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WalkingEnigma t1_jcigjm1 wrote

I live in NH. I used to be pro-legalization. But my mind has been changed. I’m sick of seeing people smoking it while driving, in traffic. I’m tired of smelling it everywhere I go. If it’s ever up for a vote I’m voting no because the people doing it now aren’t responsible enough with it for it to be legalized. I don’t care about all the gateway dumb arguments, I just hate the smell of it and the fact that people are so incredibly irresponsible.


lizardbrains t1_jcisa8z wrote

Those rude people are like 1% of folks who benefit from it being legal. don’t punish so many


alunch t1_jck4t8j wrote

Cool, I've also compiled a list of things I hate the smell of that should therefor be made illegal.

  • Liturgical incense
  • Tequila
  • Fried Clams
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Gasoline

noobprodigy t1_jclf9ch wrote

Colognes and perfumes, scented cleaners, olives, stinky cheese