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vexingsilence t1_jbfjfid wrote

That's not what teachers are for.


flounder19 OP t1_jbfph6n wrote

That’s your interpretation. But my own feeling is that this kind of legislation just sends the message to kids in unsupportive households that they need to shoulder the burden secretly until they’re at least 18. And that kind of isolated feeling likely has an awful emotional toll on top of the other hardships of being a trans kid


vexingsilence t1_jbfq64y wrote

There's nothing unique there. All children have the potential to live in conflict with their parents and siblings. As a society, we've settled on 18 as the point where you're assumed to have the maturity to start making your own decisions and set out on your own.


averageduder t1_jbh4jau wrote

You don’t know what education is for and have been here for years openly showing that.


vexingsilence t1_jbh7hmg wrote

Sick burn. You're truly the smartest here. We can all see it. Have a cupcake and a trophy.


averageduder t1_jbh983z wrote

you opine on every topic about education and teachers with these condescending opinions like

>That's not what teachers are for.

when you're clearly - at best - a contrarian.

I'm not trying to burn and this isn't about intelligence. This whole subreddit would benefit from not having a bunch of contrarians trolls and edgelords that it gets on some of these topics.


vexingsilence t1_jbhe3bs wrote

I express an opinion that it's improper for an adult to have one on one interaction with a student where the interaction is kept secret from the parents and that makes me a contrarian? That's clearly a situation that's ripe for abuse, regardless of how you want to manipulate the wording of it. I don't think pointing out a dangerous situation is contrarian, unless you're actively promoting that sort of thing. This is reddit, so, I guess that can't be ruled out entirely.

I respond to many of these threads because it's an issue that I'm interested in and an issue that's often echo chambered here. It's no secret that reddit is very, very liberal. How long do you think a sub like this would last with comments on threads that are all in agreement? It'd be as boring as reading NPR. Hardly anyone would bother. The few libertarians (bless their hearts) and conservatives that comment here are keeping the place alive. It's my gift to you. You're welcome.

On older threads, I seem to recall being one of two or three users that actually posted the text of the "divisive concepts" legislation, while everyone else made comments to what they incorrectly assumed the bill said. I've often gone and added additional information to all sorts of political threads. Not as much lately because I don't tend to chase after proposals that obviously aren't going anywhere. If that offends you, well, feel free to ignore my comments. It's a free country, sort of. You have the power.