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Dirtymike_nd_theboyz t1_jbg9xgh wrote

I like how you just sneak "under-age" into this. We all see what you are doing. Literally sexualizing children, in school, then acting surprised when people express outrage.


averageduder t1_jbh5be5 wrote

Sexualizing his little sister? Do you think anyone is is convinced that you’re anything other than a bad faith actor with this rhetoric


Larovich153 t1_jbh5rnc wrote

Ah, yes, the accusation that all people that are trans or support trans people are pedophiles, the same one used by homophobes when talking about homosexuals in the sixties in films like boys beware. It's almost like you bigots say the same dam thing every time a marginalized group starts to be accepted by society.


SomeCalcium t1_jbl3c82 wrote

Someone identifying as a different gender than their biological sex isn't sexualizing them. If you all want to join in on this conversation, you need to stop associating homosexuality and transgender folks with sexual deviancy. No one is thinking about them in a sexual manner but you guys.