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cdot666 t1_jdzzpam wrote

The giraffe gang has been caught


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Edit for quote: “A prominent cardiac surgeon in New Hampshire has been connected to a string of deaths and injuries over the past two decades.

An investigation published by the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team last week on Dr. Yvon Baribeau revealed the surgeon had 21 malpractice settlements regarding patient deaths and injuries over his 25 years at Catholic Medical Center in Manchester. That’s the worst record in the nation in the past two decades. Yet data posted publicly by the New Hampshire Board of Medicine never reflected that.

The Globe’s investigation found a pattern of Baribeau’s colleagues speaking out, both to CMC administration and the Catholic church about their concerns, but little action was taken to discipline him. CMC routinely used Baribeau’s image on advertisements and touted his skills.”


notababyimatumor OP t1_je02g5k wrote

Thank you for this knowledge I didn’t have before, and thank you for yelling it at me. It really helped me absorb your words better


GoodWoodBud t1_je02mcj wrote

Can you hear me? HOW ABOUT NOW!?


RobynZombie t1_je0anl3 wrote

#what about now??


RedDragonJ t1_je0tbzj wrote

Christ, the guy’s dad is dead because of this hospital. He has a right to yell.


AMC4x4 t1_je14u5k wrote

Well, my mom was one of those who was mistreated at CMC. She was let go from the hospital after a VT episode. Turns out they hadn't dosed her with enough medication to allow it to build up in her system. She had a heart attack on the way home and had to go back. Was never the same after. I wouldn't recommend that hospital to my worst enemy.


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bigdog24681012 t1_je02x56 wrote

They chose to employ the surgeon with the highest malpractice rate in the country., then disciplined any colleague who spoke up about him. My dad is dead now because of this man.


Double-Abalone7052 t1_je07pp9 wrote

I’m so sorry, Exeter Hospital killed my mother, they also employ people they don’t bother background checking. One of their employees gave like 100 people hepatitis because he was shooting up their drugs and then shooting them up with saline.


applegeek101 t1_je088ft wrote

That was a travel nurse who did that. Hospitals doesn’t do background checks for travelers, it’s the agencies that hire them that do. Also, background checks don’t help if you’ve never been caught


Double-Abalone7052 t1_je0dj3y wrote

He had been caught and fired from multiple hospitals for a drug diversion. I’m not sure how much traveling he was doing he was at Exeter for a while.


George_GeorgeGlass t1_je0wkx9 wrote

He was a traveler. The previous hospitals where he worked did not report his behavior. They had no way of knowing. Hate to break it to you but if someone is intent on doing harm they figure out how to do it. Regardless of what safeguards we put in place


George_GeorgeGlass t1_jed1eos wrote

He wasn’t a radiology tech. I have close intimate knowledge. This article is full of non truths. But what is the point of the article? It doesn’t in any way say they the hospital could have known. His history wasn’t reported. Not sure what else there is to say.


bigdog24681012 t1_je08l2g wrote

I remember that Hepatitis male nurse… we had an issue with Exeter ER and my daughter. They are not set up to treat pediatric emergencies. I’m so sorry for your loss


George_GeorgeGlass t1_je0ws89 wrote

They do background checks. Background checks don’t help if previous employers don’t report behavior problems.


9BigDuke9 t1_je0o56y wrote

Check out Charles Cullen, pbly the most prolific serial killer ever, who was a nurse


take7pieces t1_je2kri2 wrote

I am so sorry. Thank you for sharing this information.


golemsheppard2 t1_je07emy wrote

You aren't wrong. I work in healthcare and the C (corporate) suites have fucking ruined medicine. I'm burnt out from working weekend shifts seeing 60 patients in the waiting room who need care but no place to see and treat them because the ED is operating at half capacity because admin wouldn't authorize overtime for our nurses so we had to close half the department from Friday night to Monday morning. Then these same assholes who make these penny wise dollar foolish decisions give themselves multimillion dollar bonuses for their brave financial stewardship. I watched these same clowns call security to escort them out of the hospital because it leaked that they took the first batch of covid vaccines for themselves and left ER docs and ICU nurses waiting another two weeks for restock during peak covid. So I get the sentiment that modern day healthcare is run by used car salesmen who pretend to be sanctimonious stewards of medicine who only care about patient outcomes while also emailing their front line staff nastygrams that we are admitting too many sick people who don't have health insurance.

But CMC has its own specific reputation of all that plus having an incompetent cardiothoracic surgeon who has a body count which rivals most serial killers and the hospital, according to the Boston Globes spotlight research, allegedly buried all this as he was an attractive face of their organization and CT surgeons bring in bags and bags of cash in billable procedures. There are allegations that CMC failed to report surgical errors to the NH board of medicine as required by law. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy gets his own season on Dr. Death.


travel_tech t1_je06vz2 wrote

Holy shit, next you're gonna tell me my insurance company doesn't actually want to help me afford my medical treatment.


Sharoane t1_je25f0w wrote

Not all of them, as I recently learned. The hospital in Bar Harbor, ME, is a nonprofit.


BelichicksBurner t1_je07mar wrote

This is literally all NH hospitals right now. CMC just had the most glaring example of it...but other hospitals aren't doing much better. They're all totally desperate for medical professionals. And if you think they're bad? Go check out some of the non-profits who don't have hospital level money.

I've seen docs hired by places that wouldn't even bring those same docs on for interviews 10 years ago. I've literally listened to doctors with severe mental illnesses go on unhinged tirades during team meetings...and nothing is done because the non-profits can't afford to lose them. I've seen prescribers who have severe health issues, to the point where they can't walk and have to have their nurses proofread all their notes that are still employed because they don't want to have a year long vacancy at the prescriber position while they to find someone new. The situation is quite dire and often stems from the same problem as everywhere else: rate of pay.

NH simply doesn't pay as well. Combine that with one of the higher property tax rates in the nation along with one of the highest costs of just makes more sense if you're a medical professional to go work in MA. Sucks but until something changes, we're gonna keep seeing this bullshit. It isn't just medical professionals either, it's everywhere in NH. That's why Sununu is so desperate to bump state workers pay: they can't even get people in the door for interviews because the state pay rate for a LOT of their jobs have dipped well below market rate. I know for a fact that my job literally pays twice as much in other states and three times as much when compared to the same job on the federal pay scale.


AMC4x4 t1_je1573k wrote

I remember a couple decades ago reading about how if you lived in NH, you enjoyed better healthcare than just about any other area of the country. My, how things change.


BelichicksBurner t1_je16giq wrote

Lot of bad decisions over the years lead to this. Bad decisions they continue to make. GOP has already come out as opposed to the previously announced agreement for raises for state workers and they seem far more interested in engaging in culture wars than fixing actual issues.


Iamtheonewhobawks t1_je1uk4x wrote

For many issues, the GOP doesn't just have no plan to fix them; they see them as ideological successes. Employees are supposed to be disposable. Things like healthcare are supposed to be dramatically different for the rich and poor.

Spending money and time making and maintaining a functional system for anyone but the rich is antithetical to the fundamentals of conservatism. Material wealth is directly correlated with human worth to the GOP. The hospital that makes the most money, the argument goes, must therefore be the best hospital. If people aren't recieving adequate care then it's either because they're undeserving OR it's that healthcare quite literally cannot be improved further. They're wrong, of course, but when has simply being wrong ever mattered in politics?


AMC4x4 t1_je16qr6 wrote

>far more interested in engaging in culture wars than fixing actual issues.

That's been their "bad decision" playbook pretty much since I was born, if not before. I thought at some point people would be sick of it. The House (edit: locally and nationally, it seems) is an utter clown show right now and the only ones paying attention to its complete and utter dysfunction are those who are smart enough to already know what a joke it is.


drchvtiv1234 t1_je1v86t wrote

You'd be hard pressed to find a hospital that isn't a shithole.


Double-Abalone7052 t1_je07kzx wrote

Elliot is awful too. Look what they did to Fernando because he suffered from confusion after a head injury. They’re terrifying there.


weveran t1_je1gldl wrote

Often don't have too much of a choice, but I'll keep this in mind. Up in the northern end of the state we didn't have any doctors that could perform the surgery my grandmother needed in an emergency a few years ago. She would have died that night if CMC hadn't been able to take her within a 2 hour notice (and similarly long drive in an Ambulance). Makes me afraid to have any medical complications in NH...


newenglandpolarbear t1_je0oza7 wrote

Only two hospitals in NH I would even remotely somewhat trust: the main facilities of DHMC (Lebanon) and Concord Hospital (Concord) MAYBE one of their branches (For example, concord hospital - laconia) if I was desperate enough.


imagine777 t1_je0zgg8 wrote

Concord Hospital almost killed my husband. I had to fight to have him transferred out to DHMC where they told me he was a day away from death had they not intervened when they did.


posttheory t1_je1azv7 wrote

Best care I have ever received was at Concord Neuro. Caring, enthusiastic, on top of the medical research. They are exceptional.


Reddoggfogg t1_je2h5yl wrote

Concord hospital where to start. That kidney cancer on all of so many CT's and MRI's that no one ever told me about. It has to progress for over a decade and I had to get ill and insist I was ill and transfer my care elsewhere to get dx. How about the ER sending me on my way telling me that full body scan found a goiter, but never telling me I had plural effusion and pneumonia... Ambulance back as O2 was down to 82-84 by then. 3 day stay should have been treated out patient if only they had treated me at the ER. How about my painful hernia that showed up on CT's 3 connective months of CT's and and I would end up in ER again. They ask me if I had a hernia. Nope I say so ER doc puts his butchers thumb quickly and deeply into the hernia to elicit big pain response... Guess he just couldn't believe me when I said nope I have no hernias. He saw it on those 3 scans. Concord nuero, you must be taking before this past year when 90% of their doctors left so they had an APRN play the roll of doctor. F me up good with too high med dosing. she also billed out as if my doctor, no longer there, still was. Headache clinic is gone. So much more about NH health care. Let's talk about nursing homes? Can't wait for Sununu to brag on the campaign trail about what he's done to improve our health care.


K_Gal14 t1_je29gy5 wrote

Look up the CJD prion outbreak there in 2013. Probably not fully their fault, but I won't go there for that reaso n alone


comefromawayfan2022 t1_je3rny6 wrote

Don't most hospitals in NH choose profit over people? Portsmouth had an ER Dr who was working there who was a girlfriend beater and they only fired him after he got in legal trouble..huggins in wolfeboro has such a shit reputation that even staff members say they won't go there for care, a ER Dr at wdh completely missed an obvious brain tumor on someone and on and on


Irishbangers14 t1_je0pzfh wrote

“Medical practice” people do die in the pursuit of that practice, not that it’s right but it’s how it is.


Accurate-Temporary73 t1_je0mvxa wrote

Yeah guess what? Every hospital is a “for profit” business. It’s why they get paid my health insurance companies and don’t take direct payments from patients.


Zachisawinner t1_je0fj1a wrote

Thanks for describing every private hospital in the US.


dilznoofus t1_je0b0u6 wrote

LOL I am colorblind and I had to blow this image up full size and zoom in to finally see whatever it is that caught your attention. totally invisible otherwise (for me!)

honestly though that just looks like paint dribbles


rdilly6 t1_je0dlnr wrote

I came to the comments for someone to explain why I didn't see it. Didn't expect it to be a colorblind thing


dilznoofus t1_je0ou59 wrote

I feel you, friend. 10% of the population has some form of colorblindness, and 5% of the population has the most common type (red/green). because of genetics, the affected are almost overwhelmingly men.

So I'm guessing it's not just you and me who can't see it! :)


linuxnh t1_je0y7tb wrote

Furthermore, the mother of the colorblind individual (which is more likely a male) can actually see 10x more colors than those with “normal” vision. That said, they don’t actually realize that is the case as it’s not a developed skill.


dilznoofus t1_je0zrwd wrote

I also linux in NH!

but in only do it with my VGA-grade vision! :)


Jesusisajedi t1_je0sfdh wrote

That’s the symbol for hing hing. It means hing hing is being sold in the area. It’s a new drug being smuggled in from Canada. It’s made from the fermented poop of reindeer. This is very bad. Keep you dogs away because they are susceptible to hing hing addiction.


Hutwe t1_je01n3s wrote

Looks like “hit the road“ in Hobo symbol


TyberiusJoaquin t1_je2825o wrote

Hit the road would make sense, and it sures seems ominous in this context haha


CBKritter t1_je1ws92 wrote

That's what I thought was it's probably a Hobo symbol or someone was really into that Resident Evil 6 logo that looked like a blowjob


dc551589 t1_je2r1vh wrote

Oh, you mean the London 2012 Olympics logo? The one with a couple Simpson’s characters?


CBKritter t1_je2r6aj wrote

I was thinking RE 6 where apparently its a giraffe getting a blowjob of sorts


dc551589 t1_je31qpg wrote

Ha! True. No, I was just trying to be funny by introducing another botched logo.


CBKritter t1_je31tsk wrote

Ahhh I never saw the logo I'll go see if Google hasn't hid it away lol


onesole t1_je028i5 wrote

The plumber wiped the brush before heading home


SleepingManatee t1_je0acyn wrote

Now that I know how horrible the NH hospitals are, what are the good ones in MA?


The-Irish-Goodbye t1_je1y70w wrote

Beth Israel, MGH, Lahey (suburbs) - all good


comefromawayfan2022 t1_je3s50j wrote

All of my specialists are at beth Israel..I can confirm they're absolutely excellent. I've had more compassionate care during ER trips and hospital admissions at beth Israel than I've ever had at any NH hospital


Savings-Cook-7759 t1_je2065p wrote

Isn’t your state slogan,” Live Free or Die”? This is the Die part.


RuledByEnvy t1_je1bp37 wrote

It means you really have to get off the internet and stop worrying about these things.


lantrick t1_je06nm5 wrote

You know what it is.


NewPhoenix77 t1_je0l6ja wrote

I wanna know what’s down that 3 inch alleyway!


Climbingtillifall t1_je0hvhz wrote

Looks like someone did it on accident 😂and who tags bricks with a marker- get some spray paint for that!


eyehunt2 t1_je4b84y wrote

Don Quixote’s horse , by Pablo Picasso


MarcieBoku t1_je1c6xt wrote

The bathroom in the ER is disgusting too. I’ve never smelt such a strong piss smell in my entire life. I felt like I was going to catch something in there.


Hunterslane86 t1_je1i5oa wrote

Looks like a hobo code mark or a sign for drugs. Either way, be careful


cosmo_thenaut t1_je23yb8 wrote



Reddoggfogg t1_je2hu7f wrote

😂 I can tell you are NH dog person. Most find know a Borzoi from Afghan hound


FrostyGranite t1_je2na5h wrote

Everyone should know what a hosegoat looks like vs an Afghan hound.


bostonkittycat t1_je2rftr wrote

Someone is marking the building as a safe house for vegetarians. The giraffe is their symbol.


01Zaphod t1_je2qcrj wrote

My family and I have completely left the DHMC system and are now at a non-profit. Can’t stand that institution.