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Sirhc978 t1_jch29a1 wrote

>This would effectively legalize the possession, cultivation and distribution of marijuana for everyone 21 and older with no specific limits on how much can be grown or possessed.

The way this is worded makes it sound like, you can have and grow as much as you want, but you won't be able to open a dispensary?

Also from the actual bill:

>This bill legalizes the possession and use of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), mescaline, psilocybin, and peyote for persons 21 years of age and older.

I am confused.


plz1 t1_jch2pko wrote

Don't worry, it'll die in either the Senate or on Sununu's desk.


cwalton505 t1_jchik0s wrote

well if the senate has a similar ratio; and it dies on Sununu's desk, the veto would be overridden easily. And who knows, this bill doesn't involve creating established distribution, so it may be different.


plz1 t1_jchkhdj wrote

I'm all for it, but I've been let down too many times.


Troutflash t1_jchwkag wrote

Senate has a bunch of “But the children…” legislators, of both parties, I’m guessing, the majority stodgy Republicans to boot.


notadaleknoreally t1_jclh0v5 wrote

It was passed with a veto proof majority two years ago and two senators flipped to not override the veto.

They were Manchester democrats, and the Manch PD gets a lot of federal funding to fight the opioid crisis that they wouldn’t qualify for if it was passed, apparently.

So.. yeah.


Alex_2259 t1_jcjfl86 wrote

CoreCivic Sununu you mean? Mr. $20k bribe from the private prison industry.


gregor-sans t1_jd4xnyk wrote

True, but at some point the State will want to monetize cannabis. The surrounding states are making a killing in tax revenue. I gotta believe some of that comes from folks switching away from alcohol, or at least cutting back. Some NH folks must be going out of state for their cannabis. That’s lost revenue for NH.


los-gokillas t1_jchg1rp wrote

Imo that's the best option. Fuck all these dispensaries. Just let people grow their own shit and keep the black market running without cop interference


b1ack1323 t1_jckrtet wrote

My wife has worked in a few dispensaries in MA. They are disgusting and hide shit from regulators. They won't shut down operations when they get mildew outbreaks they just dunk flower in H2O2. Home grown is a lot better, so is black market.


los-gokillas t1_jcks81c wrote

I also just disagree with how gross the dispensary model is. It's so much consumption, construction, resource usage, etc. Kind of against everything that traditionally pot smokers were into. Especially with something that really is not difficult to produce yourself


Notmystationbro t1_jcimaz9 wrote

I would never buy off the street anymore due to possibly having been laced with fentanyl. Dispensaries all day.

Edit- not everyone has the means to grow their own


los-gokillas t1_jcjq7hc wrote

I hear these concerns but you have to imagine the changed context of legalization. You're not buying off the street. You're buying from your neighbor who put twenty plants in their mulch bed. You'd be surprised how much you can grow for yourself in just a couple pots.


phantompenis2 t1_jck4w87 wrote

>not everyone has the means to grow their own

but you don't know a single person who could?

man i can't imagine what it's like to have never bought weed off the "street," texting your friend of a friend from the parking lot he told you to meet at 15 minutes after he told you to be there saying "u still coming? no rush just checking" hoping not to piss this stranger off so you can get a bag of weed. now kids be like gimme that government stamp on my pill bottle of flower


beyond_hatred t1_jckh0qo wrote

I tried growing cannabis once and it's pretty difficult, at least indoors. Maybe it's easier if you plant outdoors.


ArbitraryOrder t1_jchinjx wrote



NHGuy t1_jchxm3x wrote

I thought freedom involved guns? 'murca and all that


BigRockFarm t1_jci8ook wrote

You ever own a gun? YOU EVER OWN A GUN…ON WEED??


Least-Car6096 t1_jcl2mt7 wrote

😅 when I lived in MA and had my medical marijuana card, I had to wait until it expired to get my LTC. They will not issue one to anyone with a med card (or at least they didn’t at the time) because having one means you’re legally under the influence, regardless of it being “medicine.”

However, if you get the LTC first, and THEN the med card, it’s a different process. Med marijuana people don’t look into it the way that firearms licensers do. Nothing makes any sense. My LTC instructor literally said “oh it’s fine, just let it expire. Get your LTC first and then renew your med card- not the other way around. They check.” I’m like oh?

Then I moved to NH, where it was much easier to purchase a firearm (just a quick background check in the gun shop) than it was finding weed to smoke (illegally) 😬


alkatori t1_jcik4ub wrote

In professor Farnsworth's voice It can involve 2 things. Why Shouldn't it?


Kekwexpress t1_jchzf0h wrote

What’s wrong with guns?


NHGuy t1_jchzud2 wrote

Who said anything was wrong with guns?


Kekwexpress t1_jciolwo wrote

I did


NHGuy t1_jciovy4 wrote

well that's your problem then


Kekwexpress t1_jcjn80o wrote

But I like guns so I don’t have a problem?


NHGuy t1_jckz3ni wrote

You're a fucking troll - new account loaded with provocative comments. Test lightly. This is your first warning


Kekwexpress t1_jcn7dt2 wrote

Get over yourself you tool. Lighten up. Look at you; “this is your first warning.” Look at how up tight your are over nothing. You sound fucking ridiculous.

Comments that don’t align with your ferry tale dumpster opinions aren’t provocative. You’re just a dumb ass. Reddit isn’t reality. Get outside and touch some grass. Just ban me now because you’re mad, got some internet power and get it over with. Flex your Reddit penis😂

Test lightly, he says. Like anything you say means anything to anybody.


TacoLoco2 t1_jchslxr wrote

These added drugs are why this bill will fail. Bunch of morons in our state government. Everyone who voted against this will do so claiming they are open to legal cannabis but not the other drugs. Such whacko losers in our government


2_dam_hi t1_jcj5mqd wrote

Yeah. That looks like a classic poison pill.


Skandiaman t1_jch96qe wrote

hb360 is a different bill that notes legalizesing the possession and use of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSDmescaline, psilocybin, and peyote for persons 21 years of age and older.


DOCoSPADEo t1_jchfyyw wrote

Holy fucking shit. All Entheogenic drugs too? Live Free


XEssentialCryIceIs t1_jchqo0q wrote

This would be amazing, but I'm not holding my breath.


DinoHimself t1_jchx8t7 wrote

If you don’t hold it you don’t get as high though….


DopeBoogie t1_jcj9bqq wrote

That's a myth


DinoHimself t1_jcjhkkn wrote

I know. I just thought it was funny that they used the phrase “holding my breath” in this context.


danmac1152 t1_jck8bt4 wrote

I’m not sure about the cultivation part because I’ve read a few times now that they home cultivation part had to be omitted to please certain people and that it would be a separate bill all together. From what I understand medical patients would be able to grow 3 flowering plant, 3 non flowering and 12 seedlings. We would also have to register our small grows with the state. Which is nuts.


slimyprincelimey t1_jckfdcs wrote

I'd be fine with cultivation and possession being legalized without dispensaries, honestly.


AlexTheTolerable t1_jch7e73 wrote

Calling it now, it’s gonna die in the Senate


Vegetable-Language45 t1_jchaq37 wrote

100% New Hampshire will never legalize until the federal government does, Sununu has said as much.

Live Free Or Die, my ass

Carry a gun with no permit? Sure, why not?

Smoke a joint, jail.


earpain2 t1_jchbsg2 wrote

If they legalize privately owned dispensaries, they undermine the entire foundation of our state liquor store system so you are correct. We’re going to have to wait until it is federal law so we can have state-run dispensaries.

Calling it now - in ten years we’re going to have them conveniently located off 93, just after the tolls!


Vegetable-Language45 t1_jchc77d wrote

Fuck the liquor commission and their monopoly.

Why would there be dispensaries at the border when literally every other surrounding state is legal?

Fuck it, buy an eighth and you get a free Roman Candle!


gortexcondom t1_jchlrms wrote

We have the lowest cost of liquor in the country. Why is that a bad thing?


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jchx4vt wrote

It’s not that much cheaper and most have to drive waaaaay farther to 1 of the state run stores. MA is closer to me than any of the state stores by a long way.


gortexcondom t1_jchxmb6 wrote

Where do you live? I legit can think of anywhere that is more than a 10 minute drive to a liquor store on the southern border. They are all over the place.

It is also significantly cheaper than mass. I would know because I went to school at umass Amherst but lived in Manchester NH. Every time I would go home I would buy tons of liquor for friends because some handles like captain Morgan’s was sometimes $10 cheaper. That’s like a 33% discount. This was in like 2010 though.


Tullyswimmer t1_jcigqpe wrote

I was gonna say, I've found it much harder to buy liquor in MA than NH. There's more stores if you just want like, Smirnoff and Jack, but if you're looking for more craft stuff, higher end stuff, or interesting/unique stuff, the state stores in NH have a WAY better selection than most of the private stores in MA, and are much easier to get to.

Plus, the sticker price in MA might be only a little more but then you get sales tax slapped on top of it.


Dux_Ignobilis t1_jchzj71 wrote

The stores produce a lot of tax money for the state and they generally pay decent as well. At least they did when I worked at one. Aside from that, since they have all the buying power collectively for the state, they actually get discounts from merchants since they can buy so much product in bulk. This is why the liquor stores in NH are cheaper than everywhere else. So not only do they provide a lot of tax revenue, they provide jobs and lower cost product. This would normally be the benefit of competing commercial companies but in this case the solution works just as well.


Tullyswimmer t1_jcih7jz wrote

I think the state run stores start at $12-something an hour, but the benefits are ridiculous and all employees, even part time ones, get them.

Yeah, there's a lot of ways that a state monopoly on liquor sales could go wrong, but in NH it works well, and generates a shitload of revenue for the state which is not really tax revenue.

I would 100% be OK with NH doing a similar thing with dispensaries because that's just another revenue stream for the state that keeps our taxes from going up as fast.


Dux_Ignobilis t1_jcihoc9 wrote

Damn. When I worked at a store 10 years ago that was the going rate for the sales/laborers. Was hoping it woulda increased in ten years but guess not.

I for one would definitely be up for the state doing it to increase tax revenue, but I don't want to wait til fed government makes it legal for them to do it either.


Tullyswimmer t1_jcijcb1 wrote

Seems my info is out of date.

I can't find the exact numbers on the state website (and I'm sure it's there) but it looks like the going rate is at least $16 an hour for a clerk II plus they get part-time benefits. I think it's part of one of the state employee unions. So it's really not a bad gig. A lot of the older clerks I've talked to are there because it's something to do and I think they get healthcare even as part time.


Dux_Ignobilis t1_jcik6k9 wrote

Yeah that makes more sense. That's what I would have expected the rate to be. If I recall correctly, Sundays you get 1.5x and Holidays are also 1.5x and if both coincide you get 2x pay as well. So it's definitely a decent job overall if you get the hours.


Tullyswimmer t1_jcikmuw wrote

Yeah. And even as someone who generally dislikes the government running shit and having a monopoly on it... I really can't complain about the way this state has set up liquor laws. It works well, the employees are treated well and have good benefits, and a lot of it is far cheaper than it is other places. And you can VERY easily find a specific bottle of something on the website and know exactly which store to go to if you want to purchase it. That is massively underrated if you're looking for something specific.


Dux_Ignobilis t1_jcimx1f wrote

Yeah it's always a situation of "it depends" and in this case it's been run efficiently so I support the government running it as well. An insider tip: depending on the store (the stores on 93 will sometimes do this - bigger stores more capability), you can request certain bottles that aren't in stock so long as you buy a couple bottles of it. So if there's like a rare whiskey or wine they don't have in stock throughout the state, some stores will order a case just to put on the shelf if they know a customer requested it and will buy a bottle or two.


Tullyswimmer t1_jck0sri wrote

The other factor here is that it brings in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue for the state, which means hundreds of millions of dollars that's not collected through taxes, and my property taxes are already painful enough.


Dux_Ignobilis t1_jcl4ih3 wrote

Absolutely. At the time, the store I worked at would bring in around $20m/yr for the state all while having the revenue to pay employees well and extra for divestiture and investing into the liquor commission.


warren_stupidity t1_jchs37h wrote

The liquor stores will be fine. There is little if any decrease in consumption of alcohol in legal states. What foundation exactly is undermined?


earpain2 t1_jchvqe5 wrote

The foundation of having state-owned liquor stores vs retail stores offering liquor.

If we have retail cannabis, retailers could challenge the state-run liquor system.


warren_stupidity t1_jchvzhs wrote

There is no connection. Pot is not alcohol. We also have retail tobacco.


JohnnyRebe1 t1_jchxfzx wrote

Do people actually think their going to sell pot inside the state liquor stores?? That would never happen. They’d have to open new storefronts and they’d be a million miles out of everyone’s way. Easier to just go to MA or ME.


warren_stupidity t1_jchycx9 wrote

Stores will be allowed on a town by town basis. As there is revenue attached to allowing pot stores, and every town is hurting on proper taxes, the incentive to allowing it is pretty strong. But yeah it won’t be next to a school.


autymfyres7ish t1_jcjw4s9 wrote

Why can't we have BOTH.


earpain2 t1_jclzvwv wrote

We can… as soon as it is legal federally. Until then the state can’t open dispensaries because it violates federal law.


NHGuy t1_jchyaoq wrote

It doesn't undermine the state liquor stores in the slightest


cwalton505 t1_jchj0yr wrote

"Smoke a joint, jail."

It is decriminalized..... You don't go to fucking jail for smoking a joint. Unless you're doing it while driving. If you want to criticize the law status, go for it, but at least know what you're talking about.


Vegetable-Language45 t1_jci02lj wrote

.74 oz ticket

.76 oz handcuffs.

I'm aware of what I'm talking about.


cwalton505 t1_jci1z5c wrote

. 74oz joint lmao. You don't


Vegetable-Language45 t1_jci797w wrote

I didn't say joint in that comment, however if you've ever seen Up in Smoke you'd know that's definitely possible


cwalton505 t1_jcjlzyy wrote

Your original comment said smoke a joint jail, then you moved the goal posts.


Tullyswimmer t1_jcihp6n wrote

.74 oz is what, a pretty full quart sized bag of bud?

Like, you MIGHT be able to make a joint out of it but it'd be fucking massive.


Vegetable-Language45 t1_jcj27k3 wrote

If you lay 2 fingers across a baggie, that's roughly a quarter oz.

Trust me, where there is a will there is a way.


phantompenis2 t1_jck60vh wrote

why are you using the least likely scenario to prove your point


slimyprincelimey t1_jckfoz6 wrote

You know in MA you can't have more than an ounce, right.

So... if they lay 3 fingers across a baggie, jail there too. Not to mention, smoking one in public is theoretically illegal.


ArbitraryOrder t1_jchit2z wrote

>Carry a gun with no permit? Sure, why not?

Hell Yes

>Smoke a joint

Hell Yes

That's the FREEDOM way


[deleted] t1_jcilmlg wrote

Hey, stranger things have happened. New York legalized weed. I figured that police state would be behind Texas on that, but the dirt on Cuomo was just that good. Creepy Cuomo legalized it just to try to save his job.

The lesson is clear: if you want legal weed, MeToo the slimy failson of your local political crime family. There is no way there isn’t dirt to be found. All these political dynasties are corrupt as fuck. Newsom and Pelosi, Cuomos, Kennedys, Sununus, Huckabees, they’re all rotten. Just find someone to credibly destroy his character and he’ll throw a prole a bone. Until then, he’s gonna sit high up there and sneer at us commoners like the silver spoon bitch he is.


slimyprincelimey t1_jckfj0r wrote

Why bother with hyperbole here? Simple possession is so normalized and decriminalized that a single joint specifically cannot land you in jail. Just let the facts speak for themselves.


slayermcb t1_jchsuq3 wrote

Possession is just a desk ticket. It's no worse then speeding.


Vegetable-Language45 t1_jchvnsg wrote

The fact that statement exists is the issue.

Speeding endangers other motorists and pedestrians.

Smoking marijuana does not, unless you're driving.

These are not equivalent activities.


slayermcb t1_jchwp5z wrote

While I agree, a ticket is far from jail time.


Vegetable-Language45 t1_jchx7ql wrote

Depends on the weight of the container the weed is in, and if the cop is honest.

Scales can be manipulated.

.70 oz? ticket.

.79 oz? jail.


dangerzonebjj t1_jch6mjx wrote

Cool but until the senate is on board it's going nowhere


Smirkly t1_jchb0nb wrote

I nominate the Ostrich as the state bird, noted for sticking it's head in the sand to hide. Missouri is now a legal state.


DeerFlyHater t1_jchbuk0 wrote

Everyone talking about it dying in the Senate clearly hasn't paid attention to the last couple of years and the current makeup of the Senate.

The prime sponsor of the legalization bill(HB1598) which was killed last year is Daryl Abbas. He is now a Senator.

Also voting Yea in the House last year on HB1598 was Tim Lang and Howard Pearl. Guess what, they are Senators this year as well.

There is support in the Senate for legalization.


Searchlights t1_jchmod1 wrote

They're not going to pass a bill than has LSD and mushrooms and shit loaded in it


TacoLoco2 t1_jchsx18 wrote

Exactly. This is how they keep it from passing. Add these other drugs, then say they would vote for it if it weren’t for the other drugs…


DeerFlyHater t1_jchw3st wrote

Which can be removed via amendment in the Senate. Then the Senate votes on it. If it passes, it goes back to the House for concurrence on the Senate's amendment, and then on to the Governor.

This shoot for the moon trend on some bills is annoying. I saw a decent solar bill get killed today because some junior rep tried to increase solar use by 1170% for the next gabillion years. Little bights get the ball to the end zone overthrowing the receiver does not. *forgive my extremely shitty football analogy.


Tullyswimmer t1_jcii4y1 wrote

> This shoot for the moon trend on some bills is annoying. I saw a decent solar bill get killed today because some junior rep tried to increase solar use by 1170% for the next gabillion years.

It's like the "water protection bill" that was being discussed here yesterday. The standards that were set out in that were absolutely crazy high, to the point where some bottled water wouldn't pass, and the amount of PFAS in soil alone would probably cause a lot of water sources to be over the limit.

Like, let's protect our water, sure, but let's do it in a way that makes fucking sense and is reasonably possible.


Ktmouse t1_jchk1e9 wrote

the problem will be the other shit tacked onto this bill


DeerFlyHater t1_jchwb25 wrote

Once you find out which committee it is assigned to, write them or testify at the hearing. Advocate for the passage of the marijuana at a minimum even if they have to do a committee amendment to remove the hail mary drugs.


Tullyswimmer t1_jciihw7 wrote

Yeah, the NH senate has killed it the last several times it's brought up, but every time there's one or two more senators who vote for it as the dinosaurs like D'Alessandro leave.

It will eventually get passed in the senate, and even if Sununu vetoes, it's already pretty close to the veto override and could probably get there if they struck the psychedelics in an amendment.


Capital_Ad7979 t1_jchhct8 wrote

I’m confused, when I read the bill there’s also mention of legalization of lsd, shrooms, and mescaline. I’m all for living free but with how difficult it has been to even get close to cannabis legalization only (ie tackling actual Rec stores at a later date which seems to be the case) why are they trying to slip this in there?


Capital_Ad7979 t1_jchhqfo wrote

I feel most people support weed legalization but that would be a tough sell to the senate. That is, if they actually read the bill!


CLS4L t1_jchcjcx wrote

Almost like living free


SpoonyDandelion t1_jci2iu7 wrote

I just wish more doctors in NH weren't complete dicks about it.

They're fine with painkillers and drugs that could make my skin fall off, fine with prescribing otc stuff so I can save a dime, but not ok with a flower that helps me sleep, eat, stay calm and eases my pain? Wtf? You're not a doctor, you're a pill pusher.


Hot-Specialist-6824 t1_jchgwf9 wrote

It will go where all marijuana legalization bills go to die, the New Hampshire Senate


jennyfromtheblock777 t1_jcibg1o wrote

Lol NH is not gonna go from “live free or die unless you have drugs” to “live free and do ALL THE DRUGS”

Pot would be one thing. But did I read this bill legalizes acid and other psychedelics as well? Lol that’d be a swell victory for libertarians but it will never pass the senate and Sununu won’t sign it.


NeonVoidx t1_jcj5d8t wrote

Live free or die! Carry pistols concealed with no permit! Ride motorcycles with no helmets! Smoke weed if you want to!... Oh wait


pxerz t1_jck1swv wrote

Insane that MA has legal marijuana and not the live free or die state right above it


Yourcatsonfire t1_jchs0i4 wrote

I have an honest question. If it's illegal to grow here why is there or at least was a medical grow facility by the airport?


CDogNH t1_jchrqoz wrote

The other drugs it includes is no buenos. It needs to be killed in senate or vetoed.


sje46 t1_jci5j5c wrote

psychedelics aren't that dangerous. I don't even think it's possible to OD on LSD. Could be very bad to use psychedelics if you have mental health issues though. But some people say they also help.

That said, very surprised they added those on. Feel like that's going to kill this bill.


CDogNH t1_jciawwq wrote

Feels like they're trying to get it killed by doing that. Not ODing doesn't make it ok for me. Weed I'm indifferent about but the other drugs included make it a hard no for me.


WalkingEnigma t1_jcigjm1 wrote

I live in NH. I used to be pro-legalization. But my mind has been changed. I’m sick of seeing people smoking it while driving, in traffic. I’m tired of smelling it everywhere I go. If it’s ever up for a vote I’m voting no because the people doing it now aren’t responsible enough with it for it to be legalized. I don’t care about all the gateway dumb arguments, I just hate the smell of it and the fact that people are so incredibly irresponsible.


lizardbrains t1_jcisa8z wrote

Those rude people are like 1% of folks who benefit from it being legal. don’t punish so many


alunch t1_jck4t8j wrote

Cool, I've also compiled a list of things I hate the smell of that should therefor be made illegal.

  • Liturgical incense
  • Tequila
  • Fried Clams
  • Garbage Trucks
  • Gasoline

noobprodigy t1_jclf9ch wrote

Colognes and perfumes, scented cleaners, olives, stinky cheese