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bigdog24681012 t1_jbau3tm wrote

DON’T go to anything called “Massage Envy” they’ll hire just about anyone off the street.

My wife went to a location on S Willow St, and the inexperienced masseuse must’ve had a hangnail or something because she left with deep 6”-9”abrasions all over her back.

We documented everything with pictures throughout the healing process, which took 6-8 weeks. That’s how deep they were!

I won’t say much more, but we contacted an attorney and *settled.


pewterpetunia t1_jbaxz63 wrote

Holy crap! Did she not feel pain as she was getting the massage? I’m surprised she didn’t stop it.


bigdog24681012 t1_jbb8g04 wrote

She was very uncomfortable during, and it wasn’t until I examined her back when she got home that we discovered the abrasions.


ForklkftJones t1_jbaqwbx wrote

I wish there was a day spa with mud baths and floats in the southern parts of NH. I see a bunch of massage spots on Groupon.


ruabaddfish2 t1_jbasv10 wrote

Eve's in Dover is pretty nice. It's a quiet chill spot. Very clean and Nicole is a really sweet woman.


Obi-Vag_Kenobi t1_jbe7jq3 wrote

Im interested in a real massage place. Someone who digs out all the problems. Not looking for someone to kill time rubbing my back or screwing around with hot rocks or paraffin. Not looking for a jack-shack either. Just a good knead out the knots kind of place.


Jet_Lee17 t1_jbbata1 wrote

Renee at Sacred Circle


corgilover37 t1_jbbek1n wrote

Healing Arts Therapeutic Massage in Gilford.


Burger-King-Covid t1_jbb4kcz wrote

Where’s the place the patriots coach went? I remember seeing it on the news for weeks upon weeks. So I would assume that’ll be the best place to go.


Boats_are_fun t1_jbc3bkx wrote

Orchids of Asia, in Jupiter Florida may be to far to travel. YMMV

Edit: Also it was Patriots owner Bob Kraft