but I don't recommend this...oh wait that's three options


comefromawayfan2022 t1_jdey4jj wrote

One more thought...this can't be the only sex book in the library and people are up in arms over this? Some parents are gonna have a RUDE awakening when their kids get to taking health class


UnfairAd7220 t1_jdfvm4w wrote

If you know what your child is reading, you own that responsibility.

You don't have the responsibility to limit what others can or can't read.


gmcgath t1_jdhhdsi wrote

Welcome to Conway. No doughnut pictures or sex ed books allowed.


LeftBoobi t1_jdm8xek wrote

It sure would be a shame if kids had access to relevant and accurate information. Better just ask your friends weird older brother instead! 🙄🙄


Emeleigh_Rose t1_jdme98n wrote

A book from a library isn't going to harm children. Maybe this group should be looking at the fact that everything from social media to advertising has so much sexual content. Yet kids, apparently, aren't supposed to notice. Also most kids are exposed to porn at age 10. Yet they're trying to remove a book that actual gives kids factual information about their bodies.


Pristine_Manner_1743 t1_je8zibo wrote

People…the internet! Kids aren’t going to the library to learn about sex. They have all the info they need at the fingertips on their phones!