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BackItUpWithLinks t1_jbbuq9g wrote

> create a “parents’ bill of rights” to expand parental oversight over curriculum and school activities

This is such a crock of shit. It’s not “parents,” it’s a couple of busybody assholes who haven’t cared about schools or education for years and didn’t get involved until they “heard” on Facebook that there’s a litter box in the classroom because a kid “identified as a cat.” They don’t care what’s being taught, they care that they can exert control, they want to feel important in their pathetic lives by pretending they’re doing something good.


ProlapsedMasshole t1_jbcuwtn wrote

Parents who don't want to teach their kids about all the things, even the things they don't like, are shitty parents.


StrikingHat2491 t1_jbgb7k5 wrote

Why don’t you concentrate on grooming your own kids and leave our kids alone.


BackItUpWithLinks t1_jbgbyfo wrote

When your kids grow up a little and get some experience out in the world, and realize what a horrible person you are, you’re going to be lonely in your senior years after they’ve cut you out of their lives.


StrikingHat2491 t1_jbiy6wi wrote

Wow. Your an ass.


BackItUpWithLinks t1_jbj69q6 wrote

You told me I’m trimming my kids and you think I’m an ass? 🤣

Your kids will eventually get out from under your control and make friends. Some of them won’t be like them, and they’ll figure out two things

  1. Gay/trans people are just people who want to be left alone to find friends, find love, have families, and do meaningful work.
  2. They need to cut you out of their lives and let you die alone and lonely because of your hateful ideas.

StrikingHat2491 t1_jbkh10p wrote

I have a great relationship with my child. You should not worry about me and my relationship.


BackItUpWithLinks t1_jbklmf8 wrote

> I have a great relationship with my child.

Because you’re insulating your child from the world. Once your child figures that out…

> You should not worry about me and my relationship.

…you should be worried.


z-eldapin t1_jbbv1v2 wrote

Parents bill of rights.

However, if a parent wants to support their transgendered child in their transition, they immediately bounce back with 'nooo, that's not what we meant'.


Dirtymike_nd_theboyz t1_jbgbgjw wrote

Children should not be transitioning. Stop sexualizing children. If you aren't old enough to drive a car, and not old enough to consent to sex, why on gods earth would you be given access to irreversible hormone treatments? I count 3 comments in this thread talking about EXTREMELY young children "transitioning" and it is disgusting. You can't buy cigarettes or drink alcohol until a certain age, because your brain is still developing. Why this would be different for altering your T or Estrogen, is completely beyond me. If you want to make that decision at 16/18 years old, be my guest.


z-eldapin t1_jbgcu51 wrote

Did you know that you were a girl at 6? Did you know you were a girl that likes boys at 6? Does it bother you that someone that presents as male would like to be called Miss ? Have a seat ma'am


Dirtymike_nd_theboyz t1_jbgi46v wrote

I like the part where you addressed the logical points that I made. That was my favorite part. Great reply thanks for making no sense at all.


z-eldapin t1_jbgj69m wrote

The logical part is parents want a bill of rights, but also want to strip parents of their rights to raise their children, if it doesn't conform with their moral compass.


cyriouslyslick t1_jbjgb9d wrote

It's exceedingly rare on an international level that children medically transition at young ages. Many trans people never medically transition. The issue is the amount of misinformation people like yourself who fall victim to misinformation because you don't actually want to speak with trans people or their families. The church has no problem sexualizing children at young ages, parents calling their kids "Ladies man" or "heartbreaker" while parading them around and gushing about their little cishet crushes at young ages, people have no problem altering the sex organs of their young AMAB children through circumcision. There are many more examples, but I'll keep it brief for your benefit.


lizyouwerebeer t1_jbcet6j wrote

Don't we already have a teaching shortage? Why don't we address that first before passing bills that will make more teachers quit.


[deleted] t1_jbesjf6 wrote

Eliminating public education is part of the goal. Then charter and religious schools can come in and collect state funding.


[deleted] t1_jbcq9nq wrote

Party of small government that wants to wield the power of the state against a single digit number of children. Despicable as usual.


NHGuy t1_jbcyio8 wrote

That's almost the exact thought I had when I read this earlier today


greenglasstree t1_jbbuk8f wrote

Why is it that fascists these days focus 95% of their efforts against only transgender people? Why do they no longer go after LGB people as hard as they did 10-20 years ago?


z-eldapin t1_jbbva9f wrote

First it was interracial relationships. They lost that fight.

Then it was LGB. They lost that fight.

So they've moved on to the next one. And they will lose, but it will be a fight.


greenglasstree t1_jbbwbyx wrote

So whom will they target in 10 years?


flounder19 OP t1_jbbxdrz wrote

Possibly still trans people. It's not like the fight over gay rights was resolved in 10 years (it's still very much ongoing in some ways). And gay people are more common than trans people which helped humanize them to the opposition. A lot of people have never met anybody trans so they're extra susceptible to fear mongering about them


YBMExile t1_jbc1xx6 wrote

I think they think they’ve never met anyone trans, but many have and don’t even know.


greenglasstree t1_jbckurq wrote

Every single trans man I have gotten to know was someone I assumed to be cis until they said they were trans.

For whatever reason 90% of trans men pass but 90% of trans women don't pass. I have probably walked past at least 5 or 6 trans men in my lifetime and not even noticed that they were trans.


ninjamansidekick t1_jbcmq19 wrote

There is a concern among some lesbian groups that the "transing of kids" is leading to a decline in lesbians. There is some data to suggest that many young women who now identify as "trans" would have been lesbian a decade ago.


GhostHost1000 t1_jbejmip wrote

Just curious, are you a lesbian? Because I am, and am in a whole lot of "lesbian groups," and I do not know a single person who finds this to be remotely a concern.


ninjamansidekick t1_jbeost5 wrote

No, and it's quite possible the info I had read was anecdotal. I have spent more time than I should in the literature on transgenderism in an effort to better understand my kid. The problem I quickly found is that solid info is hard to find, as most is propaganda for one side or the other. I also found that sources outside the US often tended to be less political and more data driven. But admittedly the "Terf" movement in Britain may be the source for my original thought, and that would certainly make it anecdotal as they do not represent mainstream LBG views in the US.


greenglasstree t1_jbcuzdt wrote

So trans is a subset of intersex people. Specfically, transgender people were born with the external genitals of one biological sex, but the brain structure of the other biological sex.

A simple brain scan can determine transgender status for people who think that they might not be cisgender.


ninjamansidekick t1_jbd1cvc wrote

My understanding is that is not quite true. While a Trans women's brain may have a thicker cortex which is more common among females the extra volume is not in the same areas as is common in females, and more to my original point my understanding is these comparison were between trans identifying individuals and heterosexual brain scans, would we see the same differences when compared to a homosexual brain scan? The brain stuff is very interesting, but I do not think it is as conclusive as activists on either side of this issue want it to be.


ArbitraryOrder t1_jbizdfx wrote

Whatever the immigrant group that is inconvenient at the time. So Chinese people


greenglasstree t1_jbk00r6 wrote

It's curious that white supremacists love to bash African and Latino Americans for poverty, low education, family breakdown, welfare dependence, and crime.

And in the same breath they bash Asian and Ashkenazi Jewish Americans for being "too interested" in education, employment, not using food stamps, and having stable nuclear families.


z-eldapin t1_jbbx1f4 wrote

I'm not kreskin. I can't predict the future.


sheila9165milo t1_jbep8cv wrote

Anyone they can punch down on, whoever that will be, when they find someone or some group they don't like, which is pretty much everyone who isn't them.


Icy-Neck-2422 t1_jbbze3w wrote

They keep working on the edge cases of the edge cases. In 5 years they will be fixated on a toaster named Kevin.


warren_stupidity t1_jbbywsd wrote

It is a tactical retreat. They lost that battle. They regrouped. They identified an easier more vulnerable target.


captainjackass28 t1_jbcyhrb wrote

They need a new threat to create to bilk people of money and get more power. It’s the same exact thing they’ve always done in history and it will never change.


UnfairAd7220 t1_jbexb56 wrote

When do you think you will be opening those re education camps for the republicans?

You know. Fix the problem once and for all. A so called 'final solution?'

Maybe make them wear yellow stars? For now.


captainjackass28 t1_jbf2o3m wrote

Thats literally what your people have suggested already. Maybe instead of having a hissy fit whenever anyone questions your bs you should just go for a walk or rant on twitter.


UnfairAd7220 t1_jbi28pz wrote

Well, name checks out!

I'm not the one having the hissy fit.

Find a mirror.


captainjackass28 t1_jbi38my wrote

Awww did a hurt the wittle incels feelings? Are you gonna get angry because someone dared to disagreed with you and try to storm the capital again?


-cochise t1_jbcchnl wrote

Most New Englanders have been fine with gay relationships for probably thirty or forty years. Hardly anybody (globally by massive margins, locally by who knows what margins) actually thinks “trans women are women” with no further caveats.


greenglasstree t1_jbcjpq2 wrote

>Most New Englanders have been fine with gay relationships for probably thirty or forty years.

I'm not sure if this is the case. It seems more like 20 years.


popquizmf t1_jbdxj6s wrote

Yeah, I grew up in suburban Mass from the 70s to the 90s. I can assure you, at least at my school, gay people, but in particular, gay men, were the object of many jokes.

When I think about my childhood, warm and welcoming to gay people is not how I would have described my community.


daydrinker2022 t1_jbd839i wrote

I'm so sick of this culture war.


UnfairAd7220 t1_jbex1kd wrote

And yet democrats keep advancing the line then wonder why there's all that pushback...


flounder19 OP t1_jbf78ub wrote

Ironically there’s very little coverage/pushback for the dem sponsored bill to protect trans kids although it’s unlikely to pass. But id argue that the major wave of anti-trans legislation we’ve seen lately is a pushback against trans people becoming more comfortable & visible with their existing freedom. If these hills were a reaction to democrats overreaching they’d be rolling back recently passed laws. Instead, they’re taking away long-standing rights because people dared to exercise them


vexingsilence t1_jbf3f1o wrote

They can't see it. It's their way or they'll throw every negative adjective they can think of at you. They're openly endorsing keeping secrets from parents, that's some serious dystopian BS, and to top it off, some of them are calling it "freedom". Bizarre times we're living in.


flounder19 OP t1_jbf7zbr wrote

Because the freedom is focused on the child’s rights. The goal is creating a supportive environment where students can confide in teachers confidently. Otherwise kids in non-supportive homes have literally no one to turn to who won’t report back to their parents. Hell, even if a kids parents are supportive, they may still want to privately work through their gender identity before telling their parents.


UnfairAd7220 t1_jbi24tu wrote

'Students,' because they aren't the District's 'children,' have limited 1st amendment rights, no 2A rights and restricted 4th, 5th and 6th amendment rights.
That's because the parents surrender the students to the District's care under 'in loco parentis.'

The Districts job never subsumes the parents' parental role. It's madness to assume that the District might.

Hence the legislation.


vexingsilence t1_jbfbkvl wrote

> The goal is creating a supportive environment where students can confide in teachers confidently.

Any time an adult persuades someone else's child to keep secrets from their parents, that's a huge red flag for all kinds of abuses that may be taking place.


flounder19 OP t1_jbfik6z wrote

The teachers aren't telling the kids "don't tell your parents". They're responding to kids asking if they can confidentially confide in them about something they don't feel comfortable discussing with their parents yet.


vexingsilence t1_jbfjfid wrote

That's not what teachers are for.


flounder19 OP t1_jbfph6n wrote

That’s your interpretation. But my own feeling is that this kind of legislation just sends the message to kids in unsupportive households that they need to shoulder the burden secretly until they’re at least 18. And that kind of isolated feeling likely has an awful emotional toll on top of the other hardships of being a trans kid


vexingsilence t1_jbfq64y wrote

There's nothing unique there. All children have the potential to live in conflict with their parents and siblings. As a society, we've settled on 18 as the point where you're assumed to have the maturity to start making your own decisions and set out on your own.


averageduder t1_jbh4jau wrote

You don’t know what education is for and have been here for years openly showing that.


vexingsilence t1_jbh7hmg wrote

Sick burn. You're truly the smartest here. We can all see it. Have a cupcake and a trophy.


averageduder t1_jbh983z wrote

you opine on every topic about education and teachers with these condescending opinions like

>That's not what teachers are for.

when you're clearly - at best - a contrarian.

I'm not trying to burn and this isn't about intelligence. This whole subreddit would benefit from not having a bunch of contrarians trolls and edgelords that it gets on some of these topics.


vexingsilence t1_jbhe3bs wrote

I express an opinion that it's improper for an adult to have one on one interaction with a student where the interaction is kept secret from the parents and that makes me a contrarian? That's clearly a situation that's ripe for abuse, regardless of how you want to manipulate the wording of it. I don't think pointing out a dangerous situation is contrarian, unless you're actively promoting that sort of thing. This is reddit, so, I guess that can't be ruled out entirely.

I respond to many of these threads because it's an issue that I'm interested in and an issue that's often echo chambered here. It's no secret that reddit is very, very liberal. How long do you think a sub like this would last with comments on threads that are all in agreement? It'd be as boring as reading NPR. Hardly anyone would bother. The few libertarians (bless their hearts) and conservatives that comment here are keeping the place alive. It's my gift to you. You're welcome.

On older threads, I seem to recall being one of two or three users that actually posted the text of the "divisive concepts" legislation, while everyone else made comments to what they incorrectly assumed the bill said. I've often gone and added additional information to all sorts of political threads. Not as much lately because I don't tend to chase after proposals that obviously aren't going anywhere. If that offends you, well, feel free to ignore my comments. It's a free country, sort of. You have the power.


shortieXV t1_jbcshpx wrote

Parents who want to shelter their kids from the real world and avoid explaining trans folks should probably just homeschool their kids if they are that concerned or pay for a private school that believes what they believe. Public schools should support all people and teach about all races, genders, orientations, etc. I don't have kids but I want the kids in my state to be up to date on this stuff if they are going to live here and work here some day. Makes for a better and safer society if we aren't all beholden to archaic beliefs from out dated religious types.


_6zero3_ t1_jbcgzbc wrote

>The House killed a similar bill last year after Republican Gov. Chris Sununu promised to veto it, but conservative lawmakers in both chambers are pushing new versions this session. Sununu hasn’t taken a position on the new bills.

Shocker. /s


Ok-Championship1993 t1_jbeatwr wrote

It makes me sick that these simple minded people target the most vulnerable people in our society to make their political points. Many are just brainwashed trump/fox robots with hate in their hearts. We must all stick together to fight this dangerous movement, especially in our beautiful state. We must defend those who have been marginalized and are unable to defend themselves.


cathouse1320again t1_jbcna00 wrote

Some day, and it’s not too far down the road, the crazy fucks that are trying now to pass these crazy laws are going to pay a high price for fucking with an entire generation or two.


UnfairAd7220 t1_jbexo56 wrote

What are you going to do? 'Take them out?'

Do you even listen to yourselves?


[deleted] t1_jbf3ymk wrote



cathouse1320again t1_jbgm2kp wrote

You obviously have difficulty with simple comprehension. I’m old already and not going to be involved in this fight when it comes, I’m a baby boomer who quite simply believes that my generation and also those born between 1960 & 1975 have made huge investments in tearing this country apart while almost no investments in trying to make it better. All of the generations following will perhaps have somewhat diminished lives and opportunities because of the simple self indulgences of the persons born from 1950-1975. You may not wish to see it or hear it, but that doesn’t change, we’ve been takers, not made many sacrifices with of course the exception of Vietnam and most of us think we’ve lived good lives, we all lived on the coattails of the generation that won world war II.


sheila9165milo t1_jbeoyro wrote

What is it with the fucking idiots in the GQP that they can't understand that we don't want that kind of hate here in NH? Enough with the stupid culture war bullshit and actually legislate what we need and want instead. Leave LGBTQ+ people alone, they aren't doing anything to hurt anyone.


UnfairAd7220 t1_jbext9m wrote

You only want YOUR kind of hate here.



sheila9165milo t1_jbfk5wu wrote

What "hate" am I espousing, exactly? I'm all for minding your own business, letting people live their lives in peace and quiet, actually following the laws, not looking for trouble where there is none, getting along with others, taking care of the less advantaged, equality for all, so how is that "hate?"


vexingsilence t1_jbf4giz wrote

> Leave LGBTQ+ people alone

Leave the rest of us and our kids alone.

>Enough with the stupid culture war bullshit and actually legislate what we need and want instead.

What do you think we're doing?


sheila9165milo t1_jbfjnuh wrote

Yeah, because white cisgender people are so fucking under attack by the LGBTQ+ community. What an ignorant fucking statement.


vexingsilence t1_jbfmf8w wrote

You're literally trying to exclude parental involvement in their children's education.


sheila9165milo t1_jbfvbgt wrote

No, I am not and I never said nor would I ever say that. You're putting your own words on me.


dppthrowaway773 t1_jbnpj1a wrote

No. You want your hateful views pushed onto everyone else's children. You want total control of your child's education? Homeschool them if you're so fucking smart.


vexingsilence t1_jboofqo wrote

> You want your hateful views pushed onto everyone else's children.

You have this backwards.


dppthrowaway773 t1_jbp29qg wrote

How in the hell is teaching kids that transgender people deserve equal respect as cisgender people hateful? No one is forcing children to transition.

And don't give me some bible bullshit. Just as you have the freedom to exercise your religion, I have the freedom to be free from following your religion as well.


vexingsilence t1_jbp43ah wrote

> No one is forcing children to transition.

Except that peer pressure and this type of "education" has led to this happening in other parts of the country. Take an underdeveloped child who has always been ripe for bullying and now encourage them to pursue a path and convince them it's the right thing. Then later on as adults they realize what happened.

>And don't give me some bible bullshit.

Just throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks?


dppthrowaway773 t1_jbp658e wrote

Where is your evidence? If you don't have any, shut the fuck up and sit down.


vexingsilence t1_jbp7ywn wrote

>Where is your evidence? If you don't have any, shut the fuck up and sit down.

Ironic from a throwaway account.

The info is out there if you bother to look for it. You claim to be against hate but you're trying to silence others. That's priceless. I'm just trying to be my authentic self here, what's with the hate?


dppthrowaway773 t1_jbp94by wrote

No, I'm just trying to silence a bigot. I'm not the one trying to prove a claim here, you are. The burden of proof is on you, not me. So in short, put up or shut up.


vexingsilence t1_jbppket wrote

These forays opened his eyes to the online abuse detransitioners receive – not just the usual anti-transgender attacks, but members of the transgender community telling them to “shut up” and even sending death threats.


I could go on. There's tons of stuff out there.


therealbeth t1_jbezvs7 wrote

I'm so sick of this gross, pandering, fear-mongering culture war legislation. Isn't this New Hampshire? Isn't our whole deal to leave people the fuck alone? If you're such a shitty parent that you believe your child simply knowing an LGBTQ person exists will make them become LGBTQ, you need to realize that the blame for that is on you, not a random teacher. Parents have always had access to the curriculum in NH. They've always had the ability to opt their kid out of things. And the need for kids to be able to talk to a trusted teacher if they have an unsafe home life has always been vital. Stop shoving this faux outrage about problems that don't exist and absurd religious indoctrination down the throats of NH taxpayers, parents, and students, and just leave people alone.


FortitudeWisdom t1_jbctnl0 wrote

What are the bills? This AP article sucks. They don't link to anything.


NHGuy t1_jbcyslk wrote

I wanted to know the bill # and who sponsored it - neither are in this article


flounder19 OP t1_jbd6o4b wrote

  • HB619-FN - Sponsors: Roy (R), Spillane (R), McCarter (R), Verville (R), Notter (R), Seidel (R), Alicia Lekas (R), Love (R)
  • HB417-FN - Sponsor: Testerman (R)
  • HB368-FN - Sponsors: Cannon (D), MacKay (D), Moulton (D), Toll (D), Marjorie Smith (D), Schultz (D), Bouldin (D), Rung (D), Dutzy (D), Wilhelm (D), Watters (D), Perkins Kwoka (D)

flounder19 OP t1_jbd6h0p wrote


mabinette t1_jbefxdq wrote

Definitely read this article. We aren't talking about surgeries. We are talking about banning proper counseling. Why in the world would we ban a therapist from doing their job and treating all the patient's issues?


sheila9165milo t1_jbeqlkd wrote

Because the GQP hates education and the educated. It started back when I was high school in the 1980s with Ray-gun's attacks on education and hasn't stopped yet. They have always been a hateful, snobby club and have done nothing but prove it over and over again in my life time.


ThatSoloTaco t1_jbegct2 wrote

For anyone who needs additional info on what professionals look at when working with transgender people there's a 40 year old org called WPATH, which just released version 8 of it's standard of care.

WPATH Standard of Care 8

This one's not looked at by professionals, but more used to educate people it's a compilation of light research, history, and personal experiences

Gender Dysphoria Bible


TheRedEyedAlien t1_jbffuot wrote

This is the reason I’m gonna leave the US at the earliest opportunity, I’m done with lawmakers hating people like me so much


TrotskyTMBO83 t1_jbe588b wrote

The current GOP legislative body for New Hampshire is trying to be the South of the North. While we don't have groups like the klan or other far right white nationalist organizations. We have the Free Staters and the NH Libertarian party slowly chipping away personal rights and institutions that guarantee children of all education backgrounds a decent education and for families to make decent medical decisions for their children. Currently there are three towns that are heavily influenced by these groups at a local level above Concord and in North Country.


[deleted] t1_jbcvz58 wrote



vexingsilence t1_jbdebpy wrote

>Prove to the US that we can have a purple state that votes for the will of the people.


Being purple would mean two political ideologies, not one. You seem to be suggesting that there's only "one will".


Secure_View6740 t1_jbold15 wrote

If the parents support their kids transitioning , the state should keep their noses out if this period. Now if the school is ramming crap down kids throat and the families do not believe in it. It’s their total right to object to this. One parent’s right should not trump another parent decision. It’s a tricky subject for sure.


Best-Road-2605 t1_jbd4i3g wrote

So it’s not ok for a parent to know what there child is learning in school even if it’s harmful?


YBMExile t1_jbe46a5 wrote

Do you have kids in public schools and if so, have you ever felt you weren’t given reasonable access to curriculum, policy, procedures?


Irythros t1_jbgbi3m wrote

You responded to another reply 4 hours ago, but not mine asking how it was harmful.

Again, please, how is this harmful? Do you have an answer?


Best-Road-2605 t1_jbh0jtu wrote

Oh, I’m sorry I was working and not on Reddit every second. There are teachers that tell students not to say anything about the conversations they have about sexuality and questions they have. The teachers tell them to orient themselves in a certain way which they should have no say what so ever with. That child is a minor and parents should know if there child has a situation.


tylermm03 t1_jbd4y76 wrote

Here’s how I think this state should be run; staying the fuck out of the doctor’s office, staying out of the classroom, not punishing people for smoking weed, staying out of people’s gun safes, and having minimal taxation. Live free or fucking die.


YBMExile t1_jbe3844 wrote

You can’t have public education without the “state”, so….


vexingsilence t1_jbdeh5z wrote

How is having no say in your children's education a form of living free? That's the exact opposite, it's government control cranked up to 10.


Chiari999 t1_jbe8yr4 wrote

I just don't want you having a say in MY kids' education.

You are quite free to teach your kids your values at home. If you're worried it isn't going to stick because they are exposed to other ideas and ways of life at school, that is a you problem. Leave my kids, me, and our freedoms out of it.

If you are supporting restrictive laws, you are supporting restricting someone's freedom, even if not your own.


vexingsilence t1_jbf2gx4 wrote

>If you are supporting restrictive laws, you are supporting restricting someone's freedom, even if not your own.

What do you think laws are? That's what they do. What happens in the classroom should not be kept from parents. Topics that are deemed out of bounds that have no academic value should not be in the classroom, especially sensitive topics like sexuality.

>You are quite free to teach your kids your values at home.

This is how we ended up with vouchers. Congrats.


lantrick t1_jbcajtj wrote

First they came 4 for the transgendered, and I did nothing.


adam5isalive t1_jbembtc wrote

Privatize the schools and these sorts of things stop being an issue, you could just move your kid to a school that isn't garbage.


nhmo t1_jbeu5q1 wrote

Public education is literally one of the greatest developments the United States created and championed in the world.

Y'all calling for privatization of schools are unAmerican and can go get bent.


adam5isalive t1_jbfzov1 wrote

I'd also like to privatize the post office.


averageduder t1_jbh52zv wrote

Odd position to have for one of the most rural states in the country.


adam5isalive t1_jbh686a wrote

UPS, FedEX, DHL, Amazon, Bob's Backyard Mail Service, etc etc. We don't need the USPS, it's a huge waste of money for terrible service.


averageduder t1_jbh8ggu wrote

How do you think deliveries to extreme rural America work?

You realize that not only would these be more expensive in many cases, but they just flat out wouldn't deliver to rural areas as there is little to no profit to be had in it.


adam5isalive t1_jbjqtf6 wrote

So what if it's more expensive for rural communities? They're the ones living out there, let them bear the cost of choosing to live out in the boonies.


averageduder t1_jblbkp1 wrote

ok, first, there's no poltiican anywhere that is going to have that stance, second, that's the entire point of having a society. Some parts of society subsidize other portions. It makes it easier and cheaper for everyone.


fraulein_nh t1_jbkhjky wrote

There are plenty of private schools to attend. That is always a parental choice. You can also educate your children at home in accordance with your values. Literally no one is stopping you.


SoWhatHappened2U t1_jbcvhtv wrote

Parents in general do care about this. Many parents are silenced by the mob (probably all you guys). There is a social contagion portion of this that's going to harm kids that are just messed up/going through a rough phase. Some reasonable guard rails need to be put in place for anyone under 18 and in publicly funded schools. If there isn't eventually public schools are going to shrink and are only going to be for those that can't afford to buy their way out.


Larovich153 t1_jbcx1l6 wrote

There are reasonable guard rails. My little sister is trans, and before even getting a legal diagnosis, she needed to not only talk to three therapists and also talk with our parents the entire way. An under-age trans person needs to go through months of therapy doctors appointments and gain the approval of their parents for any medical help. however if what you are against are teachers calling students by the name that they want to be called rather than their birth name, then you are being ridiculous.


Dirtymike_nd_theboyz t1_jbg9xgh wrote

I like how you just sneak "under-age" into this. We all see what you are doing. Literally sexualizing children, in school, then acting surprised when people express outrage.


averageduder t1_jbh5be5 wrote

Sexualizing his little sister? Do you think anyone is is convinced that you’re anything other than a bad faith actor with this rhetoric


Larovich153 t1_jbh5rnc wrote

Ah, yes, the accusation that all people that are trans or support trans people are pedophiles, the same one used by homophobes when talking about homosexuals in the sixties in films like boys beware. It's almost like you bigots say the same dam thing every time a marginalized group starts to be accepted by society.


SomeCalcium t1_jbl3c82 wrote

Someone identifying as a different gender than their biological sex isn't sexualizing them. If you all want to join in on this conversation, you need to stop associating homosexuality and transgender folks with sexual deviancy. No one is thinking about them in a sexual manner but you guys.


YBMExile t1_jbe349k wrote

Reasonable guard rail? It’s not like school is passing out hormone suppressants and booking surgeries. Schools acknowledge that trans people exist in our society.

This is about using preferred pronouns, maybe reasonable bathroom access, and not being hateful bigots. Is it really that much to expect?


SoWhatHappened2U t1_jbevlqf wrote

If someone needs a bill to state that teachers can't lie to you about your own child then no... the right guardrails are not yet in place. Some teachers and school officials are doing more than acknowledging trans people, to state otherwise is either naive or disingenuous. You can't have a real discussion on this if you don't concede there are real concerns and issues on both sides. Everyone that disagrees with you is not a hateful bigot.


YBMExile t1_jbex2tq wrote

Please be specific. What exactly are teachers/administrators doing wrong right now, in the year of our lord 2023, for NH (or American) public school students, as it pertains to trans students. You can cite a real life example in the news or from your own kids, if you have them, or ???. Seriously, if you don't want to be perceived as a hateful bigot, say something substantive. We'll wait.


SoWhatHappened2U t1_jbfvyai wrote

Again... Not productive to label anyone with a different opinion a hateful bigot. If you want to troll then I guess troll on. As for examples there are multiple lawsuits across the country where parents were excluded from decisions relating to a child's gender at school. Not including parents in discussions and decisions that affect a child's emotional and physical health is wrong. I am a parent with children in NH public schools so yeah I have skin in the game. Any new law that puts in a guard rail to prevent that is resonating with parents. They just don't want to discuss it with you because you immediately label them bigots, fascists or whatever.


YBMExile t1_jbfwst3 wrote

No, YOU put the "hateful bigot" word in my mouth. I'm trying to add substance to a discussion that is often too vague and too loaded to be useful. Aside from that, can you give an example? Even a hypothetical. "not including parents in discussions" doesn't really say anything. "guardrails" doesn't say anything. If this is meaningful to you, and you have skin in the game, can you please say more about what you realistically think this bill addresses? What wrongs are corrected?


huskydannnn t1_jbcauc3 wrote

i dont support transgenderism


warpedaeroplane t1_jbcj6as wrote

I don’t support your dumb ass but you have a right to be one so maybe let other people just live their lives then


huskydannnn t1_jbcmamo wrote

i never once didnt “let someone live their life”… can they not survive without my “support”? what does that even mean? nobody knows, fuck reddit.


ProlapsedMasshole t1_jbcxe8l wrote

Why not?


huskydannnn t1_jbdgrki wrote

i just dont agree with it. id rather people be proud of who they are as they are…

that said, dictionary defines the word “support” as “to give assistance to”. i generally dont support cliques at all. somehow that translates to hate i guess…..


Dutch_Rayan t1_jbdnsd5 wrote

Trans people are proud of who they are. They struggled a lot before coming out. And after coming out they still have to fight to be themselves.


huskydannnn t1_jbdoy80 wrote

i respect your opinion and your right to support anyone/anything you would like. also i respectfully disagree with your statement.


ProlapsedMasshole t1_jbe33vr wrote

Saying you'd rather people be proud of who they are is a weird criteria for this. White supremacists are extremely proud of who they are. Do you support them?

The dictionary also defines "support" as: > give approval, comfort, or encouragement to.

Disapproving of people because of how they exist is definitely hate, no translation needed.

I was going to try and have a good faith argument with you because trying to convince others that good people deserve to exist is a form of support, but then I saw on your post history:

> derek chauvin is innocent

So now I realize I don't actually support you and that I'm wasting my time.


huskydannnn t1_jbe3f0x wrote

haha ok. always down for a convo… you seem judgy…


YBMExile t1_jbfwwcm wrote

riiiight, and not supporting trans rights is a neutral position? come on, man.


Quirky_Butterfly_946 t1_jbc03tg wrote

Fully support this, as parents have every right to know what is going on with their own child. No teacher, no school, no other segment should be denying parents their rights to know who is influencing their children or any other issue that is effecting their child. You cannot EVER take away a parents right to their children.


lizyouwerebeer t1_jbcf4aq wrote

If a child feels more comfortable sharing their gender or sexuality issues with a teacher than they do with a parent...forcing the teacher to out the kid isn't going to address the larger issue there.


YBMExile t1_jbc211j wrote

Tell me you’ve never worked in a school without telling me you’ve never worked in a school.


PNWMunky t1_jbc6z3l wrote

Tell me you spend too much time online without… using this tired and lame phrase.


YBMExile t1_jbcdzrt wrote

Fine. And you just dropped in on the Internet for the first time today, I’m sure. I’ll take it point by point. Parents already have the right to know what is going on with their child, in that they’re the parent, they set the tone in nearly all aspects of their child’s upbringing. No teacher or administrator or other school personnel is allowed to keep any part of the educational process private or secret or under wraps or anything. What affects children can be anything and everything, in school, at home, in society, online, etc.

Teachers and administrators and school personnel are not turning kids trans, they’re not grooming them for some other reality. Many if not most trans people know from the earliest age (well before school, even) that they’re not comfortable with their gender. School isn’t making them trans, but educators are doing what they can (with the full transparency enumerated above) to support their students by not demonizing their choices, not adding to the discomfort, and making school safe for everyone.

The overwhelming majority of educators have been dealing with trans students being more visible and less shunned/shamed for only a few years. Teachers and school staff are staggeringly normal representations of whatever district they work in, and many find it awkward, difficult, a little clumsy to navigate how best to support trans kids in the school setting. The point is they’re trying, they’re listening, and they’re succeeding, despite the troglodytes who are too afraid to even ask the most basic questions, and too aggrieved to give the benefit of the doubt to anyone different.

TLDR: you don’t get it, because it’s not your setting. It’s mind numbingly average, and not a Big Scary SEXY Topic at school.


exhaustedretailwench t1_jbcklfx wrote

if your kid is more comfortable talking about this with their teacher than you, the only thing you should be upset about is how much you've failed as a parent.


Litteach t1_jbc3mjv wrote

Affecting not effecting Parent with an apostrophe for "parents rights"

No one is trying to take away rights from parents but maybe other people are better at teaching your kid certain things.


ProlapsedMasshole t1_jbcxqua wrote

What about other kids? Do you not think other kids will inform yours about reality?


llambo17 t1_jbegpzk wrote

You would think that would be common sense but after reading 90% of these comments on op's post, common sense has long left the chat years ago with these folks.


NHGuy t1_jbcztbg wrote

Parents always have the legal right to know "what's going on" with their children. Enforce the laws you already do have before trying to enact another

Sound familiar? I hope so...